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The Lot Series Exceptional Wine. Extraordinary Value. The Lot Series.

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1 The Lot Series Exceptional Wine. Extraordinary Value. The Lot Series

2 THE OPPORTUNITY The Lot Series Who is the target consumer and what are they seeking? Men and women who have medium to high involvement with wine. Love the diversity of the wine category and discovering new varietals and countries of origin. “Masstige” (mass luxury) brands have high appeal, especially if they offer luxury at a value. Have a practical side that appreciates known brands they can trust. What is the retail customer seeking? Wines brands that have high consumer loyalty. Ability to customize the varietal set to their unique shopper base. Unique wines that other retailers do not have. Brands that bring excitement and “new news”.

3 Cameron Hughes has built the Lot Series to over 300,000 cases by offering consumers the ultimate in quality and value. Variety and Flexibility Unmatched Quality and Value Leading Global Négociant backed by Award Winning Winemaking Team Finite Quantity “Buy It Now” Unparalleled National Press Coverage WHY CAMERON HUGHES LOT SERIES? The Lot Series

4 Lot Series offers a range of varietals and price points, both domestic and imported, from $10.00 - $39.00. Variety allows consumers to be adventurous, try new wines and trade up, all within one trusted brand. Offers flexibility to select the best varietals for your store and your shopper. - Unlike other wine brands, Lot Series is not tied to one or two “hero” varietals. Santa Maria Chardonnay D.O.C.G. Italy Moscato d’Asti Santa Barbara Pinot Grigio California Field Blend Rutherford Napa Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza Malbec Reserva IGP Pays d’Oc Meritage ULTIMATE IN VARIETY AND FLEXIBILITY The Lot Series

5 Every Lot Series wine sells out creating a sense of urgency to “buy now”. Lot Series has momentum bringing excitement into the wine category. New Lot releases bring shoppers back into the store on a “treasure hunt” to discover the next great wine in the series. –No other brand does this on the scale of Lot Series which is now over 300,000 cases. EXCITEMENT CREATOR – EVERY LOT SELLS OUT The Lot Series

6 Online video content to support Lot releases available for in-store use. EXCITEMENT CREATOR - CONTINUED The Lot Series

7 Lot Series offers incredible value at every price point, always over- delivering on quality in the bottle. Cameron Hughes is known for creating some of the best value wines in the industry. –Cameron’s relationships with growers and producers, along with his exacting standards, create wines that are unrivaled in quality for the price. –Winemakers on staff that are directly involved with the majority of Cameron Hughes wines. UNMATCHED VALUE AND QUALITY The Lot Series

8 Critics agree that the Lot Series delivers top quality wines. –10 scores over 90 points in leading wine publications –37 gold medals in 2014 –52 published print reviews –92 blog mentions –Nominated for “innovator of the year” by Wine Enthusiast SCORES, MEDALS AND REVIEWS! The Lot Series

9 Lot Series is an established, well known brand that engages consumers. National Press CBS This Morning New York Times Washington Post Social Media Cameron Hughes has the highest social engagement for any wine brand.* 158,000+ Facebook fans and 4500+ active conversations Larger than some of the biggest brands in the wine biz. Beringer – 29,000 Kendall Jackson – 140,000 Robert Mondavi - 33,000 4100 Twitter followers *VinTank 2012 Social Media Report Strategic Partnerships In-store events with Room and Board and Pottery Barn Leukemia/Lymphoma Society sponsor Goop endorsement (Gwyneth Paltrow’s media network) HIGH BRAND AWARENESS AND ENGAGEMENT The Lot Series

10 Direct, honest and passionate best describes Cam and his team, resulting in a broad array of wines of out-standing quality and value. Cameron Hughes, Founder, over the the last 15 years he has developed world-class relationships with growers, sellers, and winery owners to bring truly outstanding wines to the market. Every single wine he puts out is a reflection of who he is and what he believes - exceptional wine, incredible price. Mike Rayner, Winemaker, is the linchpin in the Cameron Hughes winemaking team. A graduate of UC Davis, Mike has been a winemaker for more than 15 years. His expertise is in Bordeaux blends, having developed his background in the art of blending at Havens and other wineries. Drew Wolfe, Viticulturist, is responsible for working with our partner growers and wineries. Drew also manages our Oak programs and ensures that we are leading-edge on production, quality, and sustainability. Leading Global Négociant backed by an Award Winning Winemaking Team The Lot Series

11 In-store point of sale material –Shelf talker and case card to explain Lots –Shelf talkers for all scores over 89 and any gold medals –Lot specific shelf talker –Gold medal stickers –New release poster generic (can we figure a way to do customized for each Lot release?) –DVD and mpeg files with Cameron video for new release –Branded wine key In-store demos with Sales Pros –Cameron Hughes supports the Lot Series with in-store demos (where legal) executed by Sales Pros –Sales Pros is the leading in-store demo company for the wine and spirits industry –Sales Pros offers the most experienced and knowledgeable demonstrators that understand how to present the wine and achieve the highest sales. RETAIL SUPPORT MATERIALS The Lot Series

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