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Little Known Methods to Get Insights… Process Driven Conversion Rate Optimization on twitter use #CRO.

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1 Little Known Methods to Get Insights… Process Driven Conversion Rate Optimization Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

2 Daniel Gonzalez Conversion Rate Optimization Advisor Background in Startups, eCommerce, & SaaS The Company WEBSITES ONLY Continuous Improvement Programs 30 Active Clients 7 FTE Denver, CO Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

3 Proper Phone Conduct Make sure your cell phone is on, and you are tweeting. @ reply me: @hidanielg Use the hashtag: #CRO Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

4 Before We Do Anything What To Do First Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

5 Determine the Optimization Objective What is the goal of this page or project? – Increase email signups? – Reduce shopping cart abandonment? Document this objective Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

6 Analytics Audit Making Sure You Can #Measure Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

7 Google Analytics Audit Make sure every page of your site is tagged with the Google Analytics code snippet Setup goals in analytics to track: – Completed purchases – Converted leads – Email opt-ins – Items added to cart – Activated users (for SaaS) Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

8 Setup Funnel Visualizations Funnels should be set up along the main conversion path This is typically the home page, all the way to the confirmation page after a successful conversion Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO


10 Setup Custom Reports in GA Allows for faster insights Here I’ll just share mine with you: – Buying Cycle: ?uid=hf4oeIHGQnK_e4WTOXEm2g ?uid=hf4oeIHGQnK_e4WTOXEm2g – Site Search & Visitor Insights: ?uid=xWU17zlmTGujTemd1fQKlw ?uid=xWU17zlmTGujTemd1fQKlw Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

11 On Validity & Lying Data Lying data – Might make you choose the wrong winner – Might cost you lots of money When running any test: – Avoid traffic spikes from media or seasonality – Avoid running tests over long lengths of time – Detect errors created by your site or testing tool Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

12 Run an A/A test Create a new version of the page you are testing Add a comma low on the page Test these 2 pages against each other When you get about 400 conversions & still don’t have 95% confidence you can assume this will continue forever. Stop the test. Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

13 Next… We want to understand what makes people buy. Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

14 HOW? Insights. Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

15 How to Get Insights Ask questions… Of the people that give you money… To find out how to get more of those people to give you more money! Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

16 How to Get Insights Become your own customer Ask your customers questions: – Surveys – on-site polling Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

17 Becoming Your Own Customer Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

18 “Become The Customer” Print every page in the conversion path Start from the search query used – Click your Ad or Metadescription Go all the way to the confirmation page Analyze the thought sequence the customer experiences Record yourself going through the experience Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

19 “Become The Customer” Review what visitor sees at each stage – Is messaging consistent through out? – Can messaging be improved later in the funnel? – Can we reduce/prevent buyers remorse? For example… Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

20 Messaging Context & Congruence Display ad: Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO


22 Congruence Problem Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

23 Using Surveys to Get Insights Let’s Dissect a Product/Market Fit Survey… Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

24 What do we want to learn from surveys? Who are your customers? (persona profiles) Who your customers see as your competitors (positioning) Benefits as your customers perceive them Testable ideas for improvement Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

25 What do we want to learn from surveys? Recommendation rate Language customers use to recommend your product (copy & paste onto your page) Objections & fears, causes of anxiety Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

26 Identify Real Competitors Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO






32 Quantify Your Qualitative Research Repeat your survey(s) Quantify responses by changing open response to multiple choice Allow respondents to select 1 benefit or objection as most important Use the most popular benefits/objections to guide your copywriting & messaging Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

33 Competitive Analysis Review Competitor Messages & Value Propositions Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

34 Content Audit Look at your competitors home pages & landing pages We want to understand what people are seeing in the marketplace Then we quantify (as best we can) the messaging out there Finally we determine how to differentiate ourselves Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

35 Content Audit Audit 10 competitors Focus on analyzing these 4 things: 1.The value proposition/headline 2.The top messages (the major messages you know they’re trying to communicate to visitors) 3.The primary calls to action 4.The special reasons to buy (guarantees, bonus offering, free shipping, etc.) Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

36 Audit Competitors From... Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

37 Audit Competitors From... Keywords you’re targeting for SEO Keywords you’re bidding on in Adwords Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

38 How to Do a Content Audit Each site you audit gets two pages: – one for a screen capture of the home page – another for the audit itself Next up - an example audit.. Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO


40 Teambox Content Audit One tool to rule them all Value Proposition Bring your teams conversations to one place Productivity where you are Integrates with tools you use Top Messages Start Now Start Working Better Primary Call(s) To Action Over 150,000 companies using dropbox BP, Groupon, South West logos Additional Reasons to Believe Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

41 Example Value Proposition Table Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

42 Example Top Messages Table Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

43 Example Call To Action Table Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

44 On-Site Consumer Surveys Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

45 On-Site Consumer Surveys To uncover user objections, ask live on site – Use Qualaroo – Example questions: Is there any information missing from this page? (product page) Did you decide to buy, if not, why not? Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO



48 On-Site Consumer Surveys Here’s an example… Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

49 Product Page Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

50 Did you decide to buy, If not, why not? This comment tells us that the reason she’s chosen not to buy is because there is not enough information about each product in the bundle on this page. Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO


52 Analyzing All This Research Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

53 Add Everything Learned During Discovery to Master Feedback List Here’s an example master feedback list Add everything you learned in there Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

54 Production Drafting your new pages Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

55 Producing Optimized Pages Review Conversion Feedback Master List Review Optimization Objective Prioritize testing ideas by impact on revenue Write your experiment hypothesis Draft new wireframes and copy – Wireframe to correct usability problems – Write copy to demonstrate benefits & overcome objections Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

56 Testing Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

57 What do wireframes look like? Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

58 How about Designed Comps? Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

59 When Testing Your Treatments The MOST important thing Do not run tests just to get a conversion lift; this will hurt you in the long run Run tests that: – Test your specific hypothesis(es) – Maximize your learning around WHY you gout this result! Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

60 Questions? Email: Follow Me On Twitter: @HiDanielG@HiDanielG Want the Slides? Give me your business card… Tweet @hidanielg on twitter use #CRO

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