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Eisenhower Elementary School Charter Date: November 2014:

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1 Eisenhower Elementary School Charter Date: November 2014:

2 What is NEHS? Abbreviation for National Elementary Honor Society Established in 2008 with 2 primary purposes: 1) To recognize students who have :  Achieved academic excellence  Demonstrated responsibility in their lives 2) Engage these students in:  Service  Leadership Development Activities

3 Program Goals To spread student recognition to elementary level. Create a continuum of excellence and recognition from elementary through high school. To start students early on the path to maintaining excellent academic focus and community service. Recognize the importance of elementary schools as a foundation for success in secondary schools. Reward students who demonstrate academic achievement and personal responsibility. Provide meaningful service to the school and community. To develop essential leadership skills beginning in elementary school.

4 Student Qualification Process Students in Grade 6 Obtain a cumulative 3.50 GPA Receive Teacher Recommendations Complete a candidate’s application Complete Service Hours (10 for 2014) Participate in meetings and rehearsal as they relate to the NEHS induction ceremony. Participate in an induction ceremony.

5 The 4 Pillars of NEHS *Scholarship * Responsibility * Service* Leadership

6 Induction Ceremony Date: (not yet determined) Time:

7 What is the Induction Ceremony? An opportunity and special evening for you to be formally recognized for your hard work, accomplishments, level of responsibility, and achievements.

8 What is expected of me at the Induction Ceremony? Attend rehearsals Participate in the Induction Ceremony Show up on time (5:30 p.m.) Dress up-wear nice clothing Follow directions and demonstrate good behavior Enjoy the results of your hard work! Celebrate with your family and friends!

9 NEHS Member Expectations Maintain a cumulative 3.50 GPA or higher for every trimester they are a member of NEHS. Participate in monthly NEHS meetings, while on track. Promote the mission of NEHS. Participate in at least one service project for each trimester. NEHS members can organize individual or group projects with approval from an NEHS advisor. Maintain proper behavior at school – serve as a positive role model for others.

10 Projects Jordan Walker … Coin Drive (On-site) Start Date ? Relay for Life : May 17 th – 18 th – ( Santana Park ) Bracelet Making More info at our next meeting!

11 Questions & Answers

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