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California Emergency Management Agency December 2010 1.

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1 California Emergency Management Agency December

2  Created as a result of legislation to provide: ◦ worker’s compensation benefits and ◦ limited liability protection to DSW volunteers injured while participating in approved disaster service duties.  Appropriation (General Fund) FY 2010/11 ▸ $1,012,000 ▸ Mechanism available to request additional funds  Benefits the public, local & state government: DSW volunteers= invaluable emergency services resources paid staff better able to maintain day-to-day operations promotes volunteerism 2

3 1. Inform DSW Stakeholders of Revision Process  Regulations last revised: October 1999 Guidance last revised: April 2001  Evolution of Volunteerism : increase in number and scope of disaster service duties  Recommendations/Key Findings: - Liability Workshops – Volunteer Mutual Resource Workshops - Various Presentations 2. Solicit Input Opportunity to share issues/topics to be addressed 3

4 1. Statutory Inclusion 2. Supervision 3. Oath Authority/Administration 4. DSW Activities 5. Registration 6. Classifications 7. Claim Submissions 4

5  GC§ 3102 amended: Oath effective while person remains with that organization (SB 1350, Local Government Omnibus Act of 2000, Chapter 506, Statutes of 2000)  GC§ 3105 amended: Filing retention requirements for the Oath (SB 210, Local Government Omnibus Act of 2001, Chapter 176, Statutes of 2001)  Replace CEC with Cal EMA (formerly OES) (SB 1889, California Emergency Council, Chapter 502, Statutes of 2006)  Replace OES with Cal EMA (AB 38, State agencies, California Emergency Management Agency, Chapter 372, Statutes of 2008) 5

6  Clarify/Define ◦ What is supervision ◦ Who may supervise  Direct versus indirect supervision ◦ Onsite, offsite  Registering agency ◦ Should agency establish criteria? ◦ Should agency designate authority to supervise/direct volunteers? CCR §2572.1, (b)(2) 6

7 7  Provide clearer language as to who has authority to administer oath and to whom oath administration authority may be delegated ◦ Who is an officer? ◦ Can authority to administer oath be delegated? ◦ What is meant by ‘appointing power’ in GC Code §3104? ◦ When/where should oath be administered? ◦ Having taken the oath, is there an expiration?  Include procedures to administer oath in Guidance

8 Activities authorized by the California Emergency Services Act (ESA) What are eligible disaster service duties? What is considered ‘official activation’? What is the definition of a local emergency? What training events are covered? Excluded? GC Sections 8558 & CCR §2570.2(b)(c), , (b)(3) 8

9 Required Information: 1.Name & address of registrant 2.Classification 3.Date enrolled (date Loyalty Oath signed) 4.Loyalty Oath Propose Additional Requirement: 5.Name of registering government agency with signature & title of authorized person. CCR §2570.2(a)(1)(d), , (d) 9

10 Review existing classifications: ◦ Description accurate? ◦ Scope of duties complete? ◦ Need to add a classification? CCR §

11 Required documents: 1. SCIF #3301 – Worker’s Compensation Claim Form 2. SCIF #3267 – Employer’s Report OR Claims Reporting Center (888) Copy of signed DSW Registration & Oath 4. Copy of incident narrative Propose Additional Requirement: 5. Copy of training document/verification of DSW volunteer’s participation (if injury training related) CCR §

12 12 Anita Chant C indy Shipley Anita Chant C indy Shipley Program Coordinator Program Support Program Coordinator Program Support (916) (916) (916) (916) Send Regulation and Guidance Comments DSWVP Guidance and Related Documents: (under Preparedness –Quick Links)

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