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Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants 2015

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1 Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants 2015

2 Chairman of Skaggs Foundation Grants Committee
Welcome Nita Jane Ayres Chairman of Skaggs Foundation Grants Committee

3 Grants Committee Nita Jane Ayres – Chairman Karen Hall William Mahoney
Dave Friggle Linda Sprague Kay Russell Beverly Heckman Becky Roberts Tim Nichols (non-voting) Heather Zoromski (non-voting)

4 Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants
The mission of Skaggs Foundation is to support and lead community initiatives that improve health and wellness The vision of Skaggs Foundation is to achieve exceptional health and wellness in Taney and Stone Counties Skaggs Legacy Fund CoxHealth/Skaggs merger endowment Up to $750,000 disbursement in 2015

5 Grant Requirements Health and wellness related programs
Must benefit Stone and Taney County residents Applicant must be a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, school or government agency

6 Types of Grants Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants (over $5,000)
Concept paper required Helping Hands Grants (under $5,000) No concept paper required New to 2015! No Health Partners and/or Community Initiatives Scoring Metric No online application RFCP RFA – HH RFA

7 Scoring Metric ___________ 40 points possible Compliance (Mandatory):
Compliance (Mandatory): Health and Wellness Related Stone and Taney Counties Attached Logic Model Attached Program Budget (1-3 years) Attached Organizational Budget Attached Budget Narrative Attached Board of Directors List Attached 501c3 Letter, School or Government Agency Attached MOUs __________10 points if complete Priority Areas: Collaborative Program (10 points) Addresses Identified Need in CHNA: Tobacco, Substance Abuse (5 points) Child and Family Safety (5 points) Unhealthy Body Weight (5 points) Mental Health (5 points) Access to Care (5 points) Community Health Worker (5 points)  ___________ 40 points possible Scoring Metric Need is Documented ________ 10 points possible Quality of Program (Best Practice/Evidence-Based Model) Goals and Objectives are Targeted and Measureable ________10 points possible    Program is Sustainable     Program Evaluation/Metrics are in Place _________10 points possible

8 Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants
No Health Partners and/or Community Initiatives Collaborative Address identified health need Can apply for up to three years of funding Funding in Years 2 and 3 is contingent upon program results and availability of funds Request is over $5,000 Concept paper required – due April 30, 2015 Download it at Follow directions – compiled PDF attachment to Heather 2014 average gift - $63,000

9 Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants
If invited to submit a full application: RFA will be sent directly to you in May/June Concept paper interviews in early June Full application due July 31, 2015 Applicant interviews in early September Award announcement – October 2015 First disbursement – November 15, 2015

10 Concept Paper Request for Concept Papers –

11 Helping Hands Grants Health and wellness related programs
One year grants $1,000 - $5,000 awards 2014 average gift - $4,300 Due July 31, 2015 No concept paper required Award announcement – October 2015 Disbursement – November 15, 2015

12 Helping Hands - How to Apply
Grants Scroll down to Helping Hands Download the RFA – HH Follow the directions everything in the order listed as a PDF attachment to Heather Due July 31, 2015

13 Concept Paper and/or Helping Hands Submission
required documents in the order listed on RFCP or RFA-HH as a PDF attachment to Include your name and agency in subject line Budget and MOU templates are available on the website at

14 Current Grantees 2013 or 2014 Grantees – Multiple Years of Funding
New application is not necessary….unless Heather any changes Project scope Budget Budget Narrative

15 2015 Priorities 2012 Community Health Needs Assessments identified:
Programs that are collaborative and implement Community Health Workers across both counties 2012 Community Health Needs Assessments identified: Access to Care/Services (Medical, Dental or Mental) Substance Abuse (including Tobacco) Unhealthy Body Weight Mental Health Child and Family Safety Please evaluate your program to ensure a “good fit”

16 Remember… Do your homework before concept paper/application submission! Find pertinent statistics that speak to the need Avoid duplication of services Evidence-Based Models and Best Practices Get MOUs with each partnering organization COLLABORATE!

17 Award Process Deadline/Compliance review Grants Committee Review
Concept paper due April 30 Helping Hands due July 31 Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants (only if invited) due July 31 Grants Committee Review May – Concept Papers August – Applications Interviews Early June – Concept Papers Early September – Applications

18 Award Process Skaggs Foundation Board Review
September All applicant organizations notified of Board’s decision September/October

19 Expectations of Awardees
Contractual Agreement Quarterly Reporting based on budget, objectives and evaluative measures Six month disbursement for Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grantees (November and July) One disbursement in November for Helping Hands Site Visits Final report

20 2015 Workshops Questions? Capacity Building Workshops
Social Media – Liz Mabe – April 9 – 2pm-4pm – WRVE Grant Writing Workshops March 17 – 2pm-5pm –Bridge of Faith Community Church in Rockaway Beach June 9 – 9am—Noon – WRVE June 11 – 1pm-4pm – Kimberling Area Library Lunch and Learns!! Seating is limited, so RSVP! Pick up a schedule! Questions?

21 Contact Information For Questions or Technical Assistance Heather Zoromski, MPH, CGW Grants Administrator Skaggs Foundation Like us on Facebook!

22 Questions?

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