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Educational outcomes in three Mexican online high schools comparison of low, medium and high performing students.

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1 educational outcomes in three Mexican online high schools comparison of low, medium and high performing students

2 IPN (Instituto Politécnico Nacional: UAEM (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México: UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: Three public institutions:

3 purpose To define the profile of online high school students with low, medium and high academic performance.

4 14 to 17 yr-olds at IPN and UNAM teenage students of 2 institutions received a lap top and a monthly scholarship

5 adult students at UAEM, with no equipment nor scholarships

6 percentile IPNUNAMUAEM high  18  17  34 medium  17  37 low  17  16  21 gender and age of interviewed students: most high school online students are female at the three institutions

7 method selection: percentiles 95 and over, 45-55 and 1 to 5 development & validation of the questionnaire interviews, qualitative analysis following Tesch (1990)

8 findings

9 categories diferences Learning strategiesyes Daily time onlineyes Strategies used when they do not knowno Studying aidsyes Socializingyes Least preferred courseno Tutoringyes Counselingno Acknowledged progressyes Mathyes Online learningyes Distance vs face to face learningyes

10 strategies lowconcentration on graded activities, one looks for answers in the Internet; only studies notes for exam mediumone looks for answers in the Internet, another classifies activities in easy and hard highone uses highly organized studying materials, two finish learning units before time limit

11 daily time online low2, 3, 6 hours medium2, 3.5, 4.5 hours high2, 5.5, 8 hours

12 when they don’t know lowone doesn’t say, one reviews chats, one looks for more information using titles of learning unit mediumtwo look up meaning in glossary, one also looks for help; one looks up info in the Internet & notes and studies during the weekend highall study online materials, two look up meaning in glossary and list of word roots, one reviews learning activities

13 studying aids lowtwo don’t look for info, one looks it up in the Internet mediumone reviews online materials, one books and Internet, one books and online materials highall look for info in books & Internet; two also complete quizzes

14 socializing lowtwo have no extracurricular activities and one works mediumtwo have extracurricular activities and one doesn’t highone with extracurricular activity, one works and one with a group of friends

15 less preferred course lowtwo say Math; one likes all courses mediumtwo say Math and one Learning strategies hightwo say Math; one likes all courses

16 tutoring lowtwo with external locus of control: “tutor must motivate students to learn” mediumtutors must be supportive, have criteria and one with external locus hightutors must have good communication skills and criteria

17 counseling lowall consider it important for follow up and problem solving medium high

18 acknowledged progress low2 to 3 areas identified: creativity, logical thinking and information management skills medium3 to 4 areas identified: computing skills, writing, information management skills high4 to 8 areas identified… analysis, synthesis, writing, observation, information management skills

19 math lowonly one identifies improvement mediumlittle improvement, difficulties highone identifies improvement; another lots of improvement and the third identifies meaningful learning

20 online learning lowonly cons (lack of socializing opportunities, difficulties in reading on the screen, more attention required) medium3 pros and 2 cons; emphasis on responsibility high3 pros and 3 cons; emphasis on responsibility

21 distance education vs F2F learning lowone says DE is better, one that it requires more effort and one that they are both the same mediumtwo believe DE is better and one has no opinion highall say DE is better

22 conclusions

23 successful Ss: acknowledge achievements and mode of delivery have internal locus of control identify positive effects on basic & cognitive skills are proactive

24 medium performance Ss: use less strategies and use less the online materials

25 low performing Ss: miss F2F education scarce social encounters external locus of control look for info in sources other than online course materials

26 must’s

27 extracurricular activity

28 super- counselor

29 in order to have…

30 distanceless education

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