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2  First Impressions  Asking about available positions  The application process  Following up on your application  Creating polite emails  Crafting ‘Thank You’ notes  How do you handle a phone call?  Questions?

3  Be polite  SPELL CHECK EVERYTHING!  Double check your contact information  Make sure contact and resume are correct  Understand that everything you say or do is part of the interview  Dress professionally

4  Do some research on the company  Check all available online sources first  Ask questions  Ask for a business card and permission to contact the recruiter  Say “Thank you”

5  On average it will take between 2 weeks to 6 months for the whole application process  After an interview you could wait between 24 hours to 2 weeks before you hear back  Some employers will contact you, others like you to wait 10 business days between applying and contacting them

6  Employers will typically keep your resume on file for 3 months to a year  A large portion hire based on employee recommendations (learn to network!)  A large portion also do NOT have a ‘Thank you for applying’ notification  All survey respondents said they check on a candidate using social media (Facebook or LinkedIn) and other internet sources

7  BE PATIENT- it takes time  Customize your resume and cover letter for every company that you are sending it too.

8  Had a friend suggest an opening in their company to you? Let them know you applied the following day  Send an email to the recruiter about 5 business days after application  Call the recruiter about 10 days after application  Don’t hear back? Don’t fret! Just be patient.

9  Use words like:  Hello Mr. Jones,  Dear Maggie Smith,  Thank you for taking the time to…  Sincerely  Do NOT use: To Whom It May Concern  SPELL CHECK  Check for correct grammar

10 Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: It was very enjoyable to speak with you about the assistant account executive position at the Smith Agency. The job, as you presented it, seems to be a very good match for my skills and interests. The creative approach to account management that you described confirmed my desire to work with you. In addition to my enthusiasm, I will bring to the position strong writing skills, assertiveness and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively with the department. My artistic background will help me to work with artists on staff and provide me with an understanding of the visual aspects of our work. I understand your need for administrative support. My detail orientation and organizational skills will help to free you to deal with larger issues. I neglected to mention during my interview that I had worked for two summers as a temporary office worker. This experience helped me to develop my secretarial and clerical skills. I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you about this position. Sincerely, Your Signature Your Typed Name

11  Less than a third of candidates send Thank you notes, it could be the difference that gets you the job!  Send it within 24 hours of the interview  Make it personal  These letters allow you to:  Express your enthusiasm  Address unresolved points  Reiterate your expertise  Highlight your success

12  Hello- you can tell if someone is happy to speak with you or distracted on the phone.  Be inside- in a quiet area. Background noise hurts both you and the recruiter  Upgrade your enthusiasm. An employer wants to know you are excited about their position and that is harder to convey on a phone or internet conversation.

13 BE POSITIVE! It will all work out!


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