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Retail Planning & Optimization Solution Elevator Pitches.

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2 Retail Planning & Optimization Solution Elevator Pitches

3 Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration “Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration combines supply chain data visibility with the flexible exception identification and collaboration features needed for collaborative forecasting and replenishment. It is a highly flexible, Web-based planning engine that allows manufacturers and retailers to collaborate on turning demand forecasts into order and shipment plans.”

4 Oracle Retail Price Optimization “Oracle Retail Price Optimization provides merchants and price analysts with customer demand insight and optimization to enhance the pricing process. It enables you to provide the right products at the right prices, promote them to drive sales, and clear them profitably, while providing more space for fresh, full-price merchandise. Oracle Retail Price Optimization provides merchants and price analysts with customer demand insight and optimization to enhance the pricing process. It enables you to provide the right products at the right prices, promote them to drive sales, and clear them profitably, while providing more space for fresh, full-price merchandise.”

5 Oracle Retail Category Management “Oracle Retail Category Management applies scientifically based space optimization calculations to generate optimal space allocation recommendations that maximize revenue and profits. It meets the needs of different types of retailers, allowing retailers use different methodologies to define their product mix. Hard-lines retailers, for example, can follow category management best practices, while soft-lines retailers concentrate on defining assortment depth and breadth.. Oracle Retail Category Management is an easy-to-configure solution that provides a basic assortment planning template that can be tailored further to meet each retailer's specific requirements—without programming customization.”

6 Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting “Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting uses time series forecasting algorithms and state-of-the-art modeling techniques to create accurate forecasts with little human intervention. The solution handles forecasting at a low level of detail (such as at the item, by store, by day level), forecasting for new products, and forecasting for products with sparse sales, highlighting the anomalies for your review. Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting provides all departments with a common forecast to drive the entire retail enterprise, bringing together forecasts produced for replenishment, merchandise planning, financial planning, and collaborative planning.”

7 Oracle Retail Allocation “Oracle Retail Allocation helps retailers determine the inventory requirements at the item and location level. Using real-time inventory information, the system calculates need based on parameters you set— whether it's the characteristics of the product, the store, or the category. Oracle Retail Allocation supports the process of allocating products to individual stores and manages multiple types of allocation, ensuring the right quantity of product is in the right location at the right time to maximize sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.”

8 Oracle Retail Item Planning “Oracle Retail Item Planning provides full lifecycle, item-level planning capabilities to produce a bottom-up plan in support of an overall financial plan. Oracle Retail Item Planning supports the entire lifecycle of an item by providing pre- and in-season workflow that gives you continuous visibility into sales, inventories, and profits—allowing you to avoid lost sales due to inadequate inventory and overstocks that drain profits. ”

9 Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning “Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning provides flexible and easy-to-use financial planning solution templates that enable you to create high-level strategic and low-level detailed financial plans. The solution guides you through best- practice planning processes in an efficient, streamlined manner while providing top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out functionality for developing, reconciling, and approving plans.. Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning provides both pre-season and in- season planning with key financial indicators that include sales, markdowns, receipts, inventory, gross margin, and open-to-buy. It can be used by retailers using either cost or retail accounting methods and can be used to plan for multiple retail channels, including stores, internet and catalog.”

10 Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization “Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization provides tactical pricing recommendations for "everyday" retail prices. The solution uses item pricing to understand the impact of price changes on sales, and then ensures the product is priced at the optimum level to maximize profits or revenue. By analyzing your pricing structure, you can achieve a pricing strategy across brands and categories, and even take into consideration brand differentiation and packaging differences, in an effort to maximize profits or revenue.”

11 Oracle Retail Advance Inventory Planning “Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning enables the creation of realistic, forward-looking, constraint-based replenishment and allocation plans across the supply chain and converts these plans into orders, transfers, load builds, and transportation schedules. It combines time-phase replenishment and allocation algorithms to produce an actionable receipt plan based on demand forecasts, replenishment parameters, and inventory availability at the numerous points within the supply chain. Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning provides a tactical inventory plan that allows you to optimally forecast consumer demand, source supply, and fulfill demand in a time-phased manner, thus providing the ability to manage the supply chain from interaction with suppliers, through various layers of warehouses, down to individual stores and e-commerce sites.”

12 Oracle Retail Inventory Optimization “Oracle Retail Supply Chain Optimization uses advanced forecasting and simulation techniques to determine optimal supply chain parameters, including vendor minimums, pack size, how often an item should be ordered, and whether it should be stocked in a warehouse, cross-docked, or shipped directly from a supplier. Optimization takes into account data such as sales volume, volatility, forecast data, seasonality, client business rules and constraints, and financial objectives. Oracle Retail Supply Chain Optimization can help you balance all the variables and constraints to create the optimal inventory balance to maximize sales and minimize inventory.”

13 Oracle Retail Place In-Season “Oracle Retail Place In-Season executes the intent of the assortment plan and distributes available inventory to the stores to maximize sales and gross margin. Orders are generated by size and pre-pack to meet store demand leading to highly efficient allocation.”

14 Oracle Retail Plan Pre-Season “Oracle Retail Plan Pre-Season is a decision support and workflow solution that helps retailers maximize inventory ROI. Whereas traditional assortment planning systems merely record static decisions, Plan Pre- Season adds the power of analytics to both pre-season and in-season, enabling informed merchandising decisions and complementing the merchant’s product selection.”

15 Oracle Retail Promotion Planning & Optimization “Oracle Retail Promotion Planning and Optimization provides retailers with the insight into customer demand drivers and their level of effectiveness for past and future events. Armed with the visibility and intelligence derived as a result of the Promotion Planning and Optimization's integrated planning, forecasting and analytic components, retailers are empowered to predict and achieve the highest possible returns on future advertising and inventory investments.”


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