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Twin Arrows Course TA-XXX Orientation Meeting Orientation Meeting.

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1 Twin Arrows Course TA-XXX Orientation Meeting Orientation Meeting

2 Scout Oath: Scout Oath: On my honor, I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.  2

3 Scout Law: TrustworthyObedient LoyalCheerful HelpfulThrifty FriendlyBrave CourteousClean KindReverent 3

4 Venturing Oath: As a Venturer, I promise to do my duty to God and help strengthen America, to help others, and to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world. 4

5 Staff Expectations - Vision The staff of Twin Arrows Course XXX, pledge to provide a course based on the principles outlined in the NYLT Syllabus. These principles, based in the Scout Oath and Law and the Venturing Oath and Code, will guide us. We will present the “Model Scouting Unit” through our enthusiasm, encouragement, and guidance in improving leadership..

6 Participant Expectations  What are your expectations? –???

7 Uniforming  Field Uniform –Scout shirt –Scout pants or shorts –Scout socks –Scouting hat –TA neckerchief –Figure ‘8’ –Name tag –Water Bottle –Watch –Pen or Pencil  Activity Uniform –Scouting t-shirt –(2 TA t-shirts provided) –Scout pants or shorts –Scout socks –Figure 8 –Water Bottle –Watch –Pen or Pencil

8 Six Lessons of Twin Arrows  Duty to Country  Duty to God  Duty to Others  Importance of the Scout Law  Duty to Self  Do Your Best – ‘8’

9 Leadership Skills  Communicating Well  Finding Your Vision  Setting Your Goals  Developing Your Team  Solving Problems  The Leading EDGE  The Teaching EDGE  Resolving Conflict  Making Ethical Decisions  Leading Yourself  Valuing People

10 Campfires and Ceremonies  Fun and inspirational  Build Scout Spirit  Reinforces the lessons of Twin Arrows Our Duty to God Scout’s Worship Service will be held on day 2 of the course.

11 Honor Scout and Honor Team Scouts and Teams will be evaluated throughout the week The Honor Scout and Honor Team will be announced at the closing ceremony Baden-Powell Award  Teams will have daily goals to meet  The goal is for everyone to meet these goals

12 We are at Tahuaya

13 Arrive at CT on December 26 th at 12 noon  Car pooling by unit is encouraged  Eat lunch before you come – 1 st meal is dinner  After parking, proceed up the trail to the check in area  Turn in paperwork –‘On My Honor’ information sheet –‘Knowledge of Outdoor Skills’ survey –Current medical form with ALL dates of immunizations –A Smile!  After you check in, take your gear to designated team area  Staff will be floating around to answer any questions

14 Graduation / Closing Ceremony  Monday, December 31 st  Will start promptly at 3pm  Honor Scout and Honor Team will be announced  Should end by about 4pm  Car pooling by unit is encouraged  Family members, Scoutmasters, and Crew Advisors invited

15 Visitors to the Closing Ceremony  Please do not arrive before 2:45p.m.  Bring bottled water  Bring an umbrella for shade  Bring a lawn chair  Bring your patience  If you are prone to heat or cold reaction –Be Prepared

16 Quartermaster  You will eat very well! –All meals prepared by QM staff, except for overnighter  Special dietary needs / Food Allergies –Parents should discuss with QM at the end of the orientation

17 First Aid  First Aid / Medical –All medications must be in the original containers with the youth’s name –Include written instructions with dosage and how often –Scouts are responsible for coming to Health Officer for their medications –Copies of Medical Forms - *will be shredded at end of course!

18 Facilities/Equipment Facilities/Equipment  Team equipment will be provided  Limit personal gear to that on the list provided  Prepare for cold weather camping and rain –A sleeping pad and cot are a must –A knit cap to keep your head warm is mandatory –Water bottle or canteen is mandatory –Good rain gear is a must  Outpost Hike and Campout –Need a backpack and light weight tent –Will be hiking 1 – 2 miles  NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES – INCLUDING CELL PHONES

19 Equipment List – Clothing  Complete Scout Uniform  Other Clothing Items –Closed-toe shoes –Cold weather clothes (plan to dress in layers) –Activity T-Shirts (Scouting Related) –Underwear (for six days) –Thermal Underwear for cold weather –Socks –Belt –Shoes (2 pair, 1 must be suitable for hiking) –Rain gear

20 Equipment List - Toiletries  Shower shoes (to only be worn while in the shower)  Towel and wash cloth  Soap  Deodorant  Comb  Toothbrush and toothpaste  Sun screen  Insect repellent (no aerosol cans)  Clothesline and clothes pins  Laundry Soap (or camp suds)

21 Equipment List - Eating Utensils  For Overnighter  Plate (plastic or metal)  Bowl (plastic or metal)  Cup (plastic or metal)  Spoon and fork  Canteen or water bottle

22 Equipment List - Bedding  Cot (required)  Sleep clothes (for sleeping only)  Sleeping bag rated for cold weather and sheet / blanket for layered sleeping  Pillow  For overnighter: –Lightweight tent –Ground cloth (for under tent - moisture barrier) –Sleeping bag (same one as above) –Sleeping pad for ground insulation

23 Equipment List - Miscellaneous  Flashlight with Extra Batteries  Boy Scout or Venture Handbook  Personal First Aid Kit  Pens or pencils (notebook will be provided)  Watch and battery operated alarm clock  Sunglasses (optional)  Items to be branded (e.g. mugs, leather belts)

24 Equipment List  DO NOT BRING –i- Pad, i-Pod, i-Phone, radios, or CD Player, cell phone, or any other electronic device, –Chewing gum, drinks, or food items of any kind. –Aerosol cans of any kind –matches or lighters

25 IMPORTANT!  National policy prohibits the possession of fireworks.  Any youth found with fireworks, whether lit or not, will be sent home immediately  Zero tolerance policy - and no refunds will be given.

26 Contact Information: TA-XXX  Course Stuff Course Director – XXXXXXXX Phone: (XXX)-XXX-XXXX Email: XXXXXX  Admin Stuff ACD-Admin – XXXXXXXX Phone: (XXX)-XXX-XXXX Email: XXXXXX

27 Questions?

28 Twin Arrows Hymn Twin Arrows Scouts, we can command, We are the best on every hand. We can say we always try, Everything to do or die. We have worked each day and night, To be sure our Honor's bright. We have always faced each test, To be prepared to do our best.

29 See You at Twin Arrows!

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