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Outdoor Education Parent Meeting Important Information.

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1 Outdoor Education Parent Meeting Important Information

2 What to Pack O Sturdy footwear (more than one pair of shoes is needed) O Jacket O Sweatshirts O Sweaters O Long pants or jeans O Pajamas O Shirts O Socks (lots!) O Underwear O Waterproof raincoat or poncho O Sheets and blanket or sleeping bag, pillow O Toiletry items O Bag lunch (no glass bottles)

3 What You Might Pack O Shorts for rec time O Binoculars O Disposable (recycling) camera O Compass O Flashlight O Lip balm, sunscreen O Insect repellant (non- aerosol) O Slippers O Shower cap O Flip-flops or sandals for shower use O Stationary and stamps O Pen or pencil O Watch

4 What NOT to Pack O Electronic devices O Aerosol Sprays O Curling Irons O Firearms O Knives O Hair dryers O Matches O Money O Glass bottles O Gum, candy, or food ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES FOR ANY REASON!

5 Day of Departure to Camp O Students must be dropped off at JW at 9:00 AM O Bagged lunch-no glass (clearly labeled) O One suitcase (clearly labeled) O One sleeping bag/pillow/blanket (bundled) O Student should be wearing long pants O Student should be wearing sturdy shoes Day of Return to JW O Students must be picked up (with their belongings) from JW at 1:00 PM

6 Parent Volunteers O stay the night in cabins with students O ride the bus to and from camp with students O hike into camp O assist teachers with classes O monitor cabin time O monitor rec time If interested please fill out Parent Volunteer form and return it to JW

7 COST O $80.00 per child O cash or check made out to Julius West Middle School O Please write your child’s first and last name on the memo line of checks O Pays for meals, renting camp, nurse, evening programs, and securing medical reimbursement insurance O Email Mrs. Seek if cost imposes financial hardship for family

8 Medication O All medical forms with medicine should be dropped off by a parent to the health room by May 1 O Over-the-counter medicine should be new and unopened O Questions? Contact: O Nancy Austin (School Nurse) O Evelyn Berkoh-Asamoah (Health Room Technician)

9  Visit the Outdoor Environmental Education Program website at:   View these presentations and all necessary forms on the Julius West Website:   Email:  Tara Seek Outdoor Education Coordinator

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