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Introduction of Cryogenic Division

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1 Introduction of Cryogenic Division
1.Company profile 2.History of Cryogenic Division 3.Contents of Business 4.Major Customer 5.Sales Office & Sales Area 6.Features of Cryopump 7.Sales results  SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

2 1.Company profile SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

3 1.History of Cryogenic Division
*1971 Entered Cryogenic Business Technology Institute of former JR(Japan Rail Road) started basic experiment of liner motor train. Started sales and maintenance business of Helium Liquefier. Installation of Helium Liquefier and Helium Storage Tank for experimental liner motor train in Miyazaki. → Currently supply the same system to experimental liner motor train in Yamanashi. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

4 1. History of Cryogenic Division
*1979 Entered Cryopump market *1983 Established joint venture company JECC with CVI in U.S. *1986 Maintenance facility is completed *1988 Started production of Torr-kun *1993 Entering to the business related to the superconductivity *1997 Established joint venture company JECC TORISHA with Nippon Sanso *1999 Change the Cryopump name from Torr-kun to SPACETORR SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

5 2.Contents of Business 1.Sales and Maintenance of Cryopump
2.Production and Sales of Helium Refrigerator appliances OZONE JET SUPPLIER CRYOSTAT with GM REFRIGERATOR 3.Sales of L-He container Distributor of L-He Container(CRYOFAB INC. in U.S.) 4.Sales & Production of Superconductivity magnet 5.Sales of the products of JECC TORISHA VACUUM INSULATION PIPING LN2 CONTAINER 6.Sales of Products for R & D field BAREBR-NICHOLS INC. AMERICAN SUPER CONDUCTER SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

6 3.Major Customers *Semiconductor Manufacturer 1)Transistor 2)Memory
   3)System LSI    4)Logic *Liquid Crystal *Electronic Component(Magnetic head, DVD, CD, MD etc.) *Optics *Device Manufcturer for the above referenced process Ion Implanter,Sputtering Machine,Evaporation Machine,etc. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

7 4.Sales Office & Sales Area
●Office Location Sendai, Kawagoe, Osaka ●Domestic Distributor Asahi Seiki Co., Ltd. ●Overseas Distributor    MASS-VAC.,Inc.(USA) Feedback Technology Corp. (Taiwan) Seongwoo Instruments, Inc. (Korea) AES Technology International (Shanghai) High-Tec Vacuum Service (Malaysia、Singapole) SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

8 Features of Cryopump SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

9 What’s the advantages of Cryopump compared with diffusion pump?
●Water pumping speed improves drastically. ●A vacuum chamber inside is hardly contaminated. ●The counter flow of the oil never occurs. ● L-N2 is not required for the operation. ● The vacuum cold trap chiller, such as a Polycold is not required. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

10 Features of Cryopump 1.Standarization of Low Vibration Performance
● Vibration effect to the carriage part and L/L were decreased. → Dropping or deviation of the wafer can be prevented. ●16,000Hr recommendation maintenance period → Runing cost is much lower in comarison with the the other maker’s cryopump. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

11 Features of Cryopump 1. Low Vibration Performance C T I Suzuki Shokan

12 Low Vibration Performance
2. Panel for fast rate exhaust and enhanced capacity for hydrogen gas ● 3 times of exhaust gas capacity (In-house comparison) → Long interval period and stabilized exhaust performance SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD


14 Controller for the purpose to shorten the regeneration time.
What’s SELCON-S? Controller for the purpose to shorten the regeneration time. ●Cooldown time can be shortened by applying of the inverter. ●Time for temperature rising can be shortened by built-in heater. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

15 SELCON-S Installation record(Multiple drive C305)
 Regeneration time 1/3 SELCON-S Installation record(Multiple drive C305) SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

16 Comparison for regeneration time for A200(8inch)

17 What’s the basic concept of SELCON-S?
●Curtailment of regeneration time  ●Easy operation ●Down sizing & Light weight ●Evolution of regeneration box SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

18 Shorten of the regeneration time

19 Easy Operation ●Operation Method ●Maintenance
Compressor can be easily operated by the turning of the power switch. ●Maintenance It is easier to maintain our cryopump as compare with the cryopump equipped by controller. Our cryopump does not require the detaching of the controller, when maintenance. Easy maintenance, Less failure damage. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

20 Saving down time benefits you 90 hours of process operation time in one year

21 Specification ●Weight: 7kg ●Power Supply: AC200V Single Phase 50/60Hz
  below 5A ●Applicable model  〇Cryopump       Low vibration cryopump with built in heater  〇Compressor Unit       All the models SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

22 Features of Compressor Unit

23 Features of Compressor Unit
1.Designed only for the Helium refrigerant, and consistent production ●Ideal heat exchange in compression → Failure or damage of the discharge valve is improved drastically. A unique cooling system is adopted. This system removing the heat effectively caused by Helium compression. ●SANYO ELECTRIC’s superior refrigeration technology is applied. → Cooling water is not required for heat exchange. (Other maker’s compressor requires cooling water.) SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

24 Features of Compressor Unit
2. The world maximum class of Helium discharging capacity ●The world maximum class of displacement as a rotary compressor. → Flow rate capacity of Helium is 20%~30% larger in compare to other maker’s compressor. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

25 Features of Compressor Unit
2. The world maximum class of Helium discharging capacity. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

26 Features of Compressor Unit
3. Stable products quality by mass production of factory. ● An annual production of the factory: 3.5million sets → Other maker has to be supplied compressor unit from air-conditioning maker. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

27  C100G Compressor unit SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

28 Specification for C100G Not to change Adsorber!
  Running cost is very low! Maintenance free! C300G have started to sell from this Sep. C200G will start to sell in near future. SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

29 Countermeasures of Energy Saving

30 Countermeasures of Energy Saving
Aiming at accomplishment of 50% energy saving by March 2004 in compare with former model.   ●Exhaust performance of Ar and H2 does not fall.   ●Regeneration time is shortened by built in heater.   ●Further evolving of multiple drive SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

31 Countermeasures of Energy Saving
Illustration of the multiple operation which the cryopump system of the new development was used for . SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD

32 Sales Results Standard cryopump of equipment maker
  Ion Implantor:Sumitomo Eaton Nova(Semiconductor)            Mitsui Engineering Ship(Poly-Si TFT)   Sputtering:Tokki(OELD) Optional cryopump of equipment maker   Ion Implantor:Nissin Ion(Semiconductor)      Varian Semiconductor Eqipment(only E series) Others   Ion Implantor:AMAT,ULVAC(Semiconductor)   Sputtering:Hitachi,Sincron,Shinko Seiki,Shibaura(TMR) SUZUKI SHOKAN CO.,LTD


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