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Shaul Yaakov Morrison. First Appearance Magwitch  Meets Pip while Pip was at the graveyard  Threatened Pip  Pip trusts him and helps him out of fear.

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1 Shaul Yaakov Morrison

2 First Appearance Magwitch  Meets Pip while Pip was at the graveyard  Threatened Pip  Pip trusts him and helps him out of fear Joe  He and his wife agree to raise Pip  Tries to save Pip from his angry sister  Pip trusts him because Pip feels that Joe cares about him Opposite

3 Clothing Magwitch “All in coarse gray, with a great iron on his leg. A man with no hat, and with broken shoes, and with an old rag tied round his head. A man who had been soaked in water, and smothered in mud, and lamed by stones” Joe “mild, good-natured, sweet- tempered, easy-going, foolish, dear fellow,—a sort of Hercules in strength, and also in weakness.” Opposite

4 Social Status- 1 st Stage Magwitch  Convict  Doesn’t wear nice clothing- (1 st slide)  Speaks with a lower- class British accent (“Now lookee here!”)  Works hard for living Joe  Blacksmith  Doesn’t wear nice clothing  Speaks with a lower-class British accent  Works hard for living Parallel

5 Their Guardians Magwitch  Compeyson  Pushed around by Compeyson, does his bidding  Freed from his responsibilities after he escapes from the prison ship Joe  Mrs. Joe  Married to her, but appears to be abused by her around the house  Freed from his responsibilities when Mrs. Joe is attacked, and eventually dies Parallel

6 Feelings Towards Crime Magwitch  Criminal  Survives through crime  Unwilling to acknowledge any wrong-doing  Escapes from custody, causing him to do more crimes Joe  Earns an honest living  Warns Pip about the dangers of crime  Assists police in finding and capturing Magwitch Opposite

7 Adoption of Pip Magwitch  Becomes benefactor for Pip after Pip helps him  He is under no obligation to repay Pip  Cares about Pip, and is willing to risk going back to jail to see him Joe  He and his wife adopted Pip as a baby  Uncommon adoption saved Pip’s life  Cares about Pip unconditionally Parallel

8 Goals For Pip Magwitch  Wants to make Pip a gentleman  Gives Pip more money than he will ever need  Does this because he feels like repaying him and for his own honor Joe (& Mrs. Joe)  Wanted to raise Pip as a blacksmith  Begins to train him  He and his wife praised for raising Pip “by hand”- raised their honor Parallel

9 Actions as Pip’s Guardian Magwitch  Pays for Pip to go to school  Generously gives Pip money  Originally doesn’t reveal himself to Pip and doesn’t take the credit for spending money on Pip.  Little relationship with Pip, beyond giving him money Joe  Raises Pip through Pip’s childhood  Gives Pip opportunity to make a decent living  Apprenticed Pip as a blacksmith  Cares for Pip Opposites and Parallels

10 Pips Initial Reaction to Guardian Magwitch (in the marsh)  Fears Magwitch  Naïve and doesn’t tell Joe about Magwitch  Returns to Magwitch with food out of fear  Never would consider Magwitch to be a guardian Joe  Looks up to him  Comes to him to escape his sister who abuses him, and guidance after his first visit with Miss Havisham  Loves him and trusts him as a father Opposite

11 Pip’s First Reaction After he “Becomes a Gentlemen” Magwitch  Horrified that he is receiving money from a convict  Won’t associate himself with him  Refuses to accept any more money from Magwitch  Feels that he was betrayed by Magwitch because he is a criminal  Pip calls him “terrible patron” Joe  Embarrassed to see Joe  Won’t associate himself with him  Even when he goes to the Satis House he never sees Joe  Thinks that Joe is inferior to him Parallel

12 Pip’s Reaction at the End of the Novel Magwitch  Is able to come to terms with Magwitch as his guardian  Cares for Magwitch when Magwitch is being sentenced  Distraught when Magwitch dies  Won’t accept money from him Joe  Pip wants to see Joe more  Cares about Joe  Accepting when Joe comes to his aide  Willing to accept money from Joe Opposites and Parallels

13 Are Magwitch and Joe Foils of Each Other? Foil- A foil is a character that contrasts with another character and so highlights various facets of the character's personality. A foil usually has some important characteristics in common with the other character, such as, frequently, superficial traits or personal history. The author may use the foil to throw the characters into sharper relief. (c.f. Opposites are also used to highlight the differences in the characters There were 7 parallels and 6 opposites The parallels show the similarities in the actions and Pip’s feelings about the guardians The differences are mainly to highlight the difference in the personalities of the characters Therefore, they are Foils of each other

14 Conclusion  Both of Pip’s Guardians are lower-class citizens  Both adopt him under no obligation  Both try to provide for him financially  Both were abused by their guardians  Pip obliges to Joe out of love, and Magwitch out of fear  Pip trusts Joe, but not Magwitch  Pip will take money from Joe, but not Magwitch  In truth, Joe was a better guardian than Magwitch was

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