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Sbcfs A Debt Recovery and Assets Restructuring Company P.T.O.

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1 sbcfs A Debt Recovery and Assets Restructuring Company P.T.O


3 sbcfs OUR SERVICES BANK & NBFCs 1. Recoveries of Debts Soft Recovery Hard Bucked Recoveries 2. Pre-Sanction Audit For all types of loans 3. Customization of Loan Documents 4. Facilitate the Sale/Transfer of Debt, Purchase of assets (either severally/slump sale basis) 5. Identification and Assessment of Assets of Debtors 6. Implementation and Enforcement of necessary steps under Securitisation Act 7. Debtor Profile verification 8. Advisory Service 9. Decrees execution and getting real recovery P.T.O

4 sbcfs DEBTORS / NPAs CORPORATES / INDIVIDUALS  Assessment of Debt and Reasons there of for Debt OUR SERVICES  Customized Restructuring Packages  Facilitation of Equity Participation  Facilitation of Management Participation  Debt Settlements  Creditor Profile Verification P.T.O

5 sbcfs OTHER CORPORATES  Debt Recoveries  Identification & Assessment of Debtor  Individual Profile Verification  Execution of decrees P.T.O

6 sbcfs Constituents of SBCFS  Advocates Criminal  Chartered Accountants  Investigators/Detectives  Valuers Corporates Civil P.T.O

7 sbcfs  Collective Experience of 60 years WHY SBCFS ?  Expertise in Resolution of Debt  Presence all over India  One stop shop- Professionals from the field of Banking/Accounting/Law  Focus on actual recoveries and not merely paper recoveries. P.T.O

8 sbcfs S. B. Corporate & Financial Consultants P. Ltd. A-17, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016 Tel: 26514268/4274/9548, 26562955 Mobile: +91-9811101476, Fax: 26568541 E-mail:, Contact Person - S. Bhatnagar Mobile No. +91-9811101476 P.T.O

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