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Instructional Materials Process and Progress Update Chief Academic Officer Quarterly Meeting November 13, 2012.

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1 Instructional Materials Process and Progress Update Chief Academic Officer Quarterly Meeting November 13, 2012

2 Presentation Goal To provide an overview and status update regarding the current instructional materials cycle and adoption process and to solicit input from you regarding the process in preparation for modernization

3 Agenda Background and Historical Perspective The Process Prioritization and Funding The Future

4 The Background The State Board of Education shall have the responsibility and duty to adopt the instructional materials used for instruction in the free public schools of South Carolina subject to the provisions of the sections in Chapter 43 Statutory Authority: 1976 Code Sections 59-5-60 and 59-31-550 Article 4.

5 The Background Since 1960’s based on the Free Basal Textbook Enabling Act Materials aligned to standards in late 1990’s Parallels the Cyclical Review Process for the state’s academic standards

6 The Process The Instructional Materials Advisory Committee meets to determine, with State Department recommendations, the subject areas for the next adoption cycle based on the revision of standards, expiring contracts, and prioritization for purchase. November 2011 Recommendations for exercising options to extend or renegotiate expiring contracts, prioritization of instructional materials purchase should adequate funds not be available, subject areas to be opened for 2012 adoption cycle, and the 2012 Calendar of Events presented to the State Board of Education (SBE) for approval.

7 The State Superintendent of Education issues the Call for Bids for State Board approved subject areas to publishers and vendors. January 2012 The 2012 Call for Bids for Instructional Materials is issued which contains instructions and information for the submission of bids by publishers and vendors.

8 Publishers and vendors submit official bids for instructional materials being called for adoption. March 2012 Bids submitted by publishers and vendors for the 2012 adoption cycle opened. April 2012 Bidding companies provide bid materials with briefs and correlations to the Instructional Materials Review Panels.

9 The Instructional Materials Review Panels meet for orientation. June 2012 Instructional Materials Review Panel members attend orientation meetings, including publisher presentations and begin the review of materials based on established criteria and alignment to currently adopted standards.

10 Instructional Materials Review Panels members meet to make recommendations for instructional materials adoption. September 2012 Instructional Materials Review Panels reconvene to deliberate and make recommendations instructional materials for State Board approval and district review and selection. Publishers and vendors send copies of recommended student materials to public review sites.

11 The State Department makes student materials recommended by the Instructional Materials Review Panels available for Public Review. October – November 2012 Student materials recommended by the Instructional Materials Review Panels are available for Public Review.

12 Public Review October 15 – November 23, 2012 25 college and university locations Electronic submission of input Detailed information

13 SBE approves recommendations for adoption of instructional materials. December 2012 Instructional Materials Review Panel recommendations submitted to the State Board for approval. A summary of the public review comments is provided.

14 To assist districts with local adoption decisions, the State Department facilitates the Instructional Materials Caravan in order for teachers to attend regional presentations about the instructional materials under consideration for adoption. January 2013 The Instructional Materials Caravan is held regionally in order to provide districts and schools with information regarding the recommended instructional materials so that decisions regarding district selection can be made based on the locally developed adoption process.

15 Caravan January 3 through January 22, 2013 Memo with specific dates, locations, and instructions for registration sent to District Superintendents, Instructional Leaders, Textbook Coordinators, and Math Content Specialists

16 Local districts implement their adoption process to determine materials to be selected locally. February - April 2013 District instructional materials decisions submitted to the State Instructional Materials Office by April 15, 2013

17 Summer 2013 Instructional materials shipped from the State Textbook Depository for use in South Carolina classrooms for the 2013–14 school year should adequate funding be provided by the General Assembly.

18 Prioritization and Funding SCDE FY13-14 appropriations request - $53 million (increase of $19M) Based on the State Board of Education approved prioritization list, requested appropriation may fund the following areas: Maintenance and refurbishing science kits Mathematics K-5 Mathematics 6-8 US History and the Constitution (includes AP) World Geography CATE areas

19 Considerations for the Future What barriers have you experienced in getting materials delivered in time for the start of school? What preparation is provided to your District Instructional Materials Selection Committees to ensure appropriate adoption decisions are made? What criteria is used when making adoption decisions? What thoughts do you have regarding the future?

20 Contact Information Cathy Jones-Stork, Education Associate Office of Teacher Effectiveness Standards and Curriculum Unit 803-734-0790 Should you have input in response to the questions on Slide 19, please submit them to the email address above by November 30, 2012.

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