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PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT 2012-2013 Mr. Price & Mrs. Craig.

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1 PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT 2012-2013 Mr. Price & Mrs. Craig

2 WELCOME TO 4 TH GRADE PHILOSOPHY – Students learn better when enjoying themselves GOAL – Provide an enjoyable, safe, and welcoming learning environment so all students can succeed

3 SCHEDULE 8:40-9:20 Homeroom / Intervention Block 9:20-10:00 Specials 10:00-11:15 Math or Reading 11:20-12:10 Recess / Lunch 12:15-12:45 Science or Social Studies 12:45-1:55 Math or Reading 1:55-2:25 Science or Social Studies 2:30-3:00 Writing Block (keyboarding) *Monday is Media Center day

4 GRADING SCALE 4 Exceeds Grade Level Expectations 3 Meets Grade Level Expectations 2 Requires Additional Support to Meet Grade Level Expectations 1 With Additional Support, Not Meeting Grade Level Expectations Tests or homework below your standards may be re-done and turned in the following week Tests or homework below your standards may be re-done and turned in the following week

5 ASSIGNMENT PLANNER Teacher will be happy to sign any completed planner each day so that parents know what homework should be completed. Anything written in planner should be brought home for parents to review (even if completed) Anything written in planner should be brought home for parents to review (even if completed)

6 HOMEWORK Homework should not take more than 1 hour (usually much less) Stop after 1 hour and send a note to teacher to explain Missing work will be made up during recess if it continues to be a problem

7 FRIDAY FOLDER All graded papers will be sent home each Friday Any missing work or behavior concerns will be noted Parents must sign and return on Monday Students receiving all 5’s for entire quarter will receive a special reward

8 BEHAVIOR CLASS/SCHOOL RULES  CARE  RESPECT  RESPONSIBILITY  FISH PHILOSOPHY (Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude, Play)  My Voice, My Choice

9 BEHAVIOR REWARDS Friday Recess Fish Tickets Assistant Teacher End of Quarter Celebrations

10 OHIO ACHIEVEMENT ASSESSMENT Students will take Achievement Tests in two areas this April: Reading and Math Follow this link to the Ohio Department of Education website to learn more about the OAA and to see actual test questions.Ohio Department of Education

11 SCIENCE Scientific Inquiry Interpreting data and fact / opinion Effects of technology on human lives Properties of matter and physical / chemical changes Weather and changes to Earth’s surface Plants and fossils New COMMON CORE Standards

12 SOCIAL STUDIES Geography / Map skills Timelines Primary and Secondary sources Branches of government Ohio history (Small group presentations) Economics (Mini-Society Project) Weekly research topics on famous Ohioans (3 rd Quarter project) Harriett Tubman biography

13 MATH MATH INVESTIGATIONS PROGRAM Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, rounding, estimating, fractions, decimals, money, multi-step word problems, mental math Graphing and simple probability Analyzing patterns, equations, algebra Perimeter, area, volume, unit conversions Geometry, ordered pairs, transformations New COMMON CORE Standards

14 MATH Mad Minute – Periodic 3 minute timed multiplication / division fact tests – goal is to be fluent with math facts – PRACTICE SHEETS CAN BE PRINTED OFF FROM OUR CLASSROOM BLOG Expect to see a workbook page for homework every night except for Friday Homework – Expect to see a workbook page for homework every night except for Friday

15 MATH – Contains games and activities for students, as well as a resource guide for parents to see how we are teaching the concepts in class On-line practice tests will be available for each unit to help prepare students for end of the unit tests Log-in information provided tonight

16 MATH Mr. Rodriguez’s Website: You will find lots of fun math games and activities compiled by Mr. Rodriguez. Just click on 4th Grade, choose the unit we’re working on, and click on the link. Mr. Rodriguez’s Website

17 LITERACY This year we will be covering a variety of reading genre as well as types of writing. We will be working hard to reach each of your child’s reading goals. We will be using the Literacy By Design program recently adopted by the Board of Education. Students will be expected to complete a book project each quarter- Details to follow.

18 PARENT/TEACHER CONTACT Parent / Teacher Conferences Weekly Friday Folders Assignment Planners E-mail

19 PARENT/TEACHER CONTACT  Classroom Blog – This will be used to keep parents informed about topics being covered in class, general news, and any upcoming special projects Classroom Blog Go to the Loveland Schools website and follow the link to Elementary School – Then click on Teacher / Classroom BlogsLoveland Schools website



22 MISCELLANEOUS Book Orders – Sent home each month in Friday Folders – Sign up to order online at by following the directions in the letter provided Paper Recycling Program – Public can use green dumpster in back of school for paper recycling – money is given to school based on amount of paper collected PTA Membership – Please help support our PTA here at Loveland Elementary School.

23 MISCELLANEOUS Food Allergies - We have several food allergies in both classes, so we ask you to not send in birthday treats this year. Party Volunteers - Please sign up to help with a party if you are available. We greatly appreciate it! Parent Survey – Please complete the parent survey emailed over the weekend. It can be found on the blog now and a paper copy is available tonight.

24 MISCELLANEOUS Media Center Volunteers - Slots are available if you are interested. Power Point – This presentation will be available through our classroom blog for future reference. Hopes and Dreams – Please fill out a few hopes and dreams for your child before you leave on the scroll provided.

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