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Chapters 29-30 By Evan Hansberry and Gadi Paskoff.

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1 Chapters 29-30 By Evan Hansberry and Gadi Paskoff

2 Chapter 29 Summary In This chapter, Pip is going to Miss Havisham’s house in the morning. He is very nervous to see Estella again and when he gets to the gates he is greeted by Orlick. When he goes to Miss Havisham’s room he barely recognizes Estella. Miss Havisham than sends them for a walk in the garden where they talk about changes and more. When dinner comes and Estella leaves to get ready, Miss Havisham shouts the word love at Pip directing it towards Estella. Pip’s gaurdian also shows up and they play cards for a very long time. Pip leaves Estella by promising to meet her when she comes to London.

3 Chapter 30 Summary In the beginning of the chapter, Pip and Jaggers are traveling back to London. While walking on the streets he continues to run into Trabb’s boy who he does not really like. As he is dining with Herbert he admits that he loves Estella. They talk a lot about detaching from her and love and we find that Herbert is married to a girl named Clara.

4 New Characters Clara is Herbert’s secret wife Trabb’s boy who Pip does not like but keeps running into him while walking to his house

5 Pip’s adventure in 29-30 In these two chapters Pip explores his feelings for Estella and vents to Herbert. When he first sees Estella, his gentlemen-like appearance goes away and he feels as though he is the young boy that first met her. Miss Havisham does not help him by shouting at him to love her over and over again.

6 Old Characters New Information Orlick Who did work for Joe has had the opportunity to work for Miss. Havisham Estella informs Pip that she has no heart and does not feel sorry for anyone or anything. Miss Havisham wants Pip to love Estella even more so after she hurts and breaks his heart. Miss Havisham does not eat in public and waits untill night to lay her hands on food

7 Old Characters New information Pip loves Estella and finds it very hard to detach from her

8 Literary Terms in Great Expectations Imagery (216) It seared red bricks walls, blocked windows, and strong green ivy clasping even the stacks of chimney with twigs and tendons… Foreshadowing (229)- I was not at all dissatisfied with it, until fate threw me in the way of that unlimited miscreant, Trabbs boy Personification (224) He had this expressive pocket-handkerchief

9 Theme The struggle between guilt and innocence- Pip in this section really struggles he thinks he knows what is right but he struggles with Joe and what to do between staying at the house, the Blue Boar and when to see him.

10 Discussion Question In the book, Estella asks Pip, “Since your change of fortune and prospects, you have changed your companions. Pip responds by saying naturally. Do you think companions and personality should or do change as a person becomes more wealthy? OR Do you think that Pip and Estella should be together or Pip just wants her since she is beautiful and rich?

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