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Gatorade Growing the Business.

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1 Gatorade Growing the Business

2 Executive Summary History Market Share New Target Areas
Children under 18 Non-athletes Generate Greater Revenue

3 Gatorade Current State
1965 University of Florida 1967 Florida Gators win first Orange Bowl – attributed to proper hydration 1969 enters the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs 1987 The Gatorade “Dunk” is born 1991 Celebrity endorsements begin – Michael Jordan

4 Current Strategy Target Market Athletes Males 18 to 24
Focused on “Point of Sweat”

5 Getting to Market TV Ads /ESPN
Sports Venues – cups, coolers, billboards Sports Magazines Limited Radio Sponsored Events Celebrity Endorsements High School “Athlete of the Year”

6 Current Market Facts Part of PepsiCo
Control 80% - 90% of Market Share in North America 1.5 Billion dollar brand Competition Powerade (Coke) Private Label Isotonic Sports Drinks Water

7 Current Market Current market concentration is on males Weaknesses
Non-athletes Youth market

8 View of Future State Create Brand Loyalty New Market
Younger generation Increase market share New Market Non-athletes

9 How Do We Attract Youth? Parenting Magazines Kids Magazines
Emphasize health benefits of the active child Kids Magazines Sports Illustrated for Kids, Seventeen, etc. Internet Pop Ups / Websites Nick Jr., Discovery Kids, Disney TV Ads on Kids Programming

10 Target Youth Endorsements appealing to the younger child
Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob Video game background banners Form strategic partnerships with other companies, Ex. EA Sports Continue celebrity endorsements aimed at pre-teens/teens Derek Jeter Mia Hamm

11 Supporting Facts Current National Trend is to Decrease Childhood Obesity Overweight children – 9 million (3x that of 1980) Children dehydrate faster that adults Instill brand recognition at an early age Studies show taste promotes more consumption with kids

12 Attracting a New Market
Non-Athletes Home Improvement Contractors Do-It-Yourselfers Construction Workers

13 How Do We get There? TV Ads (Construction Field)
Sponsorships on Home Improvement Shows Trading Spaces Monster House Vending Machines Lowes / Home Depot

14 Getting There Celebrity Endorsements Trade Shows
Ty Pennington Amy Wynn Trade Shows Strategic Partnerships Construction Vests/Green Shirts Gatorade Coolers

15 Supporting Facts Home Improvement Industry – 64 Billion
High Ratings for Home Improvement Shows Discovery Channel The Learning Channel

16 Conclusion Economical Effective Growth Untapped Market Segments
Younger Generation Non-Athletes Longevity of the Brand

17 Questions?

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