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Verbs like gustar.

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1 Verbs like gustar

2 Verbs Like gustar You already that gustar always uses indirect object pronouns in a special construction There are several more verbs like it that use the same special construction with indirect object pronouns.

3 Verbs Like gustar These verbs all use a special construction: indirect object pronoun + verb + subject(s)

4 Verbs Like gustar The two forms of these verbs that are most commonly used are the Ud./él/ella and Uds./ellos/ellas forms.

5 Verbs Like gustar encantar to love, to delight Quedar to fit, to look
importar to be important interesar to be of interest Parecer to seem Tocar to say whose turn it is to do something

6 Verbs Like gustar Me gusta el béisbol. Me interesa el español.
Literally: Baseball is pleasing to me. I like baseball. Me interesa el español. Literally: Spanish is interesting to me. I am interested in Spanish

7 Verbs Like gustar Remember that in the previous sentences, the subjects are béisbol and deportes, and me and te are indirect object pronouns.

8 Verbs Like gustar ¿Te interesan los deportes? Do sports interest you?
Literally: Are sports interesting to you? Do sports interest you?

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