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#1 What organizational method is used in the paragraph? Butterflies are very sensitive. The smallest changes in weather conditions often make them do unusual.

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1 #1 What organizational method is used in the paragraph? Butterflies are very sensitive. The smallest changes in weather conditions often make them do unusual things. A Pennsylvanian man who raises butterflies in his house experienced this for himself. When a thunderstorm blew through his town, his butterflies came out of their cocoons early. Imagine his surprise when he came home to find thousands of butterflies in every room of his house!

2 #2 Which transitions BEST connect the sentences? What is the largest lake in the world? It depends on how you define a lake. If you think that a body of salt water surrounded by land can be a lake, the largest would be the Caspian Sea. ________, if you define a lake as containing only fresh water, there would be a different answer. ____, the award would then go to America’s own Lake Superior, which is part of the Great Lakes. It is enclosed by four states and one Canadian province. A-Therefore, In addition B- Supposedly, However C- However, Consequently D- Additionally, On the other hand

3 #4 Which sentence would provide the BEST closure to the paragraph? Although Leonardo da Vinci lived during the fifteenth century Renaissance, he was a modern thinker. This great Italian artist used his talents in many fields, including science, architecture, and engineering. He loved learning and was not afraid to experiment or to challenge accepted beliefs. Current science reflects many of his advanced ideas. a. The Renaissance was a time of great learning and discovery. b. Leonardo da Vinci was the most famous artist of fifteenth century Italy. c. Leonardo da Vinci was a brilliant artist and scientist whose ideas live on today. d. Scientists of the past helped to build a good foundation for today’s scientific world.

4 #5 What is the correct sequential order of the sentences in the paragraph? ( 1) Next, she put all her homework and school books in her book bag. (2) Gail followed the same routine every Friday morning. (3) Finally, she reviewed her spelling words until she heard the bus coming down the street. (4)First, she ate a bowl of toasted oats and a banana and drank a glass of orange juice.

5 #3 Which sentence is unrelated to the topic sentence below? Books are only a part of what can be found in a modern library. A. Many libraries contain computers which can be used to locate books and connect to the Internet. B. Libraries are usually funded by tax money from the community. C. People often find video tapes of movies at their local libraries. D. Libraries often load out foreign language audio tapes to help those who wish to learn a second language.

6 #6 Which idea is repeated in the paragraph? Did you know that crickets, katydids, and locusts all belong to the grasshopper family? Some insects in the grasshopper family can jump up to 200 times their length. Their long and powerful legs help them jump away from their enemies. Grasshoppers are famous for their songs, which are actually sounds made by the males to attract the attention of females. Female grasshoppers are attracted to the sounds the males make. Insects in the grasshopper family are fun and interesting to study.

7 #7 What is the unifying topic of the paragraph? We teenagers have heroes or people we look up to and admire. My friends and I all have different heroes. Tynesia admires her English teacher because he takes the time to help her with her writing. Tom says his hero is his mother because she makes sacrifices for him. Sara’s hero is Martin Luther King, Jr., because he changed so many people’s lives. My hero is my father because he helps me with anything I need. a. Heroesc. Friends b. Parentsd. Helping

8 #8 Which sentence would be the BEST clincher sentence? What is the organizational pattern of this paragraph? Students involved in extracurricular activities benefit greatly. First, they learn time management skills. With so many after-school hours devoted to activities, they need to really focus on getting their homework done in the short time after dinner. Students also learn the value of teamwork and friendship through extracurricular activities. a. Art club also teaches the value of teamwork. b. Students must work together to publish a yearbook as well. c. Why don’t you look into joining an extracurricular activity today? d. Extracurricular activities take valuable study time away from students.

9 #9 Which sentence is the BEST topic sentence for the paragraph? Dogs need a lot of attention and love. They need to be fed, taken out for walks, and when their owners are not home, they should be taken to a kennel for room and board. However, dogs can be trained to bark when strangers appear at the home. Many dog owners feel that their dogs know and respond to their feelings. a. Dogs are people’s best friends. b. Despite their needs, dogs are sensitive to their owners. c. Many dog owners do not find their dogs worth the trouble they require. d. Although dogs require much care, their owners benefit from having them.

10 #10 Which sentence would be the BEST clincher for this paragraph? When I was younger, I was unlike my playmates. I enjoyed rainy days; I still like them today. I love to listen to the sound of the rain on the roof. When it rains, I usually go outside without an umbrella! I don’t even care if I get wet because the rain is so refreshing. a. The rain makes me feel happy and energetic. b. My playmates used to stay inside when it rained. c. It’s relaxing to watch the rain from my window. d. Rain is also good for flowers, trees, and plants.

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