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Website Conversion Testing: Google Website Optimizer Brent Ludtke.

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1 Website Conversion Testing: Google Website Optimizer Brent Ludtke

2 What is conversion testing? Optimization of marketing dollars Testing of hypotheses, not opinions Quantitative & actionable, data-driven insights A “failed” test is never a fail, but an opportunity to learn Inbound Traffic Split Testing Landing Page Conversion

3 What is your website’s purpose?

4 Types of Conversion Testing A/B Test Compares the performance of 2 different pages Best if page traffic is less than 1,000 views/week You want to move sections of the page You want to change the overall look of the page Multivariate Test Compares the performance of content variations in multiple locations on a page Good for sites with page traffic of 1,000+ views/week Multiple content changes in different parts of the page simultaneously Source: Google Website Optimizer

5 A/B Test Source:

6 Multivariate Test HEADING IMAGE CALL TO ACTION 9 Combinations H1-I1-C1 H1-I1-C2 H1-I2-C2 H1-I2-C1 H2-I1-C1 H2-I1-C2 H2-I2-C2 H2-I2-C1 H2-I2-C2

7 Google Website Optimizer Free tool Google Analytics Refine ideas Test tactics Enhance visitor experience Increase conversions

8 Creating the Test Before beginning testing you must decide on the following: – Control – Hypothesis – Time frame At least a month Consider seasonality & industry trends – Method of evaluating results

9 Conversion Testing Process Choose test landing page Select testing variables Test the changes in experiment Identify the elements that are most effective

10 What to test? Home page Landing pages Step 1 of conversion funnel Headline/ promotional text Prominent images/videos Case studies/ testimonials Call to actions

11 A/B Test Reference

12 Test Setup - Start Google Account Settings

13 Test Setup – Create Experiment

14 Test Setup – Select Test

15 Test Setup – Identify Pages 1 Choose the page you would like to test 2 Create alternate versions of your test page at different locations 3 Identify a conversion page (must be on same domain)

16 A/B Test Reference Example of landing page

17 Test Setup – Tracking Tags

18 Test Setup – Install Tags

19 Test Setup – Validate Validate tags are in place Google checks your code Preview each page to make sure they are appearing correctly Post-Validation Options – Traffic allocation – Disable losing test variations

20 Test Setup – LAUNCH!

21 Test Results

22 Advice for Beginners 1.Be patient 2.KISS 3.Focus on pages with most impact – High traffic volume – Key step in funnel 4.Continued improvement should be the goal 5.Get testing!

23 Source: BA

24 Source: A

25 Source: BA

26 Source: A

27 Source: B A

28 Source: B

29 Source: B A

30 Source: B

31 Conversion Tools Google Website Optimizer (blog) Google Website Optimizerblog LiveBall Visual Website Optimizer Google Analytics (blog) Google Analyticsblog Unbounce Attention Wizard Clicktale

32 Thank you. Questions?

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