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Hedgehogs By Jodie Grimsley.

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1 Hedgehogs By Jodie Grimsley

2 Habitats A hedgehog likes grassland, savannah, deserts, farmland and woodland. They also use these places for hibernating. Savannah Farmland Grassland Desert Woodland

3 Baby Hedgehogs Baby hedgehogs are born after a 40 day period.
They are born pink, spineless, blind and deaf. The first spines appear after 2 hours and are white The eyes open between days and their hearing develops after about 17 days

4 Hibernation A hedgehog may rest for 3 to 4 months. Then the hedgehog awakes when the body temperature drops below 8ºc. In hibernation the hedgehog also starts breathing very slowly, 3 to 4 times a minute.

5 Why do hedgehogs have spikes?
A coat of spikes protects the hedgehogs soft body. The spikes also protect themselves from being attacked.

6 Relations Hedgehogs are related to a animal called a porcupine. They look similar to hedgehogs but porcupines are quite fierce. Porcupine

7 Where do hedgehogs live?
Hedgehogs mainly live in, Asia, Europe, and Africa and have been seen in New Zealand.

8 Do they have a certain temperature?
During hibernation their temperature drops to 8ºc. The hedgehogs normal temperature is 35ºc.

9 How a hedgehog is adapted to it's environment
Their spikes can protect them from predators. They have long ears to keep themselves cool. They rely on their nose because they have poor eyesight.

10 Fun Facts Family: Erinaceidae
Food: Beetles, earthworms, slugs, bird eggs and small mammals. No. of young: 4 to 5 Life span: Up to 7 years Size: Head and body, 13-30cm, tail, 3-5cm

11 OUIZ Baby hedgehogs are born pink, spineless, blind and deaf.
What is a hedgehogs relation? Porcupine How long is their life span? Up to 7 years How long does a hedgehog hibernate for? 3-4 months Hedgehogs eat beetles, earthworms, small mammals and bird eggs

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