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2 NSU SWF PA Class of 2012 Alexandra Sanborn Alicia Provenzano
Allison Petrak Amy Bowden Amy Miller Andreea Barcan Angelica Martinez Ashley Reid Audra Loveday Audrey Cornelius Bharat Vallarapu Brett Mattei Charity Butaria-Godfrey Chris Blanchet Christopher Hatwell Christa Anderson Curt Mullendore Danielle Bakalar Danielle Gumina Derek Johnson Diane Johannes-Schwab Margo Klingensmith Matthew Casey Megan Horn Megan Michael Melinda Long Meredith Mitchell Michael Cook Michelle Simmons Nicole Bryant Nicole Reynolds Ryan Upham Sarah Watson Scott Davis Serena Haffner Shannon Carie Sharon Cam Stephanie Henriques Stu Paasche Tanya McKnight Tim Pancio Toni Muto Vincent Schaum William Fazio Erika Liddell Erin Monahan Ersan Erol Furva Merchant Heather Slayton Heidi Hindsley Hyemi Litwiller Jamison Dicus Jason Jaffe JR Torrico Julie Dorbitt Justin Fink Justin West Karyn Trail Katie Mullins Kelly Baumgartner Laura Nutter Liana Calderin Lisa Reidy Lynn Lakoma Mandy Cochran Class of 2012

3 Class Officers We are proud to serve our class… our school…
our profession.

4 President Christopher Hatwell
Christopher, a Biotechnology major, enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Rosie, boating, running and photography. He is very active in his church, as a tutor at Edison State College, and as a volunteer in the emergency room at Naples Community Hospital. Christopher’s ability to communicate, his penchant for honesty and his calm demeanor all combine to make him a good choice to lead the class of Christopher believes the students should come first, and nothing should impede the ability of the class to learn.

5 Vice President JR Torrico
JR is a native Floridian, who has been local to Fort Myers for the last ten years.  He has degrees from UF and UCF and is a nine year Army veteran, serving as enlisted and as an officer. Since his departure from the Army JR has worked as the VP of Sales & Marketing for a medical equipment company.  JR has extensive leadership experience and numerous community contacts that make him a great asset to our class as vice president.  He and his wife have two young boys and the couple recently celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary.

6 FAPA Representatives

7 FAPA Representative Serena Haffner
By serving as our student representative to the Florida Academy of Physician Assistants organization Serena is able to aid not only the organization, but also the community as well as current and future PA students. Serena held numerous leadership roles throughout her academic career, she hosted leadership conferences, and even organized local charity events. These experiences along with Serena’s enthusiasm for sharing the wealth of benefits that FAPA has to offer make her a superb student representative.

8 FAPA Representative (Alternate)
Shannon Carie Shannon, a native Floridian, received her Biomedical Science degree from USF. She came to Nova with leadership experience in Student Government, her Home Owner’s Association, and in various sports. Shannon is an outgoing, organized, strong leader who is a great asset to represent Nova Southeastern University through the Florida Association of Physician Assistants. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, boating, yoga, and photography.

9 SAAPA Representatives

10 SAAPA Representative Michael Cook
Mike was raised in New Jersey, but now calls Florida his home. He comes to NSU with over eight years of patient care experience. His on the job training along with the skills that he gained as a high school biology teacher and as a mixed martial artist make him a wonderful PA student and an exceptional SAAPA student representative.

11 SAAPA Representative (Alternate)
Mandy Cochran Mandy is a former college soccer player who has always been very active with volunteering. She feels that it is important to keep up-to-date with what is happening in our field and in our community. She is a highly organized, outgoing person who is always able to help her classmates find the resources that they need. Mandy wants to continue to increase Nova’s national reputation by helping our class open doors to new opportunities. She is an amazing team player and a great asset to our class.

12 Historian Heather Slayton
Heather's vast experience as a photographer and as a design coordinator make her extremely well suited for the role of class historian. Being native to SWF, Heather has built many strong relationships with local community leaders, which allow for many additional opportunities for our class to be active and help where we are needed. Heather is a great asset to organize and help document all of the amazing things that the class of 2012 is going to take on in order to continue to build the wonderful reputation of our amazing program!

13 Secretary Vincent Schaum
Vincent enjoys sailing, playing tennis, woodworking, restoring his 1974 VW camper bus, and tinkering with just about anything that he can take apart, especially computers. Vince's knowledge of and savvy use of technology makes information much more accessible to the class and is greatly appreciated by all.

14 Treasurer Justin West Justin comes to NSU with his masters degree in Biomedical Science as well as with experience as an EMT, a firefighter, and as a commercial Alaskan salmon fisherman! Justin’s vast background experiences help to make him a great class officer.

15 Director of Diversity Stu Paasche
Stu moved to Fort Myers three years ago from Cape Cod, where he was born and raised. His love for travel and learning about other cultures makes Stu a great Director of Diversity. This position gives Stu the opportunity to share with the class of 2012 just how important it is, as future clinicians, to learn about the diversity that surrounds us.

16 Director of External Affairs
Derek Johnson Derek has always had an amazing drive to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Throughout his schooling he has actively served his community. Derek's vast volunteering experiences and his wonderful spirit allow him to lead by example as the class of 2012 does what they can to lend a helping hand in the local community.

17 Directors of Internal Affairs

18 Director of Internal Affairs
Toni Muto Toni has a wonderful way of always listening to the class. Because of this ability she is able to put together great events that really target exactly what the class desires, therefore reducing everyone's stress level while keeping everyone's spirits up while we are on this fast paced journey.

19 Director of Internal Affairs
Lynn LaKoma Lynn’s joyful energy and contagious enthusiasm along with her fantastic ability for coming up with great event ideas makes Lynn an amazing DIA. She really helps the class make the most of the time that we have as PA students.

20 Director of Internal Affairs
Erika Fonseca Liddell Erika, a former Brazilian National volleyball player and three time All-American player, truly knows how to work under pressure! She is a great member of the DIA team who always reminds everyone to keep a positive attitude.

21 We are NSU SWF PA c/o 2012


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