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A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L' Engle.

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1 A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L' Engle

2 Quote Matching What is the first line of the book?
It was a dark and stormy night. “I wish I were a different person. I hate myself.” Meg “And we landed in the broccoli.” Charles Wallace

3 Quote Matching “If you try it on me I shall kick you!”
Charles Wallace “I’ve never even seen your house, and I have the funniest feeling that for the first time in my life I’m going home!” Calvin “The spoken word is one of the triumphs of man.”

4 Quote Matching There was only the peace and comfort of leaning against him, the wonder of the protecting circle of his arms, the feeling of complete reassurance and safety that his presence always gave her. Meg when she found her dad. “We do not understand what this means, to see.” Aunt Beast

5 Quote Matching “I think it will be better if people go on thinking I’m not very bright. They won’t hate me quite so much.” Charles Wallace “You’re given the form but you have to write the sonnet yourself.” Mrs. Whatsit “If it had been longer then he would have been the one, but - oh, I see, I see, I understand, it has to be me.” Meg

6 Quote Matching Then suddenly he was running, pelting, he was in her arms, he was shrieking with sobs. Charles Wallace when Meg saved him “We will try to have courage for you.” Mr. Murry “Let’s be exclusive. That’s my new word for the day. Impressive, isn’t it.” Charles Wallace

7 Quote Matching “There’s nothing the matter with his mind. He just does things in his own way and in his own time.” Mr. Murry “Let us say the multiplication table together.” The Man with Red Eyes “That’s why they chose me to go along, even though I’m so much younger.” Mrs. Whatsit

8 Illustrations When Mrs. Whatsit is describing a tesseract, she describes it using Mrs. Who’s robe. Describe the pictures the author uses to illustrate this.

9 Illustrations When Charles is explaining a tesseract to Meg, he is talking about different dimensions. What picture does the author use to show the second dimension?

10 Illustrations What picture does the author use to show the third dimension?

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