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Morgan Stonebridge, Tilden Blair, Eric Serpico, Alex Watsik.

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1 Morgan Stonebridge, Tilden Blair, Eric Serpico, Alex Watsik

2 Background  A sports drink is a beverage to help rehydrate and replenish electrolytes, sugar and other nutrients  The functional energy drink market consists of energy drinks, neutraceutical drinks, smoothies, and sports drinks.

3 The Market  US $300 billion in terms of sales worldwide in 2005  global sports drinks market increased by 10% to 9.71 million liters in 2005


5 Market Trends  New brands support trends such as natural and organic are being introduced  Companies have created sports drink options for “the natural athlete” (offers hydration and electrolyte replenishment in a clean form with no artificial flavors, preservatives or added sugar)

6 Customer Analysis  28% of U.S. Adults Are Physically Active  The Physically Active Are 54% More Likely to Prioritize Nutrition  37% Use Sports Beverages  13% Use Energy/Diet Bars  53% of Adults Use Supplements  Not Just for Sports

7 PepsiCo’s - Gatorade  brand now has nine categories which are brand names for different flavor profiles of Gatorade  largest gainer = Gatorade Rain which was introduced in 2006, with a 376% increase, according to IRI data  Product: G-series (prime, perform, recover) G-series FIT, G-series PRO, G-series Natural  Price: Gatorade has a range of different prices to accommodate the different types of the product  Place: Gatorade can be bought at almost every store that sells drinks  Promotion: Use famous athletes to promote the product 

8 Coca-Cola - Powerade  Powerade and Powerade Option registered as the No. 2 and No. 8 sellers  Product: Powerade comes in eight different flavors  Price: The price’s of Powerade varies from the different stores  Place: They can be bought at many stores that sell drinks  Promotion: Powerade uses atheletes to promote their product 

9 Cadbury Schweppes - Accelerade  popular in fitness conscious regular exercisers  uses a protein-based formula  Product: Accelerade, Accelerade Hydro  Price: About a dollar each  Place: Customers can buy Accelerade online and at some stores  Promotion: Athletes who are not as well known 

10 Proposed target market for RJF  Our proposed target market is a wide range of athletes from high school sports to professional sports  The younger target market will be more of the focus because once they use the drink they will most likely use it for a longer time than the older target market

11 Marketing mix decisions for RJF  Product: Zoom NRG  Price: $1.50 per bottle  Promotion: athletes and ads on TV and in internet  Place: Any store that sells drinks

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