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Nichepro Technologies Copyright 2012-13 All Rights Reserved. presents …

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1 Nichepro Technologies Copyright 2012-13 All Rights Reserved. presents …

2 A new Revolution in Retail Shopping Bringing online like shopping experience to Brick-and-mortar stores

3 ? ! Store Shopper Pain Points Today Finding products you want Getting price/ratings/reviews Finding in-store promotions info on the fly Long lines at checkout

4 Retailer Needs and Desires Retailers Top Five Strategic Initiatives (2011-12) Source : - National Retail Foundation’s “State of the Retail Industry” report

5 Retailers Marketing and Advertising Retailers Top Five Strategic Initiatives (2010-11) Source : - National Retail Foundation’s “State of the Retail Industry” report

6 Retail Industry Analysts Comments Articles Like “THE FUTURE OF RETAIL” in provide these insights Industry analysts say - The challenge for retailers in the future will be to figure out a way to play up the strengths of the bricks-and-mortar store while incorporating new technology into the experience. “ "Retail is becoming less about stacking boxes high and selling items at the right price and more about building an engaging experience for the customer," said Fenwick, the Forrester analyst. The two big words in retail's future will likely be "customer customization." Retailers must begin to tailor products to the demands of individual customers in the same way popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon target customers based on purchase history. THE FUTURE OF SHOPPING - WALL STREET JOURNAL ARTICLE FROM MAY 2011 RDS=mobile+checkout RDS=mobile+checkout

7 Retailer Needs Summary To provide best in-store experience - Bricks & Clicks Higher customer satisfaction and effective brand building POS marketing to stimulate consumer buying appetites Reduce store operating costs and increase ROI

8 Presenting our BuyAndGo solution Smart retail – it’s the Future LBS-driven handheld-based application Enhances store efficiency Optimizes consumer shopping

9 Nichepro’s BuyAndGo solution Is an LBS-driven Tablet/Smartphone Application Available on – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Tablets etc (all major) Makes Shopper’s in store shopping experience a breeze Customized to store’s look and feel Communicates with Nichepro’s server via Wi-Fi Nichepro’s Shopping Buddy Server : Multi user Enterprise Application Processes user requests Integrates with the store’s software. Integrates with other utilities like payment gateway, indoor GPS etc Highly customizable to the store’s needs Nichepro’s Shopping Buddy Server can run on a cloud or on in-store server

10 Features of BuyAndGo Shopper’s get to (Re)search product Details, Pricing, Reviews etc Locate products in a large store Scan product instantly and Self-Checkout via mobile phone Pre Create-shopping lists and view past transaction info Store gets to Display POS Marketing through Context aware Ads/Offers Gather better insight and data on customer in-store behavior

11 BuyAndGo Features Smart phone/handheld based solution Product (re)search and Self- Checkout POS Marketing-Context aware Ads/Offers Pre-shopping lists and past transaction info Better customer insight and data gathering

12 Benefits of BuyandGo Best of both worlds – Online convenience in-store -> it’s the Future Enhances store efficiency Increased Sales (via larger up sell) Reduces operating costs and overheads Targeted/Green marketing Optimizes consumer shopping No more check-out lines Product information/location at your finger-tips Deals/Offers info on the fly More holistic than simple comparison shopping sites Increased Customer Satisfaction/Retention Solution suitable (and customizable) for all retail segments

13 Differentiators Enhanced in-store shopping experience for the buyers, enables the purchasing decisions to happen in the store unlike the comparison shopping apps which drive business away from brick and mortar stores. Increases customer engagement with store in upselling of the products, promotions based on the purchase history and profile of the customers. Our solution would be owned and would run at the retailers store so the shopper’s and the retailer’s data is always safe and never compromised.

14 Differentiators Smart and Location-Aware solution that addresses both the consumer and retailer pain points. An assured ROI for large and small Retailers in a short time. Full customization and 24/7 support to provide quick and effective solutions to customer issues.

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