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Welcome to South Effingham High School Rising Ninth Graders Night February 23, 2015 Dr. Mark WintersPrincipal Tammy JacobsInstructional Supervisor Dr.

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1 Welcome to South Effingham High School Rising Ninth Graders Night February 23, 2015 Dr. Mark WintersPrincipal Tammy JacobsInstructional Supervisor Dr. Cheryl Cale 9 th Grade Admin./CTAE Coord. Travis DickeyAthletic Director Jeff FaithAssistant Principal

2 Did You Know? South Effingham High School –Class of 2007 - Graduation Rate 76.5% –Class of 2008 - Graduation Rate 78.9% –Class of 2009 - Graduation Rate 82.6% –Class of 2010 - Graduation Rate 85.3% –Class of 2011 - Graduation Rate 85.6% –Class of 2012 - Graduation Rate 84.6% –Class of 2013 - Graduation Rate 84.6% –Class of 2014- Graduation Rate87.3% Our faculty and staff are continuously working to improve our graduation rate.

3 Graduation Requirements 4 Language Arts 4 Mathematics 4 Science 3 Social Studies One Pathway Required (CTAE, Foreign Language, Fine Arts) Personal Fitness and Health* Electives

4 Graduation Requirements: English/Language Arts 4 credits of English are required: –1 credit Ninth Grade English –1 credit Tenth Grade English –1 credit American Literature –1 credit British Literature

5 Graduation Requirements: Mathematics 4 credits of Mathematics are required: –1 credit Coordinate Algebra –1 credit Analytic Geometry –1 credit Advanced Algebra –1 credit additional CCGPS Math *Note, if a student starts out in the Math of Finance/Coordinate Algebra class, he/she will not be able to enroll in a 4 year college/university right out of high school.

6 Graduation Requirements: Science 4 credits of Science are required: –1 credit of Biology –1 credit of Physical Science –1 credit Chemistry or Environmental Science –1 credit additional science

7 Graduation Requirements: Social Studies 3 credits of Social Studies are required, including: –1 credit of World History –.5 credit of American Government/Civics –1 credit of U.S. History –.5 credit of Economics

8 Graduation Requirements: Health/P.E Requirements 1 credit of Health/Personal Fitness is required –Note that 3 credits of JROTC will substitute for the Health/Personal Fitness requirement.

9 Graduation Requirements: Electives 8 credits required, including: –A total of 3 credits from CTAE, Foreign Language or Fine Arts for all students. (Students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution must take 2 credits of the same foreign language) –5 Electives Required

10 Graduation Requirements: Credits for the Class of 2019 24 Total Credits to Graduate 7 courses x 4 years = 28 Credit Opportunities

11 Number of Credits to be Promoted 6 credits to move from 9 th Grade to 10 th Grade 12 credits to move from 10 th to 11 th Grade 18 credits to move from 11 th to 12 th Grade 24 credits to Graduate

12 Assessment Requirements Georgia Milestones End-of-Course (EOC) Exams– 8 courses –Ninth Grade English –American Literature –Coordinate Algebra –Analytic Geometry –Biology –Physical Science –US History –Economics EOCs may count 20% of the student’s final average for the course.

13 Instructional Focus Students will have an Instructional Focus period built in their schedule. This course will be paired with another course so that students will receive one credit. Students that are exempt from this are those that are taking all honors classes (and only if they want to be exempt)

14 What 9 th grade Honors classes are available? Honors Ninth Grade Literature Honors Biology Honors World History Accelerated Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography

15 What is AP? Advanced Placement courses are COLLEGE level classes taught in high school. They are taught under the direction of the College Board. Teachers must receive special AP training and certification to teach AP classes. Given his/her score on the AP exam, students may receive college credits for taking AP classes.

16 Current AP classes at SEHS English Language & Composition (11 th ) English Literature & Composition (12 th ) US History (11 th ) Human Geography (9 th -12 th ) US Government & Politics (10 th ) Psychology (10 th -12 th ) Microeconomics (12 th ) Macroeconomics (12 th ) Biology (12 th ) Environmental Science (11 th -12 th ) Statistics (11 th -12 th ) Calculus (12 th ) Art Studio: Drawing (10 th -12 th ) Art Studio: 2D Design (10 th -12 th ) Chemistry (11 th -12 th )

17 New HOPE Rigor Requirements For the Class of 2019, students must meet additional requirements to be eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship. Students not only must have a 3.0 GPA in core courses (including foreign language), they must also complete the new rigor requirement. This requirement is that students must take and pass rigor courses. (Class of 2015: two rigor courses, Class of 2016: three rigor courses, Class of 2017: four rigor courses, Class of 2018: TBD, Class of 2019: TBD) Rigor courses offered at SEHS are marked by an asterisk on the registration form.

18 CTAE Pathways Mr. Travis Nesmith, ECCA Principal Dr. Cheryl Cale, SEHS CTAE Supervisor

19 Agriculture Program Agricultural Mechanics Systems Pathway Food Animal Systems Pathway Forestry/Wildlife Systems Pathway Plant and Floriculture Systems Pathway Veterinary Science Pathway

20 Arts, AV/Technology, and Communications Audio-Video Technology and Film Pathway Graphic Design Pathway Graphic Communications Pathway

21 Business, Management, and Administration Business and Technology Pathway Entrepreneurship Pathway

22 Education and Training Early Childhood Care and Education Pathway Teaching as a Profession Pathway

23 Government and Public Administration JROTC-Navy Pathway (You will hear from Lt. Col. Stautberg about this program in just a few minutes)

24 Health Science Patient Care Pathway Allied Health Pathway Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine Pathway

25 Hospitality and Tourism Culinary Arts Pathway

26 Information Technology Web and Digital Design Pathway Computer Science Pathway

27 Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Law Enforcement Services/Criminal Investigations Pathway

28 Engineering and Technology Pathway Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

29 Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Automobile Maintenance and Light Repair Pathway Distribution and Logistics Pathway

30 Planning Ahead- Dual Enrollment Aircraft Assembly Technician Pathway Cosmetology Pathway Law Enforcement Services/Criminal Investigations Pathway Welding Pathway

31 Planning Ahead - Dual Enrollment This program allows students 16 years and older to take courses for high school and college credit. Students must meet enrollment requirements of the college. Please see your counselor for more information.

32 Planning Ahead – Work-Based Learning This program is for students 16 years or older. This program allows students to receive high school credit while developing skills in the workplace. Students do not have to have employment prior to entering this program; however, the student should have a job in his/her program concentration area to participate. Students in this program must have a driver’s license, student parking permit, and have personal transportation to participate in this program.

33 Orientation NJROTC Presentation SNSI Lt. Col Terry Stautberg NSI AZ1 Johnson

34 What is NJROTC? Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is an academic elective offered at South Effingham High School for any year level. NJROTC promotes self-discipline, patriotism, and dedication through the daily studies and activities provided in the program.

35 Myth: I don't want to go into the military so why would I take NJROTC. Myth: I don't have the money to pay for all those uniforms. Myth: I play sports so I can't take NJROTC. NJROTC Myths

36 Benefits of NJROTC Academic Aspect –It is an elective credit every semester –Provides a “Pathway” for Technology Career Prep Students Athletic Aspect –Personal Fitness –Life long fitness habits Social Aspect –Unit belonging –No prior training required Mentor and develop post graduation plans

37 What we are NOT! Recruiters

38 NJROTC CLASS SCHEDULE Monday and Friday PT Wednesday Uniform Day – Drill Tuesday and Thursday – Academics WE TEACH LEADERSHIP!

39 Student Course Requests Our goal at SEHS is to have course request confirmation letters released to rising freshman by March 24 th. Students will receive this letter from their middle school teacher. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the high school.

40 Schedule Changes Student schedules will be released at the end of July. Keep an eye on Parent Portal for the release of the schedule. Should you need a schedule change, please fill out a Drop/Add form or an Override Form. These forms can be found on our Counselor’s web site. You can always schedule an appointment with your counselor if you have questions about your schedule.

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