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2013. 2 3 In-depth consumer understanding - unearthing motivations, identification of nascent or unmet needs - is at the core.

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3 3 In-depth consumer understanding - unearthing motivations, identification of nascent or unmet needs - is at the core of what we do. Over 200 qualitative projects in a year. Over 90% of our work is repeat business from our clients. Our proprietary work flow process ensures every deliverable meets client expectations. N-Light Stride®

4 4 FMCGMediaPharmaTelecomRealtyRetailElectronicsAutomotiveManufacturing Ever-expanding sector expertise…increasing list of clients Pan India coverage Experience in all key Indian languages Projects completed in South Asia, South East Asia & the Middle East What makes this possible? A 40+ strong multi-talented, varied experienced, passionate team that works in a seamless collaboration and owns a project to deliver the best Spirit of partnering with clients and employees. Invest in the lifetime value of these relationships Work practice code called ‘The Lumière Way’ – Simple human values – Strong work ethics – Collaborative work culture

5 5 Customer and Consumer Core Product Communication & Brand Category and Competition Market Organizational Culture External Employee Skills Key areas of research Internal Culture

6 Our Strengths Committed researchers Superior hypotheses generation with in- depth sectoral understanding Flexible, speed, innovative, proactive, responsive Smart solution orientation Long term value proposition to clients Customized techniques Strong process orientation and project management capabilities 6

7 Our Strengths Rich understanding of the 24-hour day of the consumer and her concerns, aspirations and challenges Work across urban & rural centers, cutting through the entire age and SEC spectrum actionable recommendations A proven ability to understand client business, research problem and objectives across General Management, Sales & Marketing, R&D, HR, Training, Administration High customer satisfaction resulting in over 250 projects a year with 90% repeat business. Highest quality work within agreed timelines and recommended MR codes 7 Consumer Client

8 How Do We Achieve This? Multi-disciplinary tools/ techniques for data collection, analysis & next steps Continuous learning, mining, sharing, including fortnightly classroom learning workshops Experienced in a range of business processes, practices and problems Create global best practices for clients 8

9 Proprietary Research Tools 9 N-Light® Watch Ethnography N-Light® Behaviour Usage & Attitudes N-Light® Flash Technique to zero in on the moment of truth in purchase or usage behaviour N-Light® Connect Customer understanding, to help identify the distance between perception & reality for empathy building among stakeholders N-Lights® Viewer Access Exploratory and diagnostic test and track tool N Light © ID Consumer and brand profiling tool Helps understand brand positioning as well as consumer motivations

10 Proprietary Research Tools cont’d 10 N-Light® IdeaCon Idea Evaluation N-Light® ChronoTest Formulation & Product Testing (On site, in use, extended use, panels)‏ Concept Testing & Full mix testing (Benefit/Reason to Believe; Proposition; Concepts + Product) N-Light® AdTest Advertising Testing using Narramatics, Storyboard, Animatics, Finished Film stimuli N-Light® Pack Pack Testing (Concept, Mock- ups, Finished Pack) Brand Dynamics Brand Mapping; Brand Extensions; Brand & Value Migration; Brand Equity Semiotics Semiotics exploration and decode of the category and brand Brand & Advertising

11 Proprietary Research Tools cont’d 11 N-Light CATI® Computer-assisted telephones interviewing Computerized questionnaire is administered to respondents over the telephone Interim and update reports can be compiled instantaneously, as the data are being collected N-Light CAPI® Computer-assisted personal interviewing Questionnaire is administered face-to-face using laptop screen to read the questions and input the answers. The computer loads the questionnaire script, which automates coherence and enables quota management. N-Light CAWI® Computer-assisted Web interviewing Questionnaire appears in the browser as a web-page The answers for the questionnaire get immediately to the main server so the data collection and the results can be tracked continuously. Computer Assisted Research

12 Proprietary Research Tools cont’d 12 Resource Management Exit Interviews Process Management Leadership Concerns/ Issues Career Growth Concerns Career Framework Organization Management Organizational Teamwork & Winning Teams Organizational Safety Studies Organizational Climate Studies – exploratory & diagnostic Diversity Mapping & Solutions Function Management Marketing Training & Need Gaps HR Transformation

13 Organizational Areas of Expertise Business Solutions Business Growth Concerns & Opportunities Mapping Corporate Identity, Image & Communication Leadership Profiling Service Philosophy Development Spatial Identity and Association Succession Planning

14 Organizational Areas of Expertise Consulting Brand Equity workshop Way forward on brand and re-crafting the brand key Creativity workshop Brand ideation Customer empathy workshop Innovation workshop Generating new ideas & insights Brand Communication Workshops Brand communication ideas exploration Cooking Creativity & Cooking Ideation Consumer centricity workshops, programs, train the trainer


16 Preparing for the future 16 Qualitative Research – reflection of the consumer and his changing realities Modern Reality – constantly changing and evolving The only way to stay current and sharp - TECHNOLOGY

17 Role of Technology As Medium As Methodology As Enabler 17


19 Lumière Discussion Forum (Online FGDs/ Online Panels) A methodology that enables communication with respondents using the online medium. Respondents of the required profile with functional computer and internet operational knowledge and access, are recruited through the conventional recruitment procedure and snowballing. They receive invites to register on the Lumière Discussion Forum (a facility available on Lumière website). After having registered, a username and password is generated and mailed to them. They are invited to come online on a pre-decided date and time. A researcher will then moderate these groups online. 19

20 Lumière Discussion Forum – Key Benefits 20 Client Multiple team members can observe from any location Facility of sending private messages to the moderator. OPE costs eliminated Agency Travel time eliminated Transcripts available immediately post discussion Discussions across multiple centres, on the same day. Respondent wise information available Respondent Participate from the comfort of their homes No personal interaction hence feel free to express views, thoughts and feelings Breaks time and distance barriers Creates freshness in approach and engagement Encourages newer cohorts to participate who are otherwise unwilling to participate at central venue.

21 Why online discussion? 21  Reach population who are unwilling to participate in face to face discussion  Sensitive topic of discussion  Respondents hesitant to share their identity  Larger population to be covered  Faster results required  Reduce costs by eliminating travel time and cost Areas of Application: Quick post launch reactions across centres Speedy reactions to an animatics/ finished film Idea generation/ Exploratory study Concept testing Packaging study

22 Lumière Mobile App Key Benefits Competitive advantage Instant outputs – Faster Analysis without any time lag, here & now. Saves time and effort Reduce cost Build relationships Increase your accessibility Can run on any tablet or smart phones with Android platform and internet connection Areas of Application Retail audits Connect with on-the-go customers Communication, packaging, product testing …and many more! Lumière Mobile App is a software application designed in-house by Lumière to enable quick data collection


24 Why Social Media Research? Complement to traditional research Additional tool which enhances traditional research - helps gathering of different perspectives and make better informed decisions Informs more traditional methods of research Operationally efficient Fast, iterative research Gather feedback on things that you wouldn’t normally look to research, due to time and budget constraints Intrinsically advantageous Effective use of the two- way engagement of social media Build relationships with customers through a new approach to online research Can listen and talk to people who may have never participated in traditional forms of market research Research that is more intimate and builds with each interaction Constant feedback instead of episodic interaction 24

25 Social Media Research – Suggested Areas of Research Segmentation – Understand existing segments more intimately and in real time – Micro-segment them further – Discover new segments w.r.t. your brand and/or category Consumer Profiling – Enhance understanding of your consumer profiles Fan base Profiling – Identify if the desired TG comprises a major % of the fan base – Identify reasons for engagement among desired TG 25 Ad TestingPackaging TestingConcept TestingProduct Testing Test Marketing Interest and purchase intentions Opinions, attitudes and behaviours in specific areas

26 Social Media Research – Outcome and Way forward Output from Social Media Research can be used in various ways – Activate online communities that can act as brand advocates – Engage differently with different consumer profiles across social and traditional channels – Devise more relevant product and service offerings for the different segments, marketing, communication and promotions – Provide a truly delightful customer service experience 26

27 Social Media Research Metholodology 27 ARE YOU LISTENING? Facebook Panels Social Media Listening Surveys Facebook Questions/Polls Netnography

28 1: Setup Facebook Secret Group An online platform which is familiar Group of all strangers, hence easier to open up online Identity hidden Secret group. Does not appear in Facebook searches. Posts do not appear anywhere else except the group wall. The online medium enables effective use of interactive stimuli like pictures and videos etc. Asynchronous discussions with consumers - eliminates schedule as a constraint  Researcher sends friend request  An ice-breaker with respondents  Researcher becomes an online friend  Explore respondents environment  Aids understand TG better 28 Social Media : Facebook Groups Interaction Protocol 2: Online Interaction  Continuous engagement and interaction with panellists … almost 15x7

29 Social Media : Facebook Facts India : Facebook Facts Ranks 3 rd in terms of FB users (after U.S. and Brazil) Source: 29


31 Lumière Secondary Research Desk: Composition & Working 31 The Secondary Research Desk helps to collect, manage and retrieve information which is available from different media sources on a variety on industry topics Equipped with a comprehensive database, it helps is better decision-making through reliable information Dedicated desk to manage requests Proper process in place to retrieve and manage information Quick and reliable information Information from all industries and variety of sources

32 Lumière Secondary Research Desk: A Game Changer 32 Information required on topic A Lumiere equipped with Social media sites Desk research In-house library Referred data from Google Analyse and use information for research Information required on topic B Lumiere equipped with Social media sites Desk research In-house library Referred data from Google Analyse and use information for research Robust tool with reliable and varied information supported by strong data archive and efficient indexing mechanism

33 Harnessing Technology (1/2) Web streaming of fieldwork – Enables observation of research by overseas or distant client Data Analysis Tools – Online Transcription for quick turnaround of project – Video tools for conversion – Audio tools for editing, enhancing sound – Video screen capture tools – Use of virtual space for upload of digital sound/video files for quick turnarounds – Use of tools and software for advanced analysis & interpretations – Online Tools to fetch videos available in the public domain Tools to enhance the experience and aesthetics of debriefing – Video Clips/Movies help bring alive consumer stories and quotes 33

34 Harnessing Technology (2/2) – Secured access on need-to-know basis General public Client – Archives and Knowledge Management Intranet for internal team members Interface for partners & associates – Project Repository FTP Server: Secure Mechanism to upload large data files Lumiѐre Solutions Cloud – Mail – Calendar – Documents – Project Management – Mindmapping – Online questionnaire preparation & analysis 34

35 Continuous Improvement NLight® Index NLight® Stride

36 Case 1: Innovation Partnering Case 2: Emerging Consumer Mindset Case 3: Consumer Connect Case 4: Ethnographic Observation Case 5: Mystery Shopping – Packaging Research Case 6: TV Viewing Panels 36 Business Case Studies Strategic Research: Equity Studies, Culture Studies, Therapy Mapping Tactical Research: Advertising Testing, Nomenclature Testing, Packaging Testing, Research Programs and Workshops

37 Ideation IDEAS N-Light ® IdeaSort Winning Ideas Concepts & Products N-Light ® Chrono Quantitative Product/ Concept Testing Qualitative testing of all elements of the marketing mix Case 1: Innovation Partnering Sector: xxx 37

38 Case 2: Strategic study on emergence Sector: FMCG Objective -Understand the phenomenon of emergence and of low unit pack usage -To understand the aspirations, lifestyle of consumers at the lower end of the socio economic strata in urban and rural India and map changes in these -Impact of media on shopping behavior Output -Mapping shifts in the mindset of new rural consumers, their sensitivity to price, trial intent and usage pattern of products in terms of low unit price items (small packs/sachets) vis-à-vis large packs -Social aspects viz., the rise in education amongst women and children, agro-developments, need gaps and infrastructural changes -Cascade of learnings to businesses and functions with action areas Out of the box design -Desk research and case studies on micro marketing experiments -Expert interviews for hypotheses generation - Consumer Home Visits 38

39 Case 3: Consumer & Customer Connect Programs Sector: FMCG, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Agro Objective -Purposive & non-purposive observation of consumers/ customers in their environment and on their terms. -Dialogue with customers/ consumers to understanding their life context [Concerns, Aspirations, Stress, Happy Moments]. Action -Customized Inputs to creating a consumer-centric organization equipped to engage confidently with consumers/ customers. -Skill-building inputs in observation, dialoguing and tools sharing to enable independent consumer connect activity. -Monitoring and value addition to the organizational consumer connect program. -Independent management of the customer connect program was designed and handed over to the marketing research department to run for internal customers Outcome 39

40 CLIENT: European Dairy Cooperative seeking to develop innovative dairy products for consumers at the BOP OBJECTIVE: To observe how consumers live at less than $2 a day in Indian slums CHALLENGE: Identifying the homes, organizing and coordinating the home visits SOLUTION: Observing lifestyle, nutrition, cooking and food habits OUTCOME: Immersion into the consumers life 40 Case 4: N-Light® Watch: Ethnography at the BOP Sector: Dairy A day in the life of a BOP Consumer

41 Solution – Out of the box research A.Ethnographic observation of in-store behavior at top end counters to measure: -Count & pattern of footfalls by day & time and nature of shopper units (singles, families, pairs, demographics -Browsing co efficient of different product categories -Enquiries & behaviour at counter, beauty assistant interactions, FAQs -Use of testers B. Depth interview with consumers -Shopper mission understanding -Category and brand choice influencers -Reasons for purchase -Planned vs. Impulse purchase -Reactions to the ranges 41 Case 5: N-Light® Mystery: Shopper study in packaging Sector: FMCG Client – FMCG MultinationalObjective – Impact of packaging on shopper brand choice Outcome – Belief creation and alignment of marketing, technical and packaging teams on consumer expectations and impact of packaging. Clear directions for improvements in packaging deeper 41

42 CLIENT: TV major OBJECTIVE: Qualitative track of 30 serials to study track/ storyline, characters, breaks CHALLENGE: Identifying SEC B2 panelists with online access, training, devising tool, data capture and output formats and protocols SOLUTION: - Accurate and streamlined daily and weekly track reports - Value option to client for own and competitor serials quali-track Case 6: N-Light® CAWI Panels: TV Viewing Sector: Media Day after TV serial viewing feedback on web 42

43 CLIENT: Automobile Major OBJECTIVE: Defining profiles of consumers to develop a communication route CHALLENGE: To be able to read into consumer psyche SOLUTION: - Accurate profiles of consumers using N-Light© ID to aid communication development - Developing communication insights Case 7: N-Light © ID: Profiling Study Sector: Automobile Profiling of client’s customers and competition 43

44 Case 8: Lumière Mobile App Sector: Retail Understanding consumer perceptions and retail audit 44 CLIENT: A popular fast food chain OBJECTIVE: Understanding consumer perceptions of the brand, retail audits and quick feedback to new products introduced CHALLENGE: To get maximum consumer touch points without compromising on the depth of data within short timelines SOLUTION: - An approach using Lumière Mobile App with 2 levels Level 1: To get preliminary reactions Level 2: To dig into findings of level 1 further

45 Partial List Of Clients 45 FMCGBFSIRetail HR/ Consulting Auto/ Mfg Realty

46 Partial List Of Clients 46 TV / Print/ Radio Pharma & Healthcar e Consumer Electronics Teleco m/ IT Advertisi ng Social Sector & Non Profits Education

47 A FFILIATIONS ESOMAR ESOMAR is the world organization for enabling better research, consumers and into markets societies. MRSI Market Research Society of India (MRSI) is a unique non-profit autonomous market research body formed by a large fraternity of research suppliers and users spread across India. Established in January 1988, the MRSI is at the forefront of maintaining standards of excellence in the market Research industry. The MRSI seeks to strive to drive interest that MR Works and to improve the professional standards of MR in India. Lumiere Business Solutions is represented at the MRSI management committee

48 Lumière Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. #1, Nav Durga Co-op Housing Society, Sector 19 A Nerul Navi Mumbai 400706 022 27709920/30 +91 9820217625 (Deepa Soman) 48 Contact Us

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