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 Do you ever play video games?  What is your favorite video game and why?

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2  Do you ever play video games?  What is your favorite video game and why?

3  What kind of people do you think work in the video game industry?


5 What does a video game tester do?

6 install: put in place and make ready to use designer: a person who imagines how something could be made and draws plans for it. the public: all the people in a city or country programmer: a person who write the instructions for computers a bomb : You bet! : (informal) a strong yes

7 FAST READING ! What is the topic of the reading passage?


9 By accident: adv  by chance, unintentionally  While kids were making sandcastles, they found a treasure box by accident.

10 to give the impression of something, seem like something -Let’s go to the party! -That sounds like a good idea! Lets go there! sound: verb

11 to create and design a new product, male something new Scientists are developing new drugs to treat cancer. Mark Zuckerberg developed facebook. develop: verb

12 insect: noun a small creature such as an ant with six legs She is highly afraid of insects.

13 a set of instructions given to a computer to make it do a certain job. He is very angry because the computer program is not working. program: noun

14 a set of programs to tell a computer what to do. There are many viruses in my computer, so I have to buy an antivirus software! software: noun

15 Computer machinery and equipment He is installing the computer hardware. hardware: noun

16 a formal meeting in which someone asks you questions to find out if you are suitable for a job, or study. He was late for his job interview, so the manager got angry. interview: noun

17 emphasizing that a piece of information is should be completely correct in every detail: You should tell me exactly what happened at the party. exactly: adv

18 Make certain, to be certain that something is true Make sure you turn off the lights before leaving the house! I locked the door behind to make sure I am safe. Make sure: verb

19 Specific, particular The library is only open at certain times of day. certain: adj

20 Whole, complete, every part of something He drunk the entire bottle of water because he was very thirsty. entire:adj

21 to watch, listen to, or think about something or someone carefully While you are doing fast reading, you do not pay attention to unknown vocabulary. You should pay attention to what teacher tells because she will ask questions about it. Pay attention

22 - A person whose job is to produce something - Walt Disney is a famous movie producer. Producer: noun

23 An area of activity or interest. I want to work in cinema field because I like acting very much. Field: noun

24 JIGSAW READING! JIGSAW READING! Divide the class into two Distribute each paragraph of the reading passage to the students in each group. In one group, each student will read a different paragraph After finishing the reading, each member will tell about his or her own paragraph to their group.

25 Tell the summary of your paragraph to your own group members!


27  Charles always planned to work for a video game company.

28  Testers check new games to look for any problems.

29  Testers need to know something about computers.

30  Testers do not need to be good writers or speakers.

31  It usually takes a team of people to make a new video game.

32  Charles wants to change to a different career.

33 COLLOCATIONS -Which verb goes with the boldfaced noun? The teacher told them to pay/give attention. He did/made all his homework. Has she taken/made a decision? Do you mind if I do/make a phone call. George is taking/doing guitar lessons. The company makes/does a lot of business in South America. I plan to take/do a math course. She makes/takes good money at her job.

34 READING FOR DETAILS true false it doesn’t say

35 1. Charles loved games when he was a child.

36 2. He was interested in computers when he was a child.

37 3. He got his first job with a video game company after reading about the job in the newspaper.

38 4. Video game testers need writing skills.

39 5. Charles had an interview for his first job as a tester.

40 6. He finished college before becoming a tester.

41 7. Video game testers look for bugs in games.

42 8. They sometimes work more than fifty hours a week.

43 9. Testers usually make a lot of money.

44 10. Charles still works as a video game tester.


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