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Substantive Change Requesting Commission Approval of Substantive Changes at Institutions MSCHE Annual Meeting December 2009.

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1 Substantive Change Requesting Commission Approval of Substantive Changes at Institutions MSCHE Annual Meeting December 2009

2 What is Substantive Change? Accreditation applies to conditions existing at time of Commissions decision Institutions can and do change Changes may affect the quality, integrity, or effectiveness of institutions When substantive changes occur, the Commission is obligated to review how the change affects the institution

3 What changes are considered Substantive? Consult the Commissions policy on substantive change Typical changes included in current policy: – Significant changes in mission, goals, or objectives that change the nature of the institution – Distance Education, Content or Mode of Delivery (50% or more of degree) of courses and programs – Higher Degree or Credential Level – Contractual Agreements

4 What changes are considered Substantive? (cont.) – Non-credit offerings that affect mission – New Branch Campus or Additional Locations – Rapid Growth – Significant changes in governance or programs – Mergers and other changes in legal status, ownership, or form of control – Site Closure & Institutional Closures – Clock/Credit hours

5 What are the most common changes? New Sites/Locations Distance Education New Degree Level/Professional Degree Others: Contractual agreements & changes in ownership

6 Understanding the Process Originally part of Committee on Follow-Up Substantive changes go to Executive Committee of the Commission Meets every two months Committee readers are assigned proposals Role of the staff liaison Consent agenda Meetings via conference call Committee Actions

7 Preparing a Report One page executive summary What is the change, purpose, and how does it fit into the mission Financial impact Legal authorization to conduct the program or activity (state approval, etc.) Additional documentation and evidence

8 What to include in the report Dont assume the readers know about you Include any relevant documents, such as: – Basic planning documents such as budgets and financing – Resources (faculty, library, facilities, etc.) – Analysis of impact on the institution (will it take away from other programs) – Intended constituency – Governance and administrative structure (oversight) – Assessment plans (make sure you give details) – Records of institutional processes for approving the activities, contractual arrangements, publications, etc.

9 Additional Materials to Include Branch campuses/Additional Locations: educational programs and financial projections, governance, oversight, comparability of services and resources at the site, faculty, degrees being offered & requirements New degree programs: constituency, faculty resources, educational resources, assessment processes for the degree, degree requirements Distance learning programs: technology, access to library, campus resources, assessment, verification of student identity, etc. Rapid Growth: enrollment projections, institutional impact and resources Approval of state or other agencies Dont assume anything

10 What do readers look for? Type of change Relations to institutional mission Readiness for review (are all supporting documents included such as budget, impact analysis, resources, need, etc.) Is there evidence of sufficient resources, outcomes assessment, proper oversight, appropriate planning, & realistic projections Impact on other campus programs? Related entities and contractual agreements

11 Planning Ahead Allow sufficient time to submit the report: – Submission deadlines: 1 st business day of January, March, May, July, September, November – Committee Action: 3 rd Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, December Dont let change sneak up on you Fees, visits, and follow ups When in doubt, ask your staff liaison!

12 New Challenges and Developments More title IV audit reviews New programs that might not follow logically from existing programs may need to be reviewed Requirements have changed as result of Higher Education Act More Distance Learning Review Standards 11& 13 related to Substantive Change Keep informed of the policy on-line

13 Resources Policy on substantive change Commission website Staff liaison FAQ

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