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Parent & Adult Involvement Committee. Mission Statement The 4-H Parent & Adult Involvement Committee will better inform the parents of 4-H'ers and community.

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1 Parent & Adult Involvement Committee

2 Mission Statement The 4-H Parent & Adult Involvement Committee will better inform the parents of 4-H'ers and community leaders about all of the opportunities that 4-H can offer youth. Also, this program is designed to promote adult involvement in the 4-H program. Our short-term goals are to give parents a better understanding of the activities that are offered by the 4-H club and to motivate involvement of our parents and adults. Our long term goals are to have increased parent involvement at local, parish, and state levels Brandon Guillory Southwest Regional Representative

3 Why I started this committee. I believe that it is vital to 4-Hs existence to have parents and adult leaders involved in the events and activities that make up 4-H. The youth of the 4-H club look up to adults as roll models, through education and positive encouragement we hope to inspire the adults, so that the youth will be more motivated to participate and succeed in all the opportunities that 4-H has to offer. What this committee is about. This committee recognizes the need for increased involvement of parents and adult in our 4-H program. The 4-H club is an excellent opportunity to help youth find themselves and develop life skills. We believe that the youth will be able to better discover themselves and develop their skills if they are lead by a positive example. We would like to see more adults in our community involved in the activities of 4-H, so that the youth of 4-H will be able to get the most out of the 4-H program. Why I believe parents & adults are important to the 4-H program. The adults that I have encountered through out my 4-H career have each helped me develop my skills in a different way. They have helped me to become confident in my abilities and given me the tools needed to use my abilities to the fullest. Each child joins 4-H with a different interest and expectation in mind. I believe that there is a place for every adult who wants to be involved. Each adult can assist every child in reaching their goal and building the childs confidence to succeed in everyday life. A positive example goes a long way in a childs life. Without parents or adult volunteers, the 4-H club would not be as successful. A note from Alyssa the founder……

4 Comments on Parent and Adult Involvement with 4-H 4-Hers are able to learn by doing because of the significant role parents and adult volunteers play in our program. Through youth-adult partnerships and the safety chaperones provide in 4-H activities, young people are able to push their personal boundaries and excel in project areas and character growth. Claire Galley 2008-2009 LA State 4-H President, 2007-2008 National Conference Delegate

5 4-H Needs Our Parents 4-H needs parents because when you are working with your child and seeing them learn and get things out of a wonderful program, you want to be there with your child. Because with everything 4-H offers, it gives you the opportunity to spend time with your child. Also 4-H needs parents help because without their assistance your child would not benefit as much from the program as they could. Therefore, we need you, the 4-H parents. Jeanne-Morgan Gernon South Central/ Crescent Regional Representative

6 Parents Working Hand in Hand Parents are instrumental in the lives of their children. Their guidance teaches the child core principals of life and follows them in everything they do. Like parents, 4-H tries to instill positive values in youth. 4-H teaches youth to be caring citizens through using their head, heart, hands, and health. Now, 4-H needs your help. Together parents and 4-H form an unstoppable force that allows a child to excel in all situations. 4-H is making the best better every day and we need your help. Raven Scott South Central/ Crescent Regional Representative

7 Parents… Parents always want to know what their children are up to and where they go. JOIN! Simple as that, As much as we hate to admit kids, need adults help! You can know what your child is up too! Meet some of their friends and become closer! We need to have great role models to help your kids become a responsible leader one day! Summer Alsadi Southeast Regional Representative

8 Why Are You Important to 4-H? I have gone a long way with 4-H. I have been to D.C. a couple times, Tennessee, and all across Louisiana. Why does any of this matter, because I couldnt have gone anywhere with out a chaperone, an adult. In order for any 4-H program to be successful we need you to chaperone, but also give input to help the 4-H program. This is also a way for you to gain a great relationship with your child. It helps you know what is going on in their life and puts your mind at ease. Chrystal Lachney 07-08 National Conference Delegate

9 Why should you be a 4-H parent Everything rests on leadership, from fortune 500 companies to boy Scout troops. 4-H is not left out. While 4-H does have one or two paid leaders in almost every parish that is not enough. If the parents are not willing to help it would be extremely difficult to take even fifteen 4-H Hers to activities on a regular basis. Through volunteering in 4-H there is the opportunity to help children AND become a better leader and person in general. Hudson Smith 2007-2008 National Conference Delegate

10 Positive Adult Attitude is what we need! If parents see the positive influence that 4-H has on their childrens lives, they will be more likely to support the program by attending events and encouraging involvement. Their excitement can be contagious and their children can only benefit from their support, as can the 4-H Program. Alex LeBlanc 2008/2009 4-H National Conference Delegate

11 No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody helps you. Althea Gibson. The parents and adults are those who can help each 4-Her achieve their goals. I now ask those parents and adults to step up to the leadership position and make a difference in the lives of many 4-Hers. Alyssa Watkins 2008-2009 National Conference Delegate Chair and Founder of Parent & Adult Involvement Committee Education plus involvement equals success

12 PowerPoint by: 2008-2009 Executive Board: PowerPoint made by: Jeanne-Morgan Gernon Julie Barrios Jeanne-Morgan Gernon (CO Chair) Raven Scott Summer Alsadi Chrystal Lachney Claire Galley Hudson Smith Alex LeBlanc Alyssa Watkins (Chair) Desire Taylor Kelsey McGill

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