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How Nestlé USA is changing the way they collaborate with their retail customers How Nestlé USA is changing the way they collaborate with their retail customers.

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1 How Nestlé USA is changing the way they collaborate with their retail customers How Nestlé USA is changing the way they collaborate with their retail customers

2 Mark Nichta Director of Sales Information Strategy Nestlé USA Zel Bianco CEO/President Interactive Edge

3 Good Food, Good Life Nestlé is the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. Our mission of "Good Food, Good Life" is to provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night. Baking Chocolate, Confections & Snacks Coffee Beverages Ice Cream Culinary, Chilled & Frozen Food

4 Interactive Edge is an award winning solutions provider to the Consumer Goods industry. We develop software that enables and empowers category management, sales and marketing teams to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, achieve consistency and deliver faster speed to insights that drive share and grow revenue. About Interactive Edge Bump Williams Consulting

5 Evaluate and improve business processes, organization and solutions in use by Headquarter Customer and Shopper Development (CSD) teams Evaluate and recommend changes to the field sales teams’ business processes, organization and tool set The Challenge

6 The Goals Create a Shopper Insights Center of Excellence, include a few strategist roles and add to the Insights team. Enable HQ CSD teams to create customized selling presentations to the Field Sales teams that would allow the creation of “customer ready” presentations in a more automated way. Empower account managers to focus on business building activities.

7 Winco Stater BrothersFood 4 Less Frozen Confection Beverage Baking Pizza Emerging Markets Account Manager Previous Situation Most accounts were not receiving custom decks

8 Account Managers Nestlé Headquarters Receive Static Decks From Headquarters For Winco For Stater Brothers For Food 4 Less If responsible for other Accounts, the process is repeated If responsible for other Categories, the process is repeated Previous Situation Pull Account Specific Data Nitro Need to customize for each account

9 The sales organization requires PowerPoint/Excel decks for each customer – Category Management/Insights teams create these decks and recreate once again as data changes What are the consequences? Rework waste Motion waste Complexity waste Inventory waste Intellect waste Problems and Consequences

10 Automating the loading, integration and display of data allows for additional time to be devoted to the development of insights and tactical/strategic recommendations. Strategic Recommendations Resulting from Insights Data Analysis Charting and Reporting Data Organization Data Acquisition Charting and Reporting Data Organization Data Acquisition Strategic Recommendations Resulting from Insights Data Analysis Changing the Paradigm 80% 20% 80% 20%

11 Eliminate workflow redundancy – decrease duplication of effort – A successful solution will allow best practices to be shared between accounts Increase resource utilization – Encourage use of all available data sources and free up time for more creative and strategic work Improve retailer-customer relationships by driving insights Empower Shopper Insights, Category Management teams and Business Analysts to create best practice, turn-key presentations and reports that can be distributed and updated across the organization and customized for every customer By allowing HQ teams to perform higher value tasks and quickly deliver detailed and actionable insights to the sales organization, sales teams will be able to focus on collaborative planning and actionable strategies across the path to purchase with the retail customers Expected Business Benefits

12 The Solution is a Microsoft Office based presentation and reporting solution that transforms data into actionable insights. Combining a powerful data analysis engine with flexible, easy-to-use front end tools, XP3 improves the quality and development speed of data intensive Excel reports and PowerPoint Presentations. Enable account managers to focus more on business building activities Change entire organization to be more category focused Eliminate time taken to perform non-value added tasks

13 XP3 Quick Picks



16 Intelligent Text


18 Bringing in Shopper Insights

19 XP3 Merge Engine XP3 Merge Engine intelligently merges tagged slides from your library of qualitative information into your presentations. Automatically and accurately. MergeTagInsert

20 XP3 Scorecard Example


22 Delivering Best Practice Content and Data to Nestlé Account Managers Step 2 Post Presentation on Nestlé Sales Intranet Step 1 Create Best Practice Presentations, Category Reviews and New Item Presentations Category & Shopper Development, HQ, Category Managers, Analysts Step 3 XP3 Presentation on Sales Intranet already connected to the server for customer account data Customer Accounts PowerPoint Presentations Excel Reports Step 4 Share presentations Account Managers Stater Brothers Winco Food 4 Less

23 Best Practice Presentations Category Reviews and New Item Presentations Category & Shopper Development, HQ, Category Managers, Analysts XP3 Presentation Generation Account D Account E Account F Account G Account H Account I Account J Account K Account L Account M Account N Account O Account P Account Q Account R Account S Account T Account U Account V Account W Account X Account Y Account A Account B Account C Account Managers PowerPoint Presentations Excel Reports Automatically generate multiple, account-specific PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports

24 Four Stages of Transition Examine what employees should be doing to support organizational goals Identify most efficient methods to perform those activities Process Excellence Identify best way to approach analysis of current situation Build Once Standardize Analysis Train employees to be more category focused Provide “just in time” training on software Develop best practice sharing culture Comprehensive Training How will new tools be used? When? Institute accountability Establish Expectations

25 I am really seeing a lot more customized recommendations being made to our retail partners – not that they weren’t there before, but by freeing up a lot of the chasing down the data – the insights and information we are getting out of the solution has been phenomenal. Results to Date Shopper marketing and category management were using different terms so they were not on the same page – Now its changed the vernacular of the majority of the company. It has evened the playing field of analysts who are very skilled and those that find analysis more challenging. It’s improved efficiencies of our best resources – they are now relying on the solution. More time spent digging deeper into the opportunities instead of wading through the data John Rinaldi Category & Shopper Leadership Nestlé USA “ ”

26 Salesforce Chatter

27 Recent Success Stories “Seasonal” Business Review –XP3 identified one of our product lines competitor’s display activity was earlier than ours –We are the category leader and drive category –Call to the buyer resulted in our display activity being moved up New Item Introductions –Identified by retailer which SKU’s to add and remove Promotion Review –Identified Sales Rates and need for added facings –XP3 can process POS data which is much more timely than syndicated

28 Feedback from the Field CUSTOMER SUCCESS ON BAKING SEASON CAT REVIEW I already had one win (before even stepping into my meeting) utilizing XP3. BAKING TEAM DELIVERS TO THE TEAM Kudos to the Baking team, they delivered a Category Review to the field via XP3. It included relevant and time saving “Intelligent Text” which displays conclusion based on the data. Feedback from the field include “AWESOME” and “something that will make my job SO MUCH EASIER” BEVERAGE CSD TEAM ROCKS Shout out to Beverage CSD team! They created the first two New Item presentations with embedded, customizable customer-specific data for use by ALL the field teams. They are posted on SOURCE. A big need that was called out from Elevate and now a reality being delivered by new software #XP3 to save the field teams time customizing PPTs for their accounts. Well done!

29 Q&A For more information please contact Interactive Edge at or 212.462.4900

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