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Agile Route Shopper Tracker Shopperception: Using a KINECT to build real world Google Analytics.

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1 Agile Route Shopper Tracker Shopperception: Using a KINECT to build real world Google Analytics

2 SHOPPERCEPTION FOR MARKETING RESEARCH Agile Route has developed a software algorithm that allow us to use the kinect sensor in market-research studies inside the retail’s facilities. It tracks shopper’s activity and monitors shoppers’ position, paths, flows, times and contacts with the products. How it works? WATCH THE DEMO VIDEOS www. videos/

3 How does it help market research? Measuring the shopper’s behavior and shelf events In the last few years, trade marketing analysts has found an new subject to study, which is no longer the consumer, but the shopper. The new challenge is to understand his behavior in the POS and the events in the shelves. With this objective several tools have become available (POS Surveys, Behavior Observations, Ethnographic Interviews, Reflex Interviews) but the Shopper Tracker technology allows brands and market research firms to have real world events metrics like Google Analytics has on your website. Tracking Technology is a new opportunity to understand the shopper and the shelves. Today, there are technologies that help to explain the shopper’s activities in the POS, like Eye Tracking. Technologies like this give very important information but are limited, because they need the shopper’s cooperation to be applied, so the shopper always knows that he is being studied. This affects the very results it tries to measure. Shopper Tracker doesn’t affect the shopper’s behavior. Our solution is a complement, not a replacement for those tools, giving a new set of information with several benefits that you will learn in the following slides. What is the added value of Tracking technology in these scenarios?




7 Shopperception Benefits of our solution for shopper and shelf understanding Characteristics and Benefits Confidentiality and simplicity: There is no personal data exposed. It registers shopper and shelf activity without any need of intrusive elements (ex. glasses for Eye Tracking or RFID tags). Avoid personnel costs. There is no need of a researcher in the store. Fully automated information gathering. More information in the same time span, and longer study periods allow performance comparisons between the same shelf in different periods, different shelf layouts or before/after performance evaluating promotional activation activities. Multiple Shoppers tracking at the same time. Avoid subjectivity in the study. Real data, real results. Full automatic 24 x 365 operation. There is no limit of time, allowing exhaustive studies in the POS without additional personnel costs New metrics based on facts => New business opportunities

8 SOLUTION REPORTS What kind of DATA will this technology provide to consumer brands? After analyzing the shoppers’ activities in the store for the desired period, the software has all the data to create valuable reports on how those events are related to the brand’s most important questions 7x24 shelf analysis with multiple and simultaneous people tracking: Traffic Flow analysis based on zones/time Heat Maps of conversion rates for each SKU. Hot activity zones in shelf WHAT KIND OF DATA DOES THIS TECHNOLOGY PROVIDE? More Shopper insights: Multiple events on the shelf. Entrance / bounce paths Average times in zones Product traction analysis Real comparative shelf layout performance

9 Shopperception Analytic Metrics All the following metrics and reports can be filtered for any date/time range. Visitors: people that are detected in the tracking zone. Associated metrics: Visits Average Visit duration Transit Zones: places where Visitors may physically be (e.g.: right in front of a particular part of the shelf). Associated metrics: % Visitors through Transit Zone Average time in Transit Zone Touch: occurs when a Visitor touches a Product in the shelf regardless of taking it. Associated metrics: Total Touches and Touches per Product Average Touch time Touches / Visits Pick-up: grabbing a product from the shelf. Associated metrics: Pick-ups and Pick-ups per Product Pick-ups / Touches Return: putting a product back in the shelf. Associated metrics: Returns and Returns per Product Returns / Touches Conversion: grabbing a product from the shelf and not returning it for the duration of the visit. Associated metrics: Conversions and Conversions per Product Conversions / Touches Goals: grabbing a Product of interest (e.g.: own product SKU). Associated metrics: % of times that the Product is grabbed in the first place. Average time since the shopper entered the scene until the product was picked up. Heat Maps: an overlay of the shelf picture with color-coded areas reflecting activity (from green to red). Visitor touch locations in the shelf. Shopperception is like Google Analytics for the Retail

10 What kind of Analysis can we provide with this data? Shopperception Added value analysis using the gathered data 3-Route into shelves Best position, most conversion Hot spot, most pick up Transit flow, first product A, then product C Interaction understanding 2- New category management insights Space opportunities by activity performance Best facing proposal Using our experts knowledge, we can provide complementary research alternatives. 1- Most frequent combination products Rational combination By Brand By Price By Position on the shelves 4- Time spent in zone Average time to pick up Average time in zone Additional Analysis

11 1-Most frequent combination of products Shopperception Which is the best product combination? Top Conversion Rate Products Main Product 50% 30%20% Combination Insights Key product Best combination Relation among By Price By Position on the shelves Learning Rational combination for Promotional Activities By Brand By Price By Position on the shelves

12 2-New category management insights Shopperception Are you optimizing the space in the shelves? Insights Hot spot zones Hot Products Facing performance Learnings Optimizing spaces Best facing proposal Best zone for promotions Relation between facing and events Heat MapFacing Best Facing Proposal

13 3-Route into shelves Shopperception Route for products purchased Insights First product pick up Best route to selected product Most common route Learnings Product order Product match Stopper product

14 4-Time spent in zone Shopperception Where are communication points? Insights Average time to pick up Average time in zone Communication points Learnings Best communication place Define first position Focus on length of communication Where shopper spend your time?

15 Other methodologies that you can add to Shopperception information Shopperception More analysis upon request Shopper survey Ethnography interview Store observation Ask us about these add ins Integrated analysis

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