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Carmel Resins products for corrugated industry Carmel Resins.

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1 Carmel Resins products for corrugated industry Carmel Resins

2 Carmel Resins - full Package for Carton manufacturers 1.Starch Adhesives Additives for water proof + enhanced mechanical properties – CP-88 series. 2.Hotmelt adhesive for box assembling – Verolit adhesive series. 3.Biocides for starch adhesive – Carmel resin series. Carmel Resins

3 Starch Adhesives Additives Additives Carmel Resins CP-88 series

4 Carmel Resins Additives Our premium resin products for corrugated container industry has set quality standards since its introduction in 1988. All of our resins are the result of continuous development to meet our customers needs and the new environment regulations. Carmel resins certified to: o ISO-9001 2008 – quality standard. o ISO-14001 – environment standard. o ISO-18001 – safety standard. o EU REACH preregistration. Carmel Resins

5 Water resistant corrugated board is required in a variety of industries: Water Resistance. Foods and beverages Frozen foods High humidity areas Tobacco Fruits and vegetables Flower packaging Outdoor storage Hi-Tech consumer products Carmel Resins

6 Corrugated board is a construction whose strength depends on its "bonding points". The strength depends on: The bonding quality determines the final strength of the corrugated board.  Running speed  Glue penetration  Paper quality  Temperature  Glue formulation  Type of starch Carmel Resins

7 CostsCosts Using resins in starch adhesives SAVES production costs Carmel Resins

8 Carton Board Production Costs Paper: ~85% of over all costs. Production: ~ 13.25% of over all costs. Starch Glue: ~ 1.5 % of over all costs. Additives: ~ 0.25% of over all costs.

9 Saving costs Using recycled or chemical paper saves money – but adhesive penetration is hard. Increasing running speed gives more productivity – but the paper + adhesive doesn’t support this point. Reducing paper weight saves money – the lack of paper weakens the strength of the final box.

10 Saving costs Adhesive viscosity stabilizer saves glue A viscosity stabilizer + Rheological modifier is needed. Waterproofing allows the final products (tray/box) to perform in wet or humid environments– this requires a waterproofing additive.

11 Overdesigned boxes saves in the use of resins but costs more because of extra paper + starch adhesive - Smart designs according to CP-88 adds value (extra mechanical strength) - which leads to cost savings. Saving costs

12 CostCost Using Resins Save costs Carmel Resins Wet Tack Green bond Energy SAVE $ Wet Tack Running speed Productivity SAVE $ Penetration Adhesive Energy SAVE $ Stable Viscosity Adhesive Energy Scrap SAVE $ Dry strength BCT,ECT paper gramage SAVE $ Stable Viscosity wet BCT Humid store price SAVE $

13 CP-88 series - products (water proof + extra mechanical features) The tool for this costs saving is

14 Groups of products 1.Ketone Aldehyade (solution): –Gives full FEFCO- No. 9 test or TAPPI 812. –Different level of FF (<0.1%, <0.2%, <0.5%). –Penetration ability + viscosity stabilizer. 2.Modified Ketone Aldehyade (solution): –Increased mechanical properties 15%-25%. –Gives full FEFCO- No. 9 test or TAPPI 812. –Different level of FF (<0.1%, <0.2%, <0.5%). –Penetration ability + viscosity stabilizer. 3.Non-formaldehyde (solution): –Gives full FEFCO- No. 9 test or TAPPI 812. –Penetration ability + viscosity stabilizer. 4.SOLID blend powder resins : –Gives full FEFCO- No. 9 test or TAPPI 812. –Different level of FF (<0.1%, <0.2%, <0.5%). –Can use for OBM or for regular use.

15 Carmel Resins CP-88 - series

16 * Improves dry and wet strength as tested by ECT and FCT. * Enhances the bond wet and dry strength as tested by PAT and BCT.

17 New products

18 CP-88/P - Enhanced adhesive penetration This additive enables rapid migration of liquid starch adhesive into paper assisting the bonding of recycled liners, liners coated with synthetic polymers, preprinted liners and other difficult to penetrate substrates. Carmel Resins This additive Improves bond quality and corrugators speeds on all grades of paper including heavy weights, double wall and triple wall. Can be added to any product of CP-88 series.

19 CP-88/VS - RHEOLOGICAL MODIFIRE AND VISCOSITY STABILIZER VISCOSITY STABILIZER Affecting the adhesive film. Reduce adhesive consumption. Keeping adhesive viscosity stable for more than 24 hours without stirring or circulating. Can be added to any product of CP-88 series. Carmel Resins

20 CP-88 additive: 1.You need to add 1/kg per minute continually under steering condition. Recommend with dosing pump. 2.PH as to be 11 and up. Services tank: Production line: CP-88 - Method of use Kitchen If feasible, add the resin to each one of the corrugated units (with dosing pump). Corrugating boards Requires 24 hr stacking time (after production) under steering condition Requires at least 120-130°C on the corrugated cardboard

21 Verolit Adhesives For carton industry Verolit Adhesives For carton industry Carmel Resins



24 Biocides For carton industry Biocides Carmel Resins

25 Biocides Product Name: Carposec Active material: a mixture of crystallized DDAB & Benzalkonium Chloride (1:1 weight ratio), 30% w/w Appearance: white powder Possesses fungicidal & bactericidal activity for reference strains: Citrobacter w.t, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus niger Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans Application: preservation system for OBM or for regular usages Product Name: Carpoglue Active material: a solution of DDAB & Benzalkonium Chloride, 30% w/w Recommended concentration: 100 ppm Appearance: yellowish solution Application: preservation additive for starch glue Tested on corn based glue: meets the requirements of the USP 34, 2011 Carmel Resins

26 Thank you for your time Thank you for your time Carmel Resins

27 BCT Wet Box Compression Test

28 PAT Wet Pin Adhesive Test Go back Carmel Resins

29 QUICK TEST - testing of the water resistance of corrugated board. Soak a piece of cardboard in water at 50ºC. The results relate to the time needed for it to open by itself with just a touch of the hand. Opening periodResistance Evaluation up to 5 resistance 5-10 min.MR - Moisture resistance (low) 10-30 min.WR - Water resistance (medium) over 30 min.WP - Water proof (High) Carmel Resins Quick test: 24 h

30 The water resistance of the glue of corrugated fiberboard is measured by the length of time during which a predetermined combination of glue lines, immersed in water, resists the pull of a suspended weight in the plane vertical axis of the board, at a right angle to the glue lines. FEFCO No 9 FEFCO No 9 (European Fed. of Cardboard Manuf.) Carmel Resins Go back

31 Carmel Resins ECT Edge Crush Test Go back Edge crush test is a laboratory test method that is used to measure the cross-direction crushing of a sample of corrugated board. It gives information on the ability of a particular board construction to resist crushing. It provides some relationship with the peak top-to-bottom compression strength of empty singlewall regular slotted containers in laboratory conditions

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