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California Emergency Management Agency March 1, 2013 1.

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1 California Emergency Management Agency March 1,

2 Nation at war Pacific situation – Fear of mass attack on CA Coast Volunteer workforce – Recruited and trained – No expectation of compensation Legislative action 2

3  Certified War Councils (renamed Disaster Councils) as “accredited” Allowed registration of volunteers as DSWs  Required Loyalty Oath  Provided worker’s compensation to registered volunteers  Offered limited liability protection  Volunteer Protection Act of 1997  ESA Government Code §8657  Good Samaritan Laws 3

4 California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA)  Approves disaster council accreditation, regulations, classifications  Delegates registration/oath authority to state agencies  Reviews claims, authorizes settlements, issues checks  Manages DSW appropriation  Ensures compliance: Medicare Reporting federal mandate 4

5 State Legislature  Approves annual appropriation from General Fund State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF)  Processes claims  Calculates benefits  Communicates with Cal EMA from start of claim to closure Accredited Disaster Councils (or authorized designees)  Registers, supervises, trains volunteers  Determines criteria for supervision  Determines level of background checks, if any, for classification  Complete SCIF documents (when injury occurs) 5

6 DSW Volunteer Disaster Service: Eligible & Excluded Activities DSW Registration Volunteer Classifications Oath Authority File Retention & Recordkeeping Worker’s Compensation 6

7  Registered with: Accredited Disaster Council (ADC) or Authorized Designee (i.e. ADC designates County Animal Control) Cal EMA or authorized state agency  Receives no pay  Activated by supervising agency  Impressed into service (rare)  Auxiliary Firefighter Volunteer EXCLUDES: Volunteer firefighters Convergent volunteers 7

8  Adults physically and mentally capable of performing disaster related activities  Employed, unemployed, or retired persons  Volunteers under 18 with parental or legal guardian consent 8

9 Activities authorized/defined in: California Emergency Services Act (ESA) ► Disaster activities resulting from: -State of War emergency -State & Local proclaimed emergencies -Search and rescue missions -Official out-of-state deployments -Activities performed to mitigate imminent threat of extreme peril to life, property ► DSW classifications & scope of duties ► Travel to and from the incident site REF: GC Sections 8558 &

10 ► Training may be required by: - ADC, authorized designee, supervising agency ► Training may include: √ Basic/Advanced/Refresher courses √ Exercises (Person in ‘victim’ role must be registered as DSW volunteer) √ Out-of-state: only under very specific criteria ► Training must be: 1.Approved in advance by the ADC or authorized agency 2.Documented to verify participation 3.Supervised ► Offsite, onsite ► Paid staff, volunteers 4.Commensurate with classification 10

11  Day-to-day operations ◦ Activities typically associated with emergency response agencies (i.e., assisting with single structure fires, traffic collisions; crowd control for concerts & sporting events)  Preparedness/Planned Activities ◦ Educational fairs, first aid booths ◦ Parades, festivals, fundraisers, smoke detector installations  Other Non-Disaster Activities ◦ Website/newsletter development, event planning  Self Activation  Travel to and from the training site 11

12  Accredited Disaster Councils (ADC) All 58 counties in CA Most cities in CA  Authorized Designees of ADC Government/public agencies  Cal EMA  County OES  Authorized state agencies 12

13  Authorized Persons (GC §3104)  Elected officials  Designated public officials ▸ local ordinance may identify persons/positions  County and city clerks  Notary public (without charging a fee)  Cal EMA Secretary NOTE: Volunteers CANNOT administer the Loyalty Oath 13

14 Required: 1.Name & address of registrant 2.Classification  More than one may be identified depending on scope of duties 3.Date enrolled (date Loyalty Oath signed) 4.Loyalty Oath √ Taken & signed by applicant before authorized official √ Signed by authorized official √ Signed prior to date of injury 5.Name of registering govt agency w/signature & title of authorized person. Optional: Specialty, ID #, Emergency Contact, License #, Phone # 14

15  Animal Rescue, Care & Shelter (Updated)  Communications  Community Emergency Response Team Member  Emergency Operations Center/Incident Command  Human Services  Fire  Laborer  Law Enforcement  Logistics  Medical & Environmental Health  Safety Assessment Inspector (Updated)  Search & Rescue (Updated)  Utilities Deleted: Finance & Admin Staff 15

16 Loyalty Oath – Registration Form State: file w/in 30 days; follow Dept of Personnel Administration rules County : file with Clerk City: file with Clerk Public Agency: file with designated Officer/Employee of the agency I nspections by SCIF/Cal EMA Registrations to be kept current Destruction of records: 5 years after DSW’s service ends 16

17 Claim Package must include: 1. Completed SCIF #3301 by: - DSW volunteer & employer/supervisor 2. Completed SCIF #3267 by: - Employer/supervisor ONLY (Not volunteer) OR - Call 24 hr Claims Reporting Center (888) Copy : DSW Registration & Oath 4. Copy : Incident narrative If injury due to training: 5. Copy :Training document verifying participation 6. Copy: Pre-authorization of training activity Step-by-step claim information located at: Worker-Volunteer-Program.aspx 17

18 18

19 19

20  State Compensation Insurance Fund Specialized Claims Operations PO Box Pinedale, CA (951)  California Emergency Management Agency DSW Volunteer Program - Preparedness 3650 Schriever Avenue Mather, CA (916)

21 21 Anita Chant Kathryn Chin Anita Chant Kathryn Chin Program Lead Staff Services Analyst Program Lead Staff Services Analyst (916) (916) (916) (916) DSWVP Regulations, Guidance & Related Documents: Volunteer-Program.aspx Volunteer-Program.aspx

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