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TECMICRO a young, reliable and client-oriented company.

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1 TECMICRO a young, reliable and client-oriented company

2 WHO WE ARE? Tecmicro was founded in 1998, in Madrid-Spain. Its founders have more than 20 years of experience in the wax and hotmelt market. During the first years of activity, Tecmicro has gained a solid position as producer and seller of waxes and hotmelts all over the world, becoming the strategic and reliable partner of leading companies in Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Venezuela, Chile, Algeria, Tunisia and Iran. A quick overview:  2 manufacturing plants: Barcelona, Valencia.  15 collaborators, spread in the most strategic markets  Own know-how  Wide and customizable range of products ( waxes and hot melts)  Customers in most chemical industry related sectors (flexible packaging, cosmetics, etc)

3 WHY TECMICRO ? We have a highly motivated staff – a combination between experienced professionals and ambitious young people. We promote honest and loyal relations with our business-partners. We are strategically located: closed to Barcelona Port, easily connected to most of destinations. We are experienced and have good knowledge of waxes and hot melts products and markets. We are flexible and agile in our production processes, completely oriented to our customer’s needs We have the technology to develop new products, following our customers’ requirements. We work as closest as possible to our customers and local partners

4 PRODUCTS PORTFOLIO WAXES Full refined paraffin wax (paper coating, chewing gum) Semi refined paraffin wax (Candles, rubber, etc) Microcrystalline wax (grease, chewing gum, etc) Beeswax (depilatory waxes) Carnauba wax (cosmetics, floor polishing, etc) Candelilla wax (cosmetics) Polyethylene wax (floor polishing, leather)

5 HOTMELTS ADHESIVES Products for packaging industry with specific applications: Coating paper Industrial carton box sealing Fruit & vegetable carton box sealing Labelling Others PRODUCTS PORTFOLIO

6 TECMICRO LOGISTICS SERVICE Large experience in international trade We collaborate with the most important shipping companies (MSC, CMA- CGM, NYK line, China shipping, etc) Flexible delivery terms: mainly CFR because it is the easiest way for our partners (other INCOTERMS options fully available)

7 OUR TARGETS 2011 – 2015: Strengthen our business relations with our partners Reach a relevant presence in the markets objective Expand in new markets Develop new products How are we going to achieve it? Offering technical and commercial support to customers and local partners Constantly improving our production ways Establishing a solid cost management system to get competitive prices. 20062014 Sales1,3 million€4,9million€ New marketsTunisia, Chile, Egypt, Saudi Arabia Eastern Europe, Argentina, Brasil and Russia.

8 1. CORRUGATED CARTONBOARD TECMELT 82559/6714/20Flutting in cartonboard TECMELT 18064/685/9Interne liner in cartonbaord TECMELT 18175/8070/100*Interne liner in cartonboard TECMELT 26982/90180/230*Curtain wax TECMELT 46184/92400/460*Curtain wax TECMELT 52382/90150/250*Curtain wax TECMELT 70/3056/608/14Flutting in cartonboard TECMELT 70/30H61/668/14Flutting in cartonboard TECMELT 70080/85200/300*Curtain wax and cascader TECMELT 70177/8240/70*Cascade application TECMELT 17955/584/7Interne Liner cartonboard RANGE OF PRODUCTS

9 TECMELT 269 and 461 are used for coating of corrugated cartons, using a curtain coater. Theses waxes must have the ability to form a continuous film or curtain of wax. The films must be sufficiently robust not to form “fish eyes” while coating the cartons at high speed. High moisture barrier properties are also essential.  Application temperature recommended: 110-125 ºC  For optimizing product we suggest: 20/25 gr/m² TECMELT 825, 70/30 and 70/30 H are used in the treatment of carton board corrugated for improving the mechanical resistance of the paper.  More and more paper used for this purpose are recycled papers and their mechanical parameters have to be strengthened with these types of special waxes.  The temperature of working we suggest: 110/130ºC  4% of product on paper weight used at this range of temperature.  With recycled paper Sintemelt 830 and 70/30 improve by 25% their Mechanical resistance and provide a good barrier against the humidity and water. TECMELT 180 and 181 are used in the treatment on the internal liner of the corrugated carton board to improve the barrier against humidity and water. These series of products are coated at 90/110 ºC depending on the type of paper being coated. Products according to the reglamentation FDA regulations for foodstuff nºCFR 172886 and 1783710 Slabs of approx. 5 kg wrapped in large carton on slabs of apprx.800 kg or in cartons of approx.25 kg Pellets in bags of 25 kg net in pallet of approx. 800 kg

10 2. COATING WAX (not sealable) Code Product Cong. Point (ASTM938) Visc. 100ºC (ASTM445) Application TECMELT PB1270-76 50-65Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT PB 24 75-8580-100Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT t 358A 75/81130/180Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 353 79/8428/38Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 35774/80 120/160Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 358 80/8860/75Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 359 76/81120/160*Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 356 75/81130/178Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 95475/81130/178Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 5659/673/6 Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT t 20268/75 63/73* Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 36974/78 65/75 Paper for foodstuff purpose TECMELT 151575/79 170/230 Paper for foodstuff purpose

11 These type of products for coating wax are a medium-viscous gloss wax specially developed for glossy paper which needs a combination of high gloss and flexibility of the coating, and a low scuff. Depending on the viscosity of the product that you choose we can suggest as follows: For medium and high viscosity is suitable for application on more porous paper. For low viscosity would be for applications on non-porous paper. Normally these products are used at 110/125 ºC. For one side coating and always depending on the paper type the amount of wax is about 10gr/m². These products are applied in the preparation of coated substances which are used as packaging materials for foodstuffs. These series of products meet the requirements stipulated by FDA regulations for foodstuff nºCFR 172886 and 1783710. Products supplied in: Slabs of approx. 5 kg wrapped in large carton on slabs of apprx.800 kg or in cartons of approx.25 kg Pellets in bags of 25 kg net in pallet of approx. 800 kg

12 3. COATING WAX(SEALABLE) Product Code Cong. Point Visc. 120ºC Visc. 140ºC Colour ASTM 938 ASTM 445 ASTM 445 VISUAL TECMELT 48570-78600-800300-550L. yellow TECMELT 049081--842500-3000*2000-2500**White TECMELT 180070-763600-4200*2600-3300**White TECMELT 16470-75750-950450-650White TECMELT G54367-722600-2900*2000-2300**White TECMELT C 34572-781950-2300*1550-1850**White *Viscosity at 150ºC **Viscosity at 160ºC

13 3. COATING WAX(SEALABLE) These series of products are used for packaging purposes. Normally we use these type of waxes to seal two different types of support. They have an excellent sealing strength to paper, aluminium foil, Polyolefin films(PP,PE,PP,PS) Depending on the viscosity of the product we propose to the customer we can be working at different temperatures: bewteen 130ºC for waxes with a low viscosity and 150ºC for waxes with a medium-high viscosity. We can consider to use an average of 10/15 gr/m² to assure a good sealing These guidelines vary according to machines used and processing conditions. These series of products meet the requirements stipulated by FDA regulations for foodstuff nºCFR 172886 and 1783710. Products available in slabs and pellets appearance. Slabs of approx. 5 kg wrapped in large carton of appox 800 kg or in cartons of approx.25 kg Pellets in bags of 25 kg net in pallet of approx. 800 kg

14 4. LAMINATING WAX Product Cong Point Visc. 100ºC Penet Colour ASTM 938 ASTM 445 at 25ºC TECMELT L 20565-7535-4530-40Yellow TECMELT L 20668-7445-5830-40Yellow TECMELT L 20465/7530/4035/45Brown TECMELT L 22468-7475-9535-55Yellow TECMELT L 20071-7750-7025-40Yellow TECMELT L210 65-75 47-64 38-47 Yellow

15 4.LAMINATING WAX TECMELT series are laminating waxes, specially developed for the manufactuing of butter and margarine wrappers,without these becoming embossed. TECMELT for Laminating waxes are recommended for wrappers, which must not only be grease resistant, but also waterproof. Other use for TECMELT lamination for instance: paper/paper, aliminium/tissue. Key advantages: Flexibility: good adhesion to the supports: resistance against delamination Depending on the type of product we choose we can suggest to work at 110/130ºC. If the support to coat is porous we recommended the use of TECMELT L224 with medium/high viscosity. The average quantity we can use : 12-16 gr/m² These series of products meet the requirements stipulated by FDA regulations for foodstuff nºCFR 172886 and 1783710. Products supplied in: Slabs of approx. 5 kg wrapped in large carton on slabs of apprx.800 kg or in cartons of approx.25 kg

16 5.LABELLING (Hot-melts) TECMELT Chemical base Viscosity Softening point ˚C Color Working temperature Machine speed bottles/h Packing formats CA 10 Caseine 54/60.000 at 25ºC LIQUIDWhite140 - 160˚C<25000 Plastic barrel 30kg H70 SIS 600/800 160˚C 62/70 Amber transparent 120 - 140˚C35000 Small pillows – 15g H94 SIS 1.000/1.400 at 160˚C 70/75transparent120 - 140˚C30 à 40000 Small Pillows – 15g

17 5. LABELLING (Dispersions and Caseins) Chemical base Viscosity cps ColorDensity Solids conten ts % pH Working temperatu re Machin e speed Bottles/ h Packin g units DISPERSIONSR – 98 Maleic 40 000 at 23˚C white1.0552 Plastic drums CASEINS Koldex 1460 Casein 70 000 at 25˚C beige1.142Approx. 8 28 - 32˚C 60 000 Buckets – 33Kg Koldex 1455 NV Casein 47 000 at 25˚C beige transpar ent 1.05428,1 ± 0,3 25 - 34˚C 60 000 Buckets – 33Kg Koldex 1860 NV Casein 65 000 at 25˚C beige1.1338,1 ± 0,2 27 - 33˚C 60 000 Buckets – 33Kg Koldex 6832 Casein 50 000 at 25˚C Beige transpar ent 1.1439,2 ± 0,2 20 - 30˚C 60 000 Buckets – 33Kg

18 4. PERSONAL HIGIENE TABLE ApplicationTECMELT Viscosity Cps @ T S.P (R&B) ºC Colour Chemical Base Pressure sensitive Sanitary Napkins (fem care) Positioning SH 4529 750 AT 180ºC 98trasparent“Rubber” Low viscosity means enhanced grammage control; No migration, stain or residues to textiles Diapers – Multipurpose SL 2755 1300 at 180ºC 92trasparent“Rubber” Higher Tack – Less Consumption Low odour Low viscosity – low application temperature Diapers, Sanitary Towels Under pads SP5714700 at 180ºC82transparent“Rubber”Construction Adhesive, low viscosity Diapers, Sanitary Towels Under pads Sp 7523 900 at 180ºC88trasparent“Rubber” Construction Adhesive Low melt adhesive – very low application temperature (130ºC) Diapers sanitaryEl 2686 1275 at 180ºC 102Light yellow“Rubber”Elastic Adhesive

19 6. WOODWORKING Hot-melts TECMELT Chem ic. base Viscosity at 200˚C cps Softeni ng point ˚C Col or Worki ng temp. ˚C Feed speed - minim um Vene er Soli d wo od PV C AB S Resi nate d pap er Wra ppin g Sof t for mi ng Pr ec oat ing STANDARDSTANDARD Sinteme lt 1220 PC EVA 9.000/11. 500 80/90 beig e 200/2 10 12m/ min ++ + ++ + Sinteme lt 1400 PC EVA 15.000/1 8.000 85/95 beig e 200/2 10 18m/ min +++ ++ ++ + Sinteme lt 1600 PC EVA 20.000/2 3.000 85/95 tran spar ent 180 – 210 12m/ min +++++ + + acceptable ++ good performance +++ best choice

20 STANDARDM – 79 NEW High speed edgebanders / Good adhesion / medium viscosity Universal adhesive / pre coating application Granules M – 95 NEW High speed edgebanders / Good adhesion / Good temperature resistance Universal adhesive / Soft forming applications Granules M – 212 High speed edgebanders / Transparent / Good temperature resistance Very good adhesion to ABS and PVC Granules LOW WORKING TEMPERATURE M – 2031 Low speed edgebanders / Low viscosity Excellent for resinated paper and veneer applications Granules WRAPPINGM – 2528Low speed machines / medium viscosity Decor paper wrapping and veneer wrapping Granules D – 35 OL Transparent / low viscosity / high speed machines Decor paper wrapping and veneer wrapping Granules PROPERTIESSUGGESTED USESFORMATS 6. WOODWORKING Properties, suggested uses and formats

21 The data contained herein are the result of our best knowledge and tests. However we do not accept any responsibility regarding results obtained with our products as the performance of any adhesive is significantly affected by the substrates and application conditions we cannot control. We recommend that adequate test should be made in your laboratory or plant to determine if the product meets all of your requirements. Please contact our technical salesman/expert M. Fraga for assistance and recommendation on specifications for these products. F – 07Vinyl40 000401.07 milky white 11-12 + Assembling of MDF + Plastic drums 60 and 1000 KG K – 71 LV Vinyl 550391.07white5-7 + dowels + Plastic drums 20 and 60 KG M – 83 RF Vinyl 14 000521.05white7-9 + + Wood assembling / panel / D3 adhesive +++ Plastic drums 60 and 1000 KG M – 90 Vinyl 10 500601.05white7-9 + Wood assembling + Plastic drums 60KG M – 2405 Vinyl 8 000531.05white7-9 + Coating of MDF or agglomerated materials + Plastic drums 60 and1000 KG Dispersi ons Chemi cal base Viscosit y 20˚C cps Solids con tent % Den sity Color Open time min Formats Manue l apli cation Inject or Rolle r Suggested uses Solid wood / MDF Pan el Coat ing WOODWORKING Technical data, applications, suggested uses and formats (Water-based adhesives)

22 6. HOTMELT FOR MATRESSES Technical data and applications (Hot-melts) TECMELT Chemical base Viscosity at 160 ˚C cps Softenin g point ˚C ColourDensityOpen timeStability Montag e Pocket Spring s G69Rubber2.600/360088/95Amber0,942-3 minExcelent√√ H57Polymers2.000/260086/91Ivory0,952-3 minVery good√ H57 RPolymers2.100/2.65085/90Ivory0,952-3 minVery good√

23 Taylor made Tecmicro designs, develops and offers all kind of products under request by the customer Ask for specific products

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