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We’re not like THEM. From the very beginning, our intention was to be a different kind of promotional agency. Unique, like YOU and your brand. We don’t.

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2 We’re not like THEM. From the very beginning, our intention was to be a different kind of promotional agency. Unique, like YOU and your brand. We don’t paint by the numbers. Every day we create a masterpiece for every client we work with. Enough about US. Let’s hear more about YOU. Okay, if you want to know a little more about why you don’t want to miss the chance to work with our unbelievably fantastic team keep reading.

3 YOUR BRAND. YOUR Customers. YOUR Employees. YOUR Product. They’re specific to YOU. And we get that. That’s why at Commotion Promotions we don’t just show you the same promo items that everyone else who’s banging on your door does. Anyone can slap your logo on a THING and tell you that it’s going to work for your marketing strategy ‘cause it worked for a guy down the block. We don’t sell THINGS! We provide well-intentioned, thoughtful and creative promotional pieces that are custom fit specifically to meet the goals that YOU the client has. It needs to fit in your budget, be delivered in your time frame, and be ALL ABOUT YOU. This way you call tell YOUR STORY! Everyone has a STORY and we want to hear about YOU and YOUR COMPANY. Really, we’re good listeners.

4 It ain’t bragging if you can back it up! Other promotional companies might say they’re creative, but when COMMOTION PROMOTIONS says it, we can prove it! We’ve won the international PYRAMID award more than 10 times (but who’s counting?) Our Customer service and support is beyond comparison. Our experience and enthusiasm do not just end with our sales team. Our administrative support staff is always ready to help solve and problem or answer any question. We really mean it when we say “WHATEVER IT TAKES!” When we say it’s going to happen… IT DOES! No ifs, ands or buts about it.

5 We’ve been at this for more than 27 years! So we know what we’re doing. We’re old enough to know that leisure suits are out and young enough to know that ‘tweet’ is not part of the lyrics from the Rockin’ Robin song. We’re hip and we’re happening. Nobody, and we mean NOBODY can get the job done, FASTER and BETTER than COMMOTION PROMOTIONS – That’s why we’re making a commotion wherever we go – Rush orders? No problem!

6 We’ve developed relationships with suppliers and manufacturers to help our clients meet the demands of meeting a budget. With our industry experience, expanded manufacturer network, and volume buying power, our prices can’t be beat. We are always honest, upfront and competitive. You get what you pay for! Every item we sell is backed up with our 100% YOU GOTTA LOVE IT guarantee. We stand behind every promotional item that we sell.

7 These days your budget has to work extra hard for you. And without compromising product quality or customer service. So we’ve got a SURE THING* BEST PRICE guarantee. We’re already competitive, but we want you to rest assured that when we’re quoting you on exactly the same promotional item that another promotional company is offering that you are getting absolutely the best price available. After all, who doesn’t love a good bargain? Now we’re talking! At Commotion Promotions our goal is to make our customers happy! Each and every order is backed by our “YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!” Guarantee Policy. If your order isn’t shipped by the right method, on the right day with the logo and artwork that you’ve approved, we’ll fix it. NO EXCUSES, NO WORRIES!


9 We were a women-owned business before it was hip and trendy, since 1984. And while we don’t necessarily think girls are better than boys, we know that supporting corporate supplier diversity programs are the cornerstone to a successful economy. Commotion Promotions believes that all employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. In every aspect of the employment relationship, employers should treat their employees as they would themselves want to be treated. Commotion Promotions strongly believes that those manufacturers and their subcontractors approved to do business with Commotion Promotions should follow this philosophy. Commotion Promotions will not do business with those who do not uphold, in action as well as words, the same principles.

10 Logo Shopper solutions are the answer to your corporate on line merchandise webstores. Developed exclusively for Commotion Promotions, Logo Shopper is designed to help our clients strengthen their brand identity and ensure logo consistency. We don’t use some canned software, pulled off the shelf from our industry, but rather we’ve developed a solution that is feature rich and allows for complete customization. We’ve streamlined the process to be a seamless added dimension of YOUR brand that supports the relationships that you built between your employees, customers, branch offices and dealers. We do EVERYTHING. From helping you choose your product line with an exciting mix of fresh merchandise to providing you with the nitty gritty details of real time inventory and reporting Logo Shopper is the answer.

11 Features include: Cool, fun and functional merchandise choices Complete Design Development Inventory management Dedicated Support Team Real Time Reporting Secure Data Knowledge

12 Our main headquarters are located in Phoenix Arizona. You can reach us there. We work with clients all over this great land and have many international customers too. We’ve also got regional offices coast to coast. You can ring us, email us or send us a snail mail to our info below and we’ll make sure that your request is passed along to the appropriate city or you can use the list below and go direct to a Commotion Promotions office near you. PHOENIX OFFICE: 2999 North 44th Street Ste.340 Phoenix, AZ 85018 Phone: 602.996.0006 Toll Free: 888.996.8002 Fax: 602.996.4614 EMAIL: We Have Offices Across the United States: CALIFORNIA Studio City Costa Mesa San Diego WASHINGTON NEW YORK Westchester Long Island MASSACHUSETTS CONNECTICUT TEXAS INDIANAPOLIS

13 #1 Ranked Promotional Company, 1999-2011 Follow us on FaceBook

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