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Creating your Résumé Computer Information Technology.

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1 Creating your Résumé Computer Information Technology

2 Objectives  The Student will:  Be able to complete a résumé using one of the templates

3 Starting Your Résumé  Before you create your résumé you should decide what “categories” you will include.  For a High School student I recommend the following: 1.Objective 2.Education 3.Work Experience 4.Volunteer Experiences 5.Extracurricular Activities 6.Languages 7.Computer Skills

4 Picking a Résumé Template  There are many résumé templates available in office 2007.  Many from  Some from users  A few from Microsoft.  Pick a template you find aesthetically pleasing (i.e. it looks good!)  You want your résumé to stand out but don’t go overboard.

5 Résumé Template  Once you have selected your template you begin to customize it…  Remove what’s there and add your information.  Keep the style

6 Résumé Objective: Tailor this to the job your looking for Experience: Give some details Extracurricular: Include any leadership roles or awards Skills: include any skills that set you apart from the other applicants

7 First Impressions  Résumé is often the first impression an employer has of you.  Does it look professional?  Is everything spelled correctly?  Did you use upper and lower case letters?

8 True Example  This email was received last year:  What do you think Ms. Glynn thought of this person? ATTN:Nancy J. Apke Hello I would like to introduce myself. My name is xxxxx xxxxxx. I apply to CPS for the position of Security Officer. I was inform to contact the school of my chose. So I would like to contact you to find out if you are hired for Public Saftery Officer. If you are hired can you please contact me at 773-XXX-XXXX. Hopr to hear from you soon. Thank You.

9 What’s wrong with this résumé ?

10 Summary  Using the résumé template creates a professional looking résumé in little time  Check and double check your résumé. It’s the first impression you will make.

11 Rest of Today  Use a résumé template and the data from yesterday to create a personal résumé.  Complete sentences are not required but proper English is.  Show me your résumé when complete

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