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Present tense verb review ¿Recuerdas...?. Present tense -ar verb endings oamos asáis aanDibujoDibujamosDibujasDibujáis Dibujadibujan.

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1 Present tense verb review ¿Recuerdas...?

2 Present tense -ar verb endings oamos asáis aanDibujoDibujamosDibujasDibujáis Dibujadibujan

3 Present tense -er/-ir verb endings o emos / imos es éis / ís een meto met emos metes met éis metemeten vivo viv imos vives viv ís viveviven

4 Present tense verb review  Remember this? Bailar Comer Escribir bailo comoescribo bailas comesescribes baila comeescribe bailamos comemosescribimos bailáis coméisescribís bailan comenescriben

5 Verbs Like Gustar Gustar= to like Encantar= to love (as in “to really, really like”) Interesar= to be interested in *There are many more. They will be referred to as gustar verbs in the future.

6 Formula  Part 1 You start out with an indirect object pronoun to talk about who is doing the liking, loving or who is interested. me= I nos= we te= you le= he/she/it/usted les= they/you all

7 Formula  Part 2 You will then use the third person singular form (he/she/Usted) of the verb to talk about 1 thing or an activity/activities being liked, loved, interesting etc… Ex. Me gusta la pizza. *Since the pizza is being liked and it is singular, you use gusta. Nos interesa pescar en el río Fox. *Since pescar is an activity that interests us, you use interesa.

8 You use the third person plural form (they/ustedes) to talk about multiple things being liked. Ex. A Pablo le gustan los perros calientes. Nos encantan las películas de terror. Since perros calientes and películas are being liked/loved and they are plural, you use gustan/encantan.

9 All together now… me gusta/gustan te le +encanta/encantan nos les interesa/interesan *These are the present tense forms of the verbs. Gustar verbs may be used in all tenses.

10 Side notes… To say that you don’t like, love or are not interested in something, you put a NO in front. ex. No me gusta la tarea. No me encantan los Cubs. If there are more than one activities, you still use the singular construction. ex. Me encanta pescar, leer y pasar el rato con amigos.

11 Side notes… To clarify who is doing the liking, you may add these before the indirect object pronoun: A mí me… A ti te… A él/ella/Ud./name le… A nosotros /A____ y a mí nos… A ellos/Uds./two names les…

12 Some more verbs like gustar... dar ascoto sicken, to disgust dar igualto not matter faltarto lack; to need fascinarto fascinate importarto matter interesarto interest molestarto bother, to annoy parecerto seem, to appear preocuparto worry

13 Translate: 1. I love to camp. 2. We love the vegetables. 3. Do you like garlic? 4. Juan is interested in riding horses. 5. Ana y Luisa like to fish and take pictures 6. I like all of my classes this semester. 7. My friends and I love Jimmy Johns. 8. Anita is interested in sports. 9. Do you love the prizes? 1. (A mí) me encanta acampar. 2. (A nosotros) nos encantan las verduras. 3. ¿(A ti) te gusta el ajo? 4. (A Juan) le interesa montar a caballo. 5. (A Ana y a Luisa) les gusta pescar y tomar fotos. 6. (A mí) me gustan todas mis clases este semestre. 7. (A mis amigos y a mí) nos encanta Jimmy Johns. 8. (A Anita) le interesan los deportes. 9. ¿(A ti) Te encantan los premios?

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