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The Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Program

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1 The Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Program
By Curtis N. Lancaster, 33°, Lt. Grand Commander and SGIG in Utah

2 Why Masonic Education? We aren’t fulfilling our promise.
New members want to know. Existing members don’t know. Informed members have ownership.

3 Why Masonic Education? Masonic Education—
Promotes participation and involvement Aids in new member recruitment Provides a basis for growth

4 Scottish Rite Master Craftsman
“Knowledge is Power.” —Francis Bacon

5 Scope of the Program Designed to educate ALL members about the Scottish Rite Candidate education as follow-on to Reunion experience Continuing member education through self- and/or group-study Curriculum developed and provided by the Supreme Council

6 Scope of the Program Two Part Program
Part One –Introduction to the Rite Origin and history of the Rite Structure and governance of the Rite Themes of the four bodies of the Rite Nature of the ritual Basic policy & procedures of the Rite

7 Part One—Basic Course Open book exam for each lesson
Graded and returned with next lesson No time limit on lessons Recognition at completion of course

8 Part One—Basic Course Low cost: $35, plus s/h
Resource material provided Administered by Supreme Council Conducted at Valley level Recommend Director of Education

9 Director of Education Responsible for all Educational activities
Keep track of course participants Administer Mentoring Program Arrange recognition events Education at meetings

10 Basic Course Curriculum
Masonic & Scottish Rite Basics Lodge of Perfection Chapter of Rose Croix Council of Kadosh Consistory of Masters of the Royal Secret Scottish Rite Honors

11 Sample Question  How many degrees were there when
the first Grand Lodge was organized? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four e. Five

12 Sample Question  When was the territorial jurisdiction
between the Southern and Northern Masonic Jurisdictions established? a. 1804 b. 1811 c. 1813 d. 1827 e. 1842

13 Sample Question  How many American states are in the
Southern Jurisdiction? a. Twenty-two b. Twenty-eight c. Thirty-three d. Thirty-five e. Forty-five

14 Sample Question  What is the meaning of “Kadosh”? a. Holy/Consecrated
b. Sublime Temple c. Unspeakable d. Without Darkness e. Original

15 Sample Question List the Principal Officer for each:
a. Lodge of Perfection b. Chapter of Rose Croix c. Council of Kadosh d. Consistory e. Supreme Council

16 Uses of Program Individual Study Study Groups Reunion Classes
Mentoring Program Requirement for Leadership Educational Features

17 Scope of the Total Program
Part Two—Advanced Principles Esoteric Aspects of the Rite Philosophic and religious traditions Kabbala and Hermeticism Understanding signs, symbols, metaphors, and allegories

18 Advanced Course Curriculum being developed by the Scottish Rite Research Society Electronic lecture series to provide essential information to interpreting and understanding the teachings of the degrees

19 Advanced Course Will include a list of websites, resources, and recommended reading lists to aid in study Syllabus of themes, ideas, concepts, and applications of each degree

20 Advanced Course Administered by Supreme Council
Specific curriculum being developed Emphasis on essays Lessons available later this year

21 What Next? Now is the time to start. Material is available—today!
Promote it in your Valley. The results will be positive.

22 Questions ?

23 The Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Program
By Curtis N. Lancaster, 33°, Lt. Grand Commander and SGIG in Utah

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