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K.E.C. ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND Company Presentation Rentmeester 2671 HL Naaldwijk, The Netherlands. Tel. No.:0031 174 628 202; Fax.

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1 K.E.C. ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND Company Presentation Rentmeester 2671 HL Naaldwijk, The Netherlands. Tel. No.:0031 174 628 202; Fax No.: 0031 174 643 771

2 K.E.C ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND Company Profile K.E.C Ornamentals is a Dutch trading company that provides companies access to a wide range of goods and services through its extensive global network for the last 15 years. Since its incorporate, K.E.C has provided its clients with high quality and competitive priced products and services. K.E.C symbolizes assurance of exceptional quality, reliability and variety of services. A vertical integration approach in the business encompasses growing, harvesting, manufacturing, exporting and trading of different products and commodities in the open market in house and worldwide. As a result, K.E.C provides improved access to supply or demand, improved control over products supply or demand and enhances the development and implementation of technological innovation and proven methods. K.E.C team is comprised of industry, functional technology and product experts, each equally valued for his contribution and diversity of background and proven experience. In the past few years we are engaged in trading of chemicals for agriculture use.

3 Company Profile – continue K.E.C establishes and constructs horticultural projects worldwide, based on its groundbreaking technologies enabling growth of fresh produce conforming to international standards, regardless of soil and weather conditions. K.E.C projects use highly resistant planting material grafted by a special technique combining cutting edge technologies and genetic engineering, resulting in top quality produce, promising uniformity in size, color and shape. K.E.C. creates, upgrades and operates in ecological raising and management, development and marketing of products from projects that raise different animals between them cows, ducks, molards and geese and other birds. K.E.C ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND

4 The company covers several business areas of the Hi-Tech agriculture and horticulture sectors: Custom made Turn-key projects Organic Products Cut Flowers Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs Animals, ducks, geese etc. Planting Material Produce Marketing Agriculture Commodities

5 Company Technology The main goals of K.E.C Proprietary Technologies are to achieve agriculture produce conforming to highest qualitative and quantitative standards fetching valuable prices at global markets. K.E.C advanced technologies eliminate the vagaries of Nature such as those of soil, temperature, humidity and others, ensuring perfect conditions for maximum utilization and growth and maximize the utilization of both labor and material. K.E.C technologies enable year- round cultivation processing and constant marketing of produce to reliable clients. K.E.C greenhouse technologies advantage the plant's resources to the growing produce rather than to the growth and expansion of the plant. Water consumption is optimally utilized by using sophisticated computerized drip irrigation system. K.E.C ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND

6 Company Technology – continue Prevents pollution and contamination since chemicals are scarcely used. Pollination of the plants is done naturally, using bumblebees instead of injected hormones. Special greenhouse structure with the strength to hold planting material of vegetable projects. Usage of Hydroponic technologies keeps root zone to a minimum and prevents contamination of the environment. Automated computer controlled Drip Fertilization/Irrigation and water recycling systems. K.E.C ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND

7 Produce Marketing K.E.C are exporters with their own rights and are linked to large quantity of markets in Europe and Asia. The company offers standalone/outsourcing marketing and consulting services, as well as Consolidating and channeling of vegetables and flowers fresh produce. K.E.C is constantly developing new marketing channels based on agencies and managers networking worldwide, and establishing agreements with large Wholesalers and Auction Houses in different regions of the world. All produce – once harvested – are a part of a well operated chain which keeps it at best quality until it reaches its consumers, thus providing the market with high quality produce. K.E.C ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND

8 K.E.C global presence allows it to ensure direct marketing to target markets and wholesalers throughout the year at profit prices. The company's head offices are located in Naaldwijk Holland. The company acquired representation in many countries worldwide, such as; the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Russia. the company clients also varies to the Persian Gulf countries, Japan, Spain. K.E.C ORNAMENTALS HOLLAND

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