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Words for Production 1. voyage [`vO ‧ IdZ] n. [C] a long journey, especially by sea or in space ( 海上或太空中的 ) 旅行,旅行 It takes determination and lots of.

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Presentation on theme: "Words for Production 1. voyage [`vO ‧ IdZ] n. [C] a long journey, especially by sea or in space ( 海上或太空中的 ) 旅行,旅行 It takes determination and lots of."— Presentation transcript:



3 Words for Production 1. voyage [`vO ‧ IdZ] n. [C] a long journey, especially by sea or in space ( 海上或太空中的 ) 旅行,旅行 It takes determination and lots of effort to go on a voyage around the world.

4 Words for Production 2. likewise [`laIk&waIz] adv. also; similarly 也;同樣地 Their first trip to New York was wonderful, and their second one was likewise marvelous. Our boss said he would take a long vacation and advised us to do likewise.

5 Words for Production 3. offend [1`fEnd] vt. to cause displeasure or annoyance to somebody or something 使不適,使 不愉快;冒犯,觸怒 The new skyscraper among the old buildings looks strange and offends the eye. They were offended by the waiter’s rude answer and asked for the manager. Would you like to know more...

6 offense [ 1`fEns ] n. [C] 不愉快或傷 感情 ( 的事物 ) ;犯罪,違反 If I caused any offense, please forgive me. I was just giving my opinion. Using cell phones while driving is an offense against traffic rules.

7 offensive [ 1`fEnsKv ] adj. 不悅的, 令人生氣的,冒犯的 Since you've grown up, take care not to do anything offensive to others.

8 Words for Production 4. perceive [p2`siv] vt. to come to have knowledge of something through one's sense, especially the sight; to understand something in a certain way 察覺,發覺;領悟,理解 When they perceived a man breaking into their neighbor's house, they called the police at once. Fred gradually perceived that his parents’ love was the strongest support in his pursuit of success.

9 Words for Production 5. instantly [`Inst1ntlI] adv. at once; right away; immediately 立刻,馬上 Although I hadn't seen Nora for five years, I recognized her instantly when I came across her at the station.

10 Words for Production 6. discharge [dIs`tSArdZ] vt. to shoot an arrow or fire a gun; to send out a substance, especially liquid or gas 射 ( 箭 ) ,開 ( 槍 ) ;排放 The police stated that hundreds of rounds had been discharged during the gun fight. An alarming number of pollutants is discharged into the atmosphere daily. Would you like to know more...

11 discharge [`dIstSArdZ] n. [U][C] 排放物;退伍;出院 Thousands of fish were killed by the discharge from a chemical factory. After his discharge from the army, Alex found a job and married Susan.

12 Words for Production 7. prick [prIk] vt. to cause sharp pain or to make a small hole (in something) with a sharp point 刺痛;刺 ( 穿 ) When picking up a pin, the girl accidentally pricked her own finger.

13 Words for Production 8. refrain [rI`fren] vi. to keep oneself from doing something 忍住,克制 I was angry with her but refrained from saying anything.

14 Words for Production 9. signify [`sIGn1&faI] vt. to make one's feelings and thoughts known; to mean 表示,表明 I asked my wife if she agreed with me. She simply shook her head to signify her disagreement.

15 Words for Production 10. inhabitant [In`h8b1t1nt] n. [C] a person that lives in a particular place, usually for a long period of time 居 民 On the 24th of August, 79 A.D., Pompeii, a city of 20,000 inhabitants, was buried under ashes from a nearby volcano. Would you like to know more...

16 inhabit [In`h8bIt ] vt. 居住 Even the driest part of the desert is inhabited by some animals.

17 Words for Production 11. astonishment [ 1`stAnISm1nt ] n. [U] great surprise 驚訝,驚奇 We were filled with astonishment at his violent opposition to our proposal. Would you like to know more...

18 astonish [1`stAnIS] vt. 使驚訝,使 吃驚 The news about the collapse of the Twin Towers astonished people all over the world.

19 astonishing [1`stAnISI9] adj. 令人 驚訝的,驚人的 We are seniors now. It is astonishing how fast time flies.

20 Words for Production 12. appetite [`8p1&taIt] n. [C][U] (a) desire for food 食慾 Jason has a huge appetite. He eats almost twice as much as I do.

21 Words for Production 13. miniature [`mInI1tS2] adj. much smaller than usual 極小的,袖珍的 Mrs. Wang bought some miniature furniture for her daughter's doll house. Would you like to know more...

22 miniature [`mInI1tS2] n. [C] 模型, 縮影 The boy is like a miniature of his father. They resemble each other in every way.

23 Words for Production 14. delight [dI`laIt] n. [U] great pleasure 興高采烈,歡喜 The kids rushed into the playground and played on the seesaw with delight. Would you like to know more...

24 delightful [dI`laItf1l] adj. 令人愉 快的,令人雀躍的 It is delightful news to the freshmen that some pop singers will come to the welcome party.

25 Words for Production 15. dash [d8S] vt. to strike or throw something violently and cause it to hit something else, often resulting in damage or destruction 猛力丟擲 After learning that he lost all his money in the stock market, he dashed the vase against the wall in a rage.

26 Words for Production 16. hospitality [&hAspI`t8l1tI] n. [U] friendly and welcoming behavior toward guests or strangers 好客,款 待 We are thankful for your hospitality in letting us stay at your place during the trip. Would you like to know more...

27 hospitable [hAs`pIt1bL] adj. 好客 的,熱情款待的 You are welcome to visit us on weekends. My family are always hospitable to visitors.

28 Words for Production 17. captor [`k8pt2] n. [C] a person who captures another person or an animal 擄人者,捕獲者 It's impossible for the war prisoners to escape from their captors without any help. Would you like to know more...

29 capture [`k8ptS2] vt. 俘虜,逮捕, 捕獲 Two of the runaway prisoners were captured and the rest escaped.

30 captive [`k8ptIv] n. [C] 俘虜,捕獲 物 They successfully persuaded the terrorists to set the captives free.

31 Words for Production 18. temple [`tEmpL] n. [C] a building for the worship of a god or gods, especially in non-Christian religions 廟宇 In Taiwan, there are a lot of temples where people can worship and pray to their gods or goddesses.

32 Words for Production 19. council [`ka5nsL] n. [C] a formal meeting held to discuss what to do with a problem; a group of people elected to manage affairs in a city, county, etc. 會議;議會 The government will hold a council to discuss a proposal for building another nuclear power plant. After a long discussion, the city council decided to build a new recycling plant.

33 Words for Production 20. grant [Gr8nt] vt. to give 賜與,授予 Since Victor had worked very hard, his boss granted his request for a month's vacation.

34 Words for Production 21. swear [swEr] vt. to promise by oath or very formally ( 發誓 ) 保證 Soldiers have to swear loyalty to the country before joining the army.

35 Words for Production 22. treaty [`tritI] n. [C] a written agreement, especially made between two or more countries 條約 After having fought for years, the two countries are considering signing a peace treaty.

36 Words for Production 23. defeat [dI`fit] vt. to win a victory over someone in a war or competition; to overcome 戰勝,擊敗 With great confidence and months of hard practice, the team has a good chance to defeat last year's winner. Would you like to know more...

37 defeat [dI`fit] n. [U] 戰敗,挫敗 It is not easy to take defeat well; it requires good sportsmanship.

38 Words for Production 24. fleet [flit] n. [C] a group of military shi ps; regular ships in a group 艦隊;船隊 The shipping company plans to spend US$2 billion in the next 6 years to expand its fleet in order to take advantage of a recovering global economy.

39 Words for Production 25. obtain [1b`ten] vt. to get by means of effort 得到,獲得 In their last experiment, those scientists obtained a very clear result.

40 Words for Production 26. spectacles [`spEkt1kLz] n. pl. fml. glasses 眼鏡 I seem to need a new pair of spectacles. I can no longer see very clearly with the old pair. Would you like to know more...

41 spectacle [`spEkt1kL] n. [C] 壯觀,奇景 The sunrise on Mt. Ali is an amazing spectacle; you should take time to see it for yourself.

42 spectacular [spEk`t8kj1l2] adj. 壯觀的,壯麗的 The celebration ended with a spectacular display of fireworks.

43 Words for Production 27. urge [3dZ] vt. to strongly advise or persuade someone to do something 慫恿,極力敦促 To avoid another terrorist attack, investigators urged improvement of airport security measures.

44 Words for Production 28. traitor [`tret2] n. [C] a person who betrays his or her own country or friends 叛國者,叛徒 Rumor has it that there are traitors among people who are sending messages to the enemy.

45 Words for Production 29. flee [fli] vi. to leave a person or place very quickly, especially because of danger or fear 逃跑,逃走 The villagers fled to a distant town before the flood.

46 Words for Production 30. gratitude [`Gr8t1&tjud] n. [U] the feeling of being thankful 感激, 謝意 People expressed gratitude to the mayor for the help he had given them after the disaster. Would you like to know more...

47 grateful [`Gretf1l] adj. 感激的,感謝的 I would be very grateful if you could help me with the problem.

48 Words for Production 31. overturned [&ov2`t3nd] adj. which is turned over 翻覆的,傾倒的 Those rescuers tried to get the driver out of the overturned truck. Would you like to know more...

49 overturn [&ov2`t3n] vi.; vt. ( 使 ) 翻 覆, ( 使 ) 傾倒;推翻 ( 政權等 ) A car overturned on the icy bridge and blocked the traffic into town. The invading army failed to overturn the government by force.

50 Words for Production 32. retrieve [rI`triv] vt. to bring something back, especially from a place where it should not be 取回, 找回 Parts of the crashed plane were retrieved from the sea.

51 Words for Production 33. outfit [`a5t&fIt] vt. to provide somebody or something with equipment or clothes for a specific purpose 裝備,配備 The mountain climbers were outfitted with the latest equipment.

52 Words for Production 34. merchant [`m3tS1nt] adj. connected with the transport of goods; commercial 商業的 There has been a big reduction in the size of the country's merchant ships in recent years. Would you like to know more...

53 merchant [`m3tS1nt] n. [C] 商人 Venice was once a city of rich merchants.

54 merchandise [`m3tS1n&daIz] n. [U] 商品 All the merchandise in the store is on sale. Everything is being sold at half price.

55 1. Gulliver [`G^lIv2] n. the name of a fictional Englishman who travels to imaginary lands in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels 格列佛 Words for Recognition

56 2. Lilliput [`lIl1&p^t] n. the name of an imaginary land inhabited by tiny people in Swift‘s Gulliver’s Travels 利尼普特國,小人國 Lilliputian [&lIl1`pj5S1n] adj. 利尼普特國的,小人國的 Words for Recognition

57 3. peg [pEG] n. [C] a short piece of wood or metal that is used to fasten something to something else 木樁,樁釘 Words for Recognition

58 4. mutton [`m^tN] n. [U] meat from a fully grown sheep, eaten as food 羊肉 Words for Recognition

59 5. gulp [G^lp] n. [U] an amount of drink or food that one swallows quickly 一大 口,一口吞下的量 Words for Recognition

60 6. ointment [`OIntm1nt] n. [C] a thick oily substance that one rubs on the skin to heal a wound or an injury 軟膏,藥膏 Words for Recognition

61 7. emperor [`Emp1r2] n. [C] the male ruler of an empire 皇帝 Words for Recognition

62 8. Blefuscu [`bl^f1s&tSj5] n. the name of an imaginary land inhabited by tiny people in Swift's Gulliver's Travels 布萊夫斯國,小人國 Words for Recognition

63 1. happen to to be in a situation or do something by chance 碰巧,正好 They happened to be out when we dropped by. Idioms and Phrases

64 2. in the meantime while something else is happening 就在這個時候 The garden party dragged on, and in the meantime it began to rain. Idioms and Phrases

65 3. on condition that only if 在 … 條件下 Kathy agreed to lend me her CD player on condition that I returned it before Saturday. Idioms and Phrases

66 4. by sea on a ship 乘船,由海路 The family traveled by air and sent their furniture by sea when they moved to another country. Idioms and Phrases

67 5. lie at anchor to float and be held by a heavy metal object on a strong rope or chain, which is dropped from a ship into the water to keep the ship in one place 下錨停 泊 We saw a ship lying at anchor three miles off the rocky coast. Idioms and Phrases

68 6. with ease easily 輕易地 As a diligent student, Robert passed the exam with ease. Idioms and Phrases

69 7. make peace with to end a war with a country or to end a quarrel with somebody, often by apologizing 與 … 停戰,與 … 和平共處 The two nations finally decided to make peace with each other and end almost twelve years of war. Idioms and Phrases

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