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100 women…one goal. Understanding the Grant Process.

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1 100 women…one goal

2 Understanding the Grant Process

3  Engage women in philanthropy  Collectively fund grants to charitable initiatives in Westchester County, NY.  Identify unmet needs in the region and provide transformational grants to Westchester not-for-profit organizations.

4  We are a group of women with a desire to make a difference and improve the lives of others living throughout Westchester County  Our organization is 100% volunteer driven

5 Impact100 Westchester is a new 501(c)(3) women's collective giving group There are currently 18 other Impact organizations throughout the US We are not a national organization Google other Impacts to see examples of grants that have been funded

6 Grant Review Process

7 Grants Awarded 1 st Week of June - Finalists’ Present at the Annual Meeting May 15 - Four Finalists Announced April - Site Visits March 3 - Full Proposal Due February 11 - Invitation to Submit Full Proposal January 10 - Letters of Inquiry Due December 20 - Grant Amount Announced December 15 - Membership Drive Completed

8 In order to apply you must be:  Tax exempt under section 501(c)(3)  Located within Westchester County  In operation at least 36 months prior to applying for this grant  In possession of independently prepared financial statements  Not a recipient of an Impact100 Westchester grant in the past 36 months

9 Projects that will be considered must:  Serve residents of Westchester  Fully expend funds in Westchester  Be a new program, the expansion of an existing program, or a new or expanded collaboration  Have a total budget of at least the grant amount  Expend funds on the project within 15 months

10 Preference will be given to charitable organizations that have:  Annual operating budgets between $300,000 and $5 Million  Limited access to large grants  Do not have the resources of larger nonprofits  Public recognition but are lesser known organizations

11 Priority will be given to projects that:  Target under-served populations  Highlight unmet needs in the region  Provides a high impact to beneficiaries

12 1. The Agency must serve Westchester County, NY 2. Impact100 Westchester will not accept grant applications that are partisan, religion-based, indigent care subsidy, travel, fund drives and loans 3. Grant applications are not for debt reduction, endowment, capital, research or operating deficits

13 Projects must fit one of four focus areas:  Arts and Culture – Programs that develop, cultivate or enhance cultural and artistic opportunities  Education – Programs that improve learning opportunities for children and/or adults  Environment – Programs that foster the connection between people and their surroundings  Health & Wellness – Programs that improve the mental and/or physical well-being

14 Step 1: Letter of Inquiry  Applicants must download, complete and submit a Letter of Inquiry by January 10, 2014  Form and detailed instructions are available at under How to Apply  You will receive a confirmation email of receipt of your Letter of Inquiry

15 Step 2: Invitation to Submit a Full Proposal  Impact100 Westchester will review all Letters of Inquiry and notify applicants if they have been selected to submit a Full Proposal  All applicants will be notified by mid-February  Maximum of 5 organizations per focus area  If invited, an email link to the Full Proposal will be sent to you

16 Step 3: Full Proposal  Applicants invited to submit a Full Proposal will receive a link to the pdf  All Full Proposals must be submitted by March 3, 2014  Required Financials will need to be emailed separately to

17 Step 4: Site Visit  Impact100 Westchester Focus Committees will review all proposals and notify applicants if they have been selected for a site visit  All applicants will be contacted  Site visits will take place in April  Allot 1½ - 2 hours per site visit

18 Step 5: Selection of Finalists  One finalist in each focus area will be notified by mid-May  Guidelines will be provided via email for making 8 minute presentations to the Impact100 Westchester Membership Annual Meeting  The Annual Meeting will take place the first week in June, 2014

19 Step 6: Finalist Presentation and Selection  Presentations will be made at the Impact100 Westchester Annual Meeting  All members present will vote by individual ballots at the meeting  Prior to the meeting, all members will be provided with an information packet  Absentee ballots will be available for members unable to attend  Ballots will be tallied and the winner will be announced at the Annual Meeting  An independent party will be tallying the ballots

20 Step 7: Payment of Grant  Prior to the release of funds, the organization recipient must sign a Grant Agreement  Impact100 Westchester will distribute grants in installments pursuant to the Grant Agreement

21 Step 8: Reports and Evaluations  Together, Grantees and Impact100 will mutually agree to a timeline and measurable metrics  Grantees will be required to submit interim reports on an agreed upon schedule in order to receive the remainder of the grant monies

22  Contacting individual Impact100 Westchester members is prohibited  Members of Impact100 Westchester may not make the finalist presentation on behalf of an organization  Questions about the grant process can be emailed to

23 Thank you Good luck! Q & A

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