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We've developed insights

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1 We've developed insights
We've developed insights. Now, how do we commercialize them across the organization and retail customers with speed?

2 Objectives & Desired Outcomes
Today’s Objective: Share how Georgia-Pacific & Interactive Edge have built a break through Best Practice Model for both internal and external customers. Desired Outcome: Leave the meeting thinking about how your company can develop a similar model increasing effectiveness, efficiency & speed deploying both Insights & Foresights.

3 Situation Today Retailers seek suppliers that are knowledgeable to meet the needs of shopper in 2020. Suppliers struggle to break through to retailers. Millions of dollars spent on Insights but unable to easily and quickly deploy them. Increasing variety of data with multiple expensive engines creating inefficiencies and costing millions.

4 Idea Challenge Suppliers: Retailers: How does your retailer view you?
What does your company stand for? Do you have less people resources? How easily and quickly can your company deploy insights and data across organization and customers? Retailers: Are your suppliers up to date with Category Management 2.0? Do they bring you insights with speed? Do you know what each supplier brings to the Retail Marketing Plan?

5 Georgia-Pacific & Interactive Edge Approach
Knowledgeable in Category Management 2.0. Foresights & Insights developed for shopper in 2020. Best Practice Capabilities developed to break through at retail. Insight Library developed. Presentations built on real life situations. Interactive Edge: Engine to drive Georgia-Pacific go to market strategies. Dynamic data such as Line Reviews built in 90 seconds versus 2 weeks using multiple databases. Only company that can combine Static Data with Dynamic Data to build decks with accuracy and speed.

6 Retailer Category Management
Category Information/Insights presented through a CPG Best Practice Business Process Traditional New Key Points: Definition & Role rarely change. Category Assessment on-going Scorecard on-going Focus more on Shoppers not Category Category Definition Category Role Category Assessment Category Scorecard Category Strategies Category Tactics Plan Implementation Category Review Insight Generation Strategic & Tactical Planning Initiative Development Plan Launch Plan Review Agenda Not Covered Today Changed to New

7 Georgia-Pacific Category Management Capabilities
Holistic Category Planning Challenger Insights Collaborate with retailers in custom Insight generation to answer mutual compelling business questions Automated Path to Purchase Modeling through the eyes of Retailer Segmentation Differentiated category segmentation strategies Anticipated category impact informed by macro trend P.O.V (Economy, Channels, Shoppers) Total category assessment and strategies inclusive of national and retailer brands Are category strategies based on full or partial P.O.Vs? Where does most valuable shopper fall out? Space Planning Assortment Planning True holding power of shelf Factor out display volume Days of supply vs. space to sales Increase turns Store level planogram and clustering capability Store and aisle point of view for shelf & product flows Maximizing variety without duplication (True Contribution) Automated retailer & category segmentation integration Assortment strategy & scenario planning Holistic Category Planning At GP, we work Holistically with our retailers to provide a complete view of each category covering both National & Private Label when we partner to build a retailer category plan. In addition, we provide macro & emerging trends that are forward looking versus backward impacting the entire category to mutually build actionable strategies & initiatives when doing category planning. Challenger Insights GP focuses on our retailers most valuable shoppers using an automated Path to Purchase tool to find out where those shoppes fall out of the Path. GP then uses custom insights mutually built together to find out why shoppers fall out of the Path. GP also invests heavily as a leading supplier of Paper in custom Category segmentations, again, incorporating both National Brands & Private label, to develop actionable strategies & initiatives. Shelf Management: GP has designed a formula with Nielsen and IRI that can determine the true holding power of a retailer’s shelf by factoring out display volume. GP can also do store level planograms to deliver per store inventory management. Distribution Management: GP has partnered with Kantar Retail to develop the first automated assortment tool that overlays a retailers own custom segmentation with GP category segmentation. GP delivers modeling that determines the variety a category needs without duplication as well as developing multiple assortment scenarios to meet your decision rule needs. Are both space & holding power optimized? What is the true sku Contribution? Source(s): Progressive Grocer Magazine, AC Nielsen, CGT, and Kantar Retail

8 myPresentation Insights Resource Library
>>> Right click to open hyperlink to file <<< Category Management Category Definition Tabletop Definition HCS Definition PTH Definition Facial Carpet Care Category Role Tabletop Role HCS Role PTH Role Segmentation Tabletop HCS PTH Retail Selling Platform Emerging Market Headlines Macro Trends Shelving Tabletop HCS PTH Facial Carpet Care Diverging Shopper Landscape Hispanic Growth Income Polarization Life stage Proliferation Lifestyle Diversification Sustainability Evolution Changing Battleground Shopper Insights Insight Basics General HCS PTH Tabletop Insight Themes Make It Simple Promotions Hispanic Digital Private Label Small Business Small Format Focus Value and Differentiation Omni-Channel Emphasis Consumer Connectivity (Mobile, Social, Local) Evolving Value Chain Package Strategies Tabletop PTH HCS Facial Carpet Care Shopper Research Simplification Best Practices Assortment Space Management Recruitment Deck Stagnant Sales Rising Costs In-Store Complexity Technology Accelerating Consumer Expectations Accelerating

9 myOpportunity Assessment mySituations myInsights Library myTool Box
myPRESENTATION Part 1: Business Solutions myOpportunity Assessment mySituations myInsights Library myTool Box mySales Sheets myVideo Clips myMerchandising myCalendar myPlanograms myPlan Builder - Identifies Retail Shopper Opportunities - Provides a list of meeting situations - Provides entrance to library of insights Part 2: Tool Box - Provides automated sales sheets - Provides Advertising/Research videos - Provides displays customized to retailer - Provides Retail calendar of events - Provides storage for retailer planograms - Provides a dynamic Retail Marketing Plan Format -

10 I have a sustainability meeting I have a Line Review
mySituations I have a JBP I have a sustainability meeting I have a Line Review I have a New Buyer I want Brand Facts I have an opportunity to be a Category Advisor I want to share Retail Selling Platform - Retailer Joint Business Planning - Address Retailer Sustainability Platforms - Automated Line Review Meeting - Insights for a new retail buyer - Strategies & Initiatives for Brands - - Best Practices - Foresights & Insights Users are expert on what situation they face. Insight Teams are expert on building sales stories with insights Matching each.

11 Benefits Vision from Georgia-Pacific with capability of Interactive Edge has tripled productivity & effectiveness both internally and externally. Example of go to market strategy with Interactive Edge: One Georgia-Pacific Category Manager now supports five accounts across five categories due to both Vision and Capability.

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