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Requirements on a CIPP-System. Requirement on a CIPP-System.

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1 Requirements on a CIPP-System

2 Requirement on a CIPP-System

3 Requirements on a CIPP-System Low loss of diameter Short installatoin time 50 years service life Smooth inner surface Chemical resistance Long storage time Advantages in general Installations length as long as possible Quality controlled production Low shrinkage Ready to install Good mechanical qualities Excellent stretching behavior

4 Requirements on a CIPP-System Viscosity, curing system, resin Long storage time Short installation time Chemical resistance Reinforce- ment Length of liner as long as possible Low shrinkage Good mechanical qualities Low loss of diameter Overlapping zone Excellent stretching behavior Inner film, outer film, rope, impreg- nation Ready to install Should be done in factory Thickener UV-light Polyester, Vinylester Glass fiber Layer construction Advantages of elements

5 Requirements on a CIPP-System Thickener Long storage time During impregnation low viscosity After impregnation an optimal level If level will become to high expansion is handicapped. If level is to low resin starts flowing. Advantages Viscosity of resin Viscosity change with different dosages

6 Requirements on a CIPP-System Short installation time Fast curing speed up to 600 mm/min (depends on wall thickness and light source). Liner installation without overtime possible. No unnecessary hindrance to traffic in towns, air traffic at airports, material flow in industrial plants. Curing System Curing systemUV-light

7 Requirements on a CIPP-System Long storage time Curing is independent of temperature (exclusively started by UV radiation). Changes of the time shedule have no influence of quality (within 6 month after manufacturing). Simple logistic. No cooling transport required. ReinforcementUV-light Curing System

8 Requirements on a CIPP-System Reinforcement by glass fiber Length of liner as long as possible Low shrinkage Low loss of diameter Good mechanical qualities Diameter 300 mm, wall thickness 5 mm, max. pulling force: 234 kN (4,643 m) 0,5 % Ring modulus > 10.000 N/mm 2 (for comparison purpose: Polyester Felt < 3.000 N/mm 2 ) E.g. diameter of 600 mm, SN 10.000: Wall thickness - glass fiber reinf. 13,5 mm, Wall thickness – Polyester Felt ~ 20 mm

9 Requirements on a CIPP-System Excellent stretching behavoir Woven roving Chopped strand mat Properties Overlapping zoneLayer construction

10 Requirements on a CIPP-System Diameter change from 450 mm to 500 mm Overlapping zoneLayer constructionGood mechanical qualities Properties

11 Requirements on a CIPP-System Thank You For Your Attention! BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG Am Zeppelinpark 22 13591 Berlin Germany Phone: +49 (30) 364-71-400 Fax: +49 (30) 364-71-410 e-mail:

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