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Chapter 8-1 gustarse encantarse

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1 Chapter 8-1 gustarse encantarse

2 Gustarse “To Like” The verb gustarse is used to talk about likes
How would you say I like chocolate? Me gusta el chocolate.

3 How would you say….. I like …… Me gusta…… You like….. Te gusta….
He or she likes…. Le gusta….

4 How would you say…. We like….. Nos gusta…. All of you like……
They or all of you like…. Les gusta….

5 gusta + -n gustan = Me gustan las manzanas.
Remember: If you are talking about yourself or others liking more than one thing….. You will need to add an –n onto gusta gusta + -n gustan = How would you say I like the apples? Me gustan las manzanas. Now in order to say anyone likes more than one thing just add these pronouns in front of gustan:

6 The pronouns are: Me gusta/an nos Te gusta/an os Le gusta/an les
Now simply add these in front of gustan to say: I like  Me gustan las manzanas. You like  Te gustan las manzanas. He or she likes  Le gustan las manzanas. We like  Nos gustan las manzanas. All of you like  Os gustan las manzanas. All of you or They like  Les gustan las manzanas.

7 The verb encantar is used like the verb gustarse:
What does the verb encantar mean? encantar= to really like or to love You use the same pronouns with encantar (So all you will need to do is replace gusta with encanta) How would you say I love chocolate? Me encanta el chocolate.

8 Now if you are talking about more than one thing you really like or love you add an –n to encantar
For example, to say I love apples you would say….. Me encantan las manzanas.

9 The pronouns are: Me encanta/an nos Te encanta/an os Le encanta/an les
Now simply add these in front of encantan to say: I really like  Me encantan las manzanas. You really like  Te encantan las …. He or she really likes  Le encantan las .. We like  Nos encantan las manzanas. All of you really like  Os encantan las …. All of you or They really like  Les encantan las ...

10 1. I like milk. Me gusta leche 2. We like to play baseball. Nos gusta jugar el beisbol

11 3. She loves pineapple juice.
Ella le encanta jugo de piña. 4. They love peanut butter sandwiches. Ellos les encantan los sandwiches de crema de mani.


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