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For Gyomro city presentation His slide projection Made by: György Sinkó.

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1 For Gyomro city presentation His slide projection Made by: György Sinkó

2 Gyomro was the settlement blooming in the Árpád age. The first written data originates from 1274, Gyomro name appears in royal diplomas in connection with possession grant largely. Accessible the 4 number. main road, it M5 motorway, and it M0- digs from a highway, and important viewpoint, that Budapest is near - Feri mountain airport. Gyomro cyti presentation

3 Rákóczi Sculpture 1705 Julies on 3 II. Ferenc Rákóczi a sovereign said a speech to his army on Gyomro.

4 Teleki Castle In 1732 Teleki a family obtains possession, count József Teleki built a castle.

5 Provincial house The provincial house opens after the transformation of an old cottage on the front of 1980 years. It prepared in 1840 years building from the residents' donations, ill. the parish bribed it with ancient monument inspectorate support, a row got to his opening in 1983.

6 Reformed church A church, which was wounded seriously in more flavours, depended on the today's church's place already on the middle of the 1500 years. The believers restored it in 1668. It was rebuilt in 1777, the wall of the bottom was pulled down, it was extended, the roof was covered over with shingle.

7 Nepomuki saint János Roman Catholic chapel The chapel in 1777 Bernát Ürményi a Gyomro landlord had it built in a baroque style.

8 Kossuth sculpture The legend was about it, that when the nation's war of independence failed, and Lajos Kossuth was forced to exile, Gyomron found a refuge

9 Artesian Spring In 1926 Mihály Simon the Artesian spring was made ready duly for a then town clerk's 7 yearly fanatic workings, the water bounced into tall one and gives the healthy, cold, clear drinking water without a pause day and night since then.

10 Jézus his heart Roman Catholic parish church The thought of the church's building dates back to the 1910 years, Lóránt Lechner formed his plans. The building 1938. September ended with the church's consecration on 11.

11 Town hall 2001. August the settlement obtained the urban rank on 20 and the city's centre was set up at the same time, and the city was richer with an ornament well, which one Mihály Pál - local sculptor - prepared

12 Dózsa György breast sculpture The 1514 one Dózsa insurrection raises a memorial peasant revolt, on which quite a few Gyomro serfs are had bought,. The sculpture on the right side of the town hall can be found.

13 Lake bath When he came to an end the brickworks flooded the mine the water. The lower brick was built in 1935 cabin row on the place of the former tram-road. 2004-a lake bath which can be found in the heart of the settlement in 2007 got to a renovation in a full measure.

14 Aradi martyrs' monument (oath space) The 13 Hungarian soldier generals executed on Arad, and Lajos Batthyány the portrait of relief carved from tree can be found.

15 zoo The small sized zoo the aged ones the maintainer of his home developed it. 2004 September foundation his capital thought the watch of the recreation opportunity provided to the inhabitants of the home, the living beings, contact creation happening to them, and the application of the therapeutic opportunities residing in the animals.

16 Harmony Aged Devoured The harmony aged more serve the aged, ill and handicapped peoples eaten devoured

17 Sswimmer with crystal clear water with a pleasant temperature and relaxingmedence waits for the guest dropping in. Swimming pool

18 The Jacuzzi may be enjoyed from morning till night on all of the days of the week, the dry - and steamer sauna or solarium, may massage

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