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1 Who are we Pinkel’s is a local firm was founded in Beijing, China , we are focus on providing the high quality food products from New Zealand to China market. We are professional in food products import, local distribution & supply chain quality control from end to end. We own our exclusive retail distribution channal in China & we also develop different wholesale distribute solutions for other key customers. We understand Chinese customer’s variable demands from place to place, we also knowing how to market the product in China with the effective way. We are familiar with the dynamic business enviroment & regulations in China, knowing how to behave in the right way. We have very strict internal quality control system to make sure everything we deliverred to the custmer is quality ensured.

2 Why New Zealand We believe the natural environment of New Zealand provide the unique condition to make the very high quality food products in the world. The agriculture industry & food industry is well developed in New Zealand and the safety standard of the food product are reputed in the world. The food merchandise range is extensive, it’s good for the end customer to have different choices. The free trade agreement between New Zealand and China, signed in 2008, liberalises trade in goods and services, in future, products are made in New Zealand will become more cost competitive in China due to the lower import duty.

3 What we do From the downstream, we would like to do the direct procurement in New Zealand from different traders & suppliers by ourselves, and we want to meet them face by face, understand their products & set up the good relationship in long term. By working with different contract logistics forwarders worldwide, we can make the on time delivery with the good condition from New Zealand to our sales unit in China. From the upstream, we foucs on build up our qualified retail channals and develop our customized marketing solution to increase the sales in local market. We always touching the customer’s feeling & understand their request directly.

4 Partnership with NZ Suppliers China Market –During last 10 years, China food industry has been puzzled by several food safety scandals which forces the government decreed very strick food safety law to make the safety control for the food manufacturing,distribution & storage. Meanwhile Chinese consumers become very sensitive to pay their attention on food safety issues. –Following the fast paces of urbanlization progress, rapidly increased incomes and continuely expanded education group, the amount of people are willing to pay extra on natural & healthy food products has became more than ever before. –China deweller bank save up rate among the highest in the world, there is still lots more consume power haven’t been released into the retail market. –In short, China is not only one of the biggest food product market but also with the fastest growing speed in the world, it’s full of opportunities & chanlleges in this amazing place. –Here is a market research reports proivded by NZTE

5 Partnership with NZ Suppliers Branding your product in China –How to branding your product in China is even more critial than how to sale your product here, especially for those supplier looking for long term development in this market. –We treat every singel item we imported from New Zealand seriously, our experienced team will set up comprehensive maketing campainge to not only open the customer’s pocket but also making them to understand the story of the products & the brands came from New Zealand. –Regular intercommunication & interactivity with New Zealand suppliers will be a basic rule to work on the product branding continue improvement. –We also provide other services such as helping your company to register your trademark or intellectual property or even your company in China, it’s really depends on your company’s China strategy.

6 Partnership with NZ Suppliers Multi channels to increase sales –In China we have a comprehensive distribution solutions in order to serve our variable customers in an proper way which includes 4 modes below: –Exclusive retail store which located inside big shopping mall –Online sales –Batch sales for wholesalers & distributors –Group buy from key customers (hotel, resterant, big company, international schools…)

7 Partnership with NZ Suppliers Local Consulting –China may has the most complicated import rules in the world, also in the food production & distribution field, the government has published very comprehensive regulations, more than that, those rules & regulations are very freqently get updated or renewed. We can help our parterners to understand the meaning & impacts of each rules, more than that we will advice you how to react with the changes to optimize your business in China. –If your company are willing to step further in China market, our team can proivde the professional local consulting service mainly covered different juristical & legal issues related the food industry & food distribution & food import.

8 Partnership with NZ Suppliers Growing together –As an company, we do appreciate the value the supplier bring to us, on the other side we will try our best to support the supplier to make their success in this market, because finally we need to achieve an win – win result that is the only way to make the constant development. –We would like to be recognised as an honest & reliable partner in long term and we are expecting to grow the business with your company together in this most exciting and potential market.

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