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1 Welcome

2 Addressing Wrinkles with Botox & Dermal Fillers

3 The Science of Beauty Studies have shown that individuals who feel good about the way they look: lead more productive and happier lives can actually live longer

4 Prevention Prevention is the most overlooked, yet the most fundamental step. There are several parts: Sun / UV avoidance Reduce tobacco intake Healthy nutrition – vitamins, minerals, water

5 That’s Better!

6 Botox Botox is used most often in the upper face
A gentle wrinkle relaxer, taken from nature Highly preventative of wrinkle progression Quick – Comfortable No downtime Lasts for months Dramatic Improvement seen

7 Safety Profile Botox has a been used on millions of patients for 20 years Botox is far safer than any medicine in your medicine cabinet. In fact aspirin or Tylenol can be more dangerous than Botox. Botox is a local treatment – it is not filtered by the liver or kidneys Botox can be used in children as young as 2 yrs old, or in the very frail elderly as a medical treatment for muscle spasms

8 Botox – how does it work? Botox is a muscle relaxant
Botox PREVENTS wrinkle progression Botox can be used with all other types of anti-aging treatments

9 How does Botox work? Relaxes the muscles which cause the wrinkles formed by movement. Botox is both preventative in future wrinkle development and active in treating current wrinkles Fillers can be used in conjunction with Botox for additional reduction of the wrinkles at rest (crush damage)

10 How Botox works Botox is absorbed by the nerve root that supplies the overactive muscle.

11 Signal is blocked from nerve to muscle
Once inside cell, botox release of a substance called acetylcholine This is what stops the nerve from activating the muscle

12 What happens as the Botox ‘wears off?’
Botox needs to be repeated every several months - the nerves ‘regrow’ and the muscles resume activity. Results tend to last longer with subsequent treatments (as a result of muscle weakening) It will take up to 7-10 days to see the results after the first treatment

13 How Botox ‘wears off’ The nerve begins to grow a new contact point with the muscle

14 Botox ‘wears off’ The new nerve muscle junction begins to work and the wrinkles return It is now time for retreatment

15 Botox Expectations Botox prevents further wrinkle progression when used regularly Botox acts at the level of the muscle – it cannot remove ‘crush-damage’ that already exists in the skin – this refers to wrinkles you have at rest. Botox may relieve headaches in some people Satisfaction rates with Botox exceed 95%

16 How long do the effects last?
First treatments wear off the fastest Avg. 3 months Subsequent treatments last longer Avg. 4-6 months Results vary, some people experience results for longer or shorter periods Longevity can be improved by increasing the dose of Botox in subsequent sessions

17 Any side effects? Most individuals do not experience any
If there is a side effect, the most common are related to the fact that an injection has been given and include: Slight tenderness at the injection site Pin point bleeding – very brief Transient swelling – very brief, like an insect bite Temporary bruising – can be concealed if desired Unlikely chance of local infection

18 What happens after a treatment?
Aftercare is very simple You can do everything normally (including applying make up, taking your routine medications, working, exercise, etc)

19 When will I see results? It takes time for the Botox to start working
7-10 days to see full effects

20 Follow up Follow up: We require a routine follow up appointment 2 weeks after your first Botox treatment Please call anytime if you have concerns or questions

21 Botox Before & After Baseline Day 30
Unretouched clinical trial photos taken while frowning before BOTOX® Cosmetic and after BOTOX® Cosmetic. Individual results may vary.

22 Post-Botox 34 units of Botox
Pre-Botox Active Brow Elevation Post-Botox 34 units of Botox Active Brow Elevation

23 Botox Before and After Crow’s Feet

24 How much does a treatment cost?
Costs depend on your dose Complimentary consult to discuss

25 Dermal Fillers Wrinkles, Lips & Volume Loss

26 Injected Fillers Dermal Fillers are used in: Lip enhancement
Volume replacement Wrinkles and folds

27 How do injectable fillers work?
Quite simply – fancy Jello A small needle is used to position the filler under the wrinkle or in an area of volume loss Immediate results!

28 What are injectable fillers made of?
Hylauronic acid and/or Collagen A naturally occurring gel found in our eyes and in our joints The gel is made in a laboratory, as a copy of our own naturally occurring type No animals or other human products are used in it’s production

29 How long do the effects last?
Individual results do vary, however, the average person experiences 4-8 months of correction As the gel breaks down, return for another session

30 Where does the filler go when it breaks down?
The filler breaks down into smaller pieces Eventually the pieces dissolve down into water and is fully absorbed & removed by the body No trace of the filler remains after it has been broken down

31 Is there anyone who can’t be treated?
As there are no studies during pregnancy, we opt not to treat women who are currently pregnant Allergy to Hylauronic acid is very rare, but we can not treat anyone who has had an allergic reaction in the past

32 How do I prepare for treatment?
Treatments require minutes Often a topical freezing is required Please use a freezing cream if you have no history of allergy to freezing.

33 Aftercare Using a needle to inject the gel disturbs the tissue
In response to the stimulation the tissue will be pink and there will be some swelling In general: Facial lines/wrinkles - mild swelling 1-2 days Lips – moderate swelling 2-4 days

34 Aftercare – decrease swelling
Cool compress to reduce swelling dramatically Compress frequently starting right after your treatment – 10 min at a time

35 Nasolabial folds Before After

36 Nasolabial folds Before After

37 Lip Lines & Lips Before After

38 Lips Before After

39 How much does a treatment cost?
Cost depends directly on the number of syringes used

40 +

41 Call for your FREE Consultation
2385 Lakeshore Road West Oakville, ON Call for your FREE Consultation Thank You

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