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1 Cosmetology

2 1 History Medical cosmetology 3 Life cosmetology 2 Q & A 4

3 Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. branches of specialty including hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures, and electrology.

4 History The first archaeological evidence of cosmetics usage was found in Egypt around 3500 BC during the Ancient Egypt times with some of royalty owning make-up.

5 In Egypt ancient times, people rubbed a variety of pharmaceutical and grease to moisturize skin and prevent skin from sunburn. At that time, some women prefered black paints to trace the contours of the eyes, and green paint made of malachite powder on the eyelids.

6 In the Middle Ages although its use was frowned upon by Church leaders, many women still wore cosmetics. 1980 's, in the West Modern beauty salon began to appear.

7 In Shang dynasty, people in China started to use compound extracted from plants and minerals as
make-up .

8 After the Han dynasty, words related to cosmetic began to emerge.
The first face mask appeared in Tang dynasty .

9 Nowadays everyday advancing technique has enabled people to choose favorite make-ups freely and satisfied their desire for everlasting beauty

10 Life cosmetology

11 Good skin care involves 3 basic steps:
Cleansing(清洁) - Getting rid of grime and chemicals while limiting the stress of daily cleansing . Moisturizing (保湿) - Hydrating and replenishing the skin . Using Sunscreen (防晒) - Protecting the skin from harmful UV rays .

12 Step 1 - Cleansing Cleansing is a critical daily skin care step. Most people do this 2-3 times a day; this is adequate for normal skins.

13 Some points: 1. Always wash your hands clean first. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria to your face. 2. Depending on whether your skin is normal to oily or normal to dry, you should use cleansers and products that are formulated for your specific skin type. 3.Exfoliation is process of removing dead skin cells, which cause the face to look dull.

14 Step 2 – Moisturizing Moisturizing is an essential step in good skin care. A good moisturizer can stop the dry skin cycle from spiraling into cracked, thick, flaky skin.

15 How to Choose a Moisturizer
Not all skin is the same, and not all moisturizers are the same. Picking out the best moisturizer for your skin depends on what your skin needs.

16 Consider the following skin conditions when choosing a moisturizer: moisturizers for dry skin , oily skin , normal skin, red skin or sensitive skin .

17 When you use moisturizer
you should remember your neck, elbows, heels, lips, because all of our body are need moisturizing.

18 We also can do facial mask to moisturize our face
We also can do facial mask to moisturize our face. The proposed time for doing a mask is minutes, and the best time to do it is after you have a hot bath.

19 Step 3 - Sunscreen The final step in a good skin care program is using sunscreen, but it's the most forgotten. Protecting your skin from the sun is important because the sun emits ultraviolet radiation [UVR). In fact, most skin cancers are related to sun exposure.

20 Medical cosmetology

21 Cosmetic Dermatology Cosmetic Dermatology is that branch of Dermatology that specializes in the evaluation and enhancement of the cutaneous appearance. Cosmetic Dermatology also takes into consideration the prevention and treatment of photo damage, the corrective nature and treatment of dermatosis, all of which have an esthetic dimension with an impact on QOL .


23 Some specific historical milestones in Cosmetic Dermatology
Topical Retinoids Botox The Dermatologic Uses of Lasers Cutaneous Filler Substances

24 Topical Retinoids Stimulates collagen production
Decreases cell damage from sun exposure Increases skin cell turnover Helps prevent skin cancer


26 Botox Injection of botulinum toxin A
Works by causing temporary block in nerve signals preventing contraction of muscles Glabella, crow’s feet, forehead and around mouth lasting approximately 3 months


28 The Dermatologic Uses of Lasers

29 IPL :one type of lasers Multiple wavelengths of light penetrate to different depths in the skin treating various conditions Lightens age spots, decreases redness , red veins and even the skin tones Stimulates collagen Excellent for rosacea

30 Before

31 After 2 months

32 Cutaneous Filler Substances
The use of various dermal fillers to smooth, sculpt, and otherwise reconfigure the human face


34 end We live a time of changing technology. There is something new every couple of months.

35 That’s all Thank you!

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