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Great Expectations Chapters 54-56.

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1 Great Expectations Chapters 54-56

2 Chapter 54 p PLOT DEVELOPMENT: After Magwitch’s death, Pip gives notice that he will leave the Temple, but he falls ill. Officers come to throw him in debtor’s prison, but he is too sick. He suffers from fever and delusions. One day he awakes to find Joe at his side, nursing him, as he has been for weeks. Joe is friendly, grateful that Pip is better. He tells him that Biddy urged him to go to Pip and that she has even taught him to write and read. Miss Havisham has died, and she left most of her property to Matthew Pocket because of Pip. He also says that Pumblechook’s place was broken into, and Orlick has been arrested and jailed for that crime. Gradually, Pip regains his strength. He goes riding with Joe and tries to confide what happened with his fortune and Magwitch, but Joe does not want to know. Joe becomes uncomfortable in London, and Pip awakens one morning to find him gone, leaving only a note to say he has paid off Pip’s debts. Pip abandons London three days later to thank Joe and to marry Biddy.

3 Chapter 55 p PLOT DEVELOPMENT: The landlord at The Blue Boar does not treat Pip to the same luxuries now that he has lost his fortune. In the morning, Pip walks to Satis House and finds it for sale at auction. Pumblechook, waiting for him when he returns, smugly tells Pip that he “been brought low,” adding that this is what he had expected would happen. When Pumblechook continues to taunt him, Pip leaves abruptly. However, Pip finds neither Joe at the forge nor Biddy at the school. Instead, they are at the house where they have just been married. Pip, though disappointed, celebrates with them and keeps his sadness to himself. Later he takes the job abroad with Herbert and lives with him and Clara, not telling Herbert about his financial contribution to his career until years later when Pip becomes a partner.

4 Chapter 56 p PLOT DEVELOPMENT: After working in the merchant business for eleven years, Pip finally returns to England. He visits Biddy, Joe, and their young child, Pip. He asks Biddy to let him spend time with the child when he gets older, but Biddy urges him to find a woman and marry. He says that he has all but forgotten Estella, referring to her as a “poor dream” that has passed. Revised (most published) ending: Later that night, Pip returns to Satis House and discovers ruins and rubble, overgrown with weeds, until he finds Estella wandering. He has heard that she had an unhappy marriage that ended with Drummle’s death. They discuss the house (which she now owns) and their past, sad parting. Finally, they acknowledge that they are friends and leave holding hands.

5 Chapters 54-56 95. Who nurses Pip back to health?
Joe nurses Pip back to help Why does Joe begin calling Pip "Sir" as Pip gets better? In his weakened state, Pip is once again at Joe's level; however, as Pip gets better, his station in life as a gentleman comes back into play, and Joe feels it necessary to recognize that difference between them. What surprises Pip when he arrives at Joe's house? Joe and Biddy were just married. How does Pip carry on with his life without great expectations? Pip gets a job with the company for which Herbert works. 99. Is the relationship between Pip and Estella resolved? If so, how? If not, how not? The ending is ambiguous. Dickens reunites them as friends, but whether or not they marry remains unresolved.

6 Chapters 54-56 Draw a character chart identifying the relationships among the different characters from the book. Startop (Pip’s friend) Wopsle (church clerk) Pumblechook friend fiancée friend Compeyson uncle Joe Magwitch (Provis) Mrs. Joe Miss Havisham sister brother-in-law adoptive mother Pip father benefactor Estella mother lawyer married lawyer Molly Biddy lawyer Jaggers attacker roommate nephew clerk married Orlick Wemmick fiancée Drummle Clara Herbert

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